Blang Ulam Beach Aceh Besar, Pristine White Sand Beach in Aceh

Blang Ulam beach is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh Besar. Blang Ulam beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Aceh. With the view of the hills and mountain offer great and nice view for the visitor. The beach is located in the east coast of Great Aceh regency and it can be reached by car or other transportation from Banda Aceh.

Blang Ulam beach is a unique beach with the growth of trees on the sea water. The vast white sand with beautiful hillside views make this beach really amazing. Indeed in Aceh Besar regency is famous with its beauty of the beaches with its white sand, this Blang Ulam beach is one of them.

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This beach has clear water, so it can be seen clearly into the sea and the various types of coral reefs. This such of the beach are rarely found elsewhere. The natural panorama makes this beach become one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh Besar. Moreover, this beach is located afar away from the atmosphere of the city makes this beach calm and quiet.

At the evening there’s also interesting to see. When the sunset, the red sunlight disperse perfectly in the sea of this beach. This also has become one of the attractions for the visitor plus the calm of the sea makes this beach a suitable place for relax.

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This beach is not only beautiful and clean but there are also has various marine biota. Many reef fish in this sea make this sea perfect place for fishing. Other activities beside of fishing you can do is swimming and snorkeling. But you have to provide or bring your own snorkel equipment because this beach has no snorkel facilities. In addition, beside the activities above you can also camping here. After you get any fish if you like fishing you can make grilled fish here while camping with your friends.

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All this the beauty of white sandy beach, marine life in clear water you can see and the activities that you can do in this beach of most beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh Besar will provide exotic and alluring and also make us happy.

Padang Seulawah Golf Course Provide Challenges to All Golfers

Seulawah Golf course is one of the golf course in Aceh, Indonesia. There are so many world class golf courses have been developed and located in Indonesia. Some of the world class golf courses in Indonesia have been designed by world class designers.

Padang Seulawah golf courses is one of the golf courses in Indonesia located in Aceh province. Padang Seulawah has 9 holes golf course. Actually it has 18 holes whereas another still under development.

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Padang Seulawah Golf Course situated along the nice beach, on the shores of picturesque lakes, near the sea, on ocean view with beautiful view of the hills and mountains. The experience you will find in the courses are extraordinary. Well maintained golf courses, great view will keep you playing on.

the Seulawah golf course located about 30 minutes from Banda Aceh by car or 45 minutes from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar. The golf course located in Aceh Besar regency exactly before Lhoknga beach and Lampuuk Beach. this beach is very strategic place on the edge of the city of Banda Aceh, so that this beach easy to reach by visitor. The beaches are beautiful white sandy beach and it very well known for surfing and kitesurfing beach.

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Positioned along magnificent west coast with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Padang Seulawah Golf Course absolutely green. The blend of the natural beauty and the freshness of mountainous weather, the challenging hills view make this golf course very attractive golf course.

The Padang Seulawah Golf Course set in an environment of very mature, tall trees with the introduction of lakes and features, including newly designed and constructed greens all of which add the beauty of the course. It is a course that will provide challenges to all golfers of all skill levels.

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The greens are designed to provide a good putting surface without severe undulations. That will give golfers enough variety and challenges to enjoy a good game of golf.

Cut Nyak Dhien Museum, A Former House of Famous Indonesian Woman Freedom Fighter from Aceh

Cut Nyak Dhien was a famous woman freedom fighter in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era. Cut Nyak Dhien is one of the persistent heroes against the Dutch. She was born in the era of Aceh Kingdom in 1848 in Lampadang and died in Sumedang, West Java on November 6th, 1908. Cut Nyak Dhien previously married to Ibrahim Lamnga who then died during the battle against the Dutch in Gle Arum in 1878. This make Cut Nyak Dhien overflowing his anger and determined to destroy the Dutch.

In 1880, Cut Nyak Dhien remarried to Teuku Umar who is one of the national hero also. Her activities were very embarrassing the dutch who finally burnt down her house. Cut Nyak Dhien and Teuku Umar fought together against the Dutch. But in 1899 Teuku Umar died while attacked Meulaboh.

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The government later built a replica of Cut Nyak Dhien Museum filled with Acehnese artifacts and various possessions of Cut Nyak Dhien. The Cut Nyak Dhien Museum now stands in the original place in Lampisang village. Lampisang village is located on Banda Aceh – Meulaboh street at km 12 or about 6 kilometer to the west of Banda Aceh.

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After her husband Teuku Umar died in the battle, Cut Nyak Dhien at that time was old and only fought alone against the Dutch without the her husband. Cut Nyak Dhien was finally arrested and brought to Banda Aceh. But the existence of Cut Nyak Dhien in Banda Aceh makes the spirit of struggle of the people of Aceh, so then she thrown to Sumedang.

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In order to remembering the Cut Nyak Dhien, her name is now immortalized  at Cut Nyak Dhien Airport, Nagan Raya, Cut Nyak Dhien Nursing Academy, Navy Warship KRI Cut Nyak Dhien and also her name is immortalized in the Indonesian currency of 10.000 in 1998 and also in various cities streets in Indonesia.

Oman Mosque Banda Aceh, Al Makmur Grand Mosque Great Architecture

Al Makmur Grand Mosque or very well known as Oman Mosque is one of the mosque located in Banda Aceh city. This mosque located very strategic, precisely only 5 minutes walk from the Governor’s Office Of Aceh and about 8 minutes by car from Baiturrahman Grand Mosque Banda Aceh. This mosque also can be reach from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport by taxi approximately 25 minutes.

This Oman Mosque has great architecture which is middle east style. The mosque has a floor area of more than 1600 square meters and it built on a land area of less than one hectare. The mosque has one dome and two towers. Inside of this mosque is also a lot of calligraphy of verse of Qur’an that can be seen in the wall of the mosque.

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The beauty of this Oman Mosque architecture makes this mosque very unique mosque in Banda Aceh. Many people in Banda Aceh or Aceh Besar chose this mosque as a place for marriage. After the marriage finish most of them take the wedding picture in this mosque especially in the back of the mosque side because there is a beautiful view between two mosque’s umbrellas.

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At the time of the earthquake and tsunami in December 2004, this Oman Mosque was damaged. But after the earthquake and tsunami the mosque was rebuilt with the help of the Sultanate of Oman, namely Sultan Qabus Bin Said.

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With the help of the Sultanate of Oman, this mosque rebuilt with the middle east architecture and became well known as Oman Mosque until now. The Great Mosque of Al Makmur that located in Lamprit now is one of the pride mosque for the people of Banda Aceh. This mosque is very clean and very convenient for visitors who want to pray in this mosque.

Baiturrahim Mosque, One of Tsunami Survived Mosque in Aceh, Indonesia

Baiturrahim mosque is one of the old mosque relics of the 17th century. It can be seen from the some part of the mosque building that is still preserved. The mosque is located very close to the sea. It just a few meters from the sea. the mosque was built on the Ulee Lheue area.

Since the establishment of this mosque until now, this mosque has been renovated several times. In the beginning the mosque was built with a construction made of wood, with a simple construction. Because it constructed from the wood, the mosque building did not last so longer, so this building should be destroyed and reconstructed.

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In 1922 was rebuilt with a permanent material by the Government of the Dutch East Indies with European style architecture. After the 1983 earthquake, the mosque was renovated and about 60 percent of the mosque is a new building. Until now the remains original building of the mosque is still can be seen on the front.

In 1983 Banda Aceh has ever been devastating earthquake and undermined the dome of the mosque and it rebuilt to be a small dome. Baiturrahim mosque is also one of the mosque of the other mosques that became a witness to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Aceh on December 2004.

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Despite the mosque located on the Cermin Beach, during the earthquake and tsunami estimated the wave more than 12 meters high, the mosque remains standing between the other ruins of buildings destroyed by the tsunami. The disaster had destroyed and flattened the entire building around the mosque and the only remaining building and survived was the Baiturrahim Mosque.

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Many tourists both from abroad and local has visited this mosque, even just taking photos. Sultan Bolkiah from Brunei Darussalam, Bill Clinton who is also a former US president and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the former President of Indonesia had been visited this Baiturrahim mosque. Currently Baiturrahim mosque can accommodate approximately 1,500 worshipers.

Turkish Graveyard, A Historical Turkish Cemetery in Aceh Indonesia

Turkish graveyard in Aceh is a historical evidence of the relationship between Turkey and Aceh in the past. The number of the tombs here are 20 tombs that has been classified.

Banda Aceh which is the center of the provincial government there are various historical centers of the world civilization. One of the religious tourism site in Banda Aceh is a Turkish graveyard. This Turkish graveyard in Aceh can be reached only 10 minutes from the Tsunami Museum or 15 minutes from the Baiturrahman Great Mosque. Turkish graveyard is located precisely in Bitai village or better known as Tengku Di Bitai complex village.

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In this Turkish graveyard there is a grave of Teungku Di Bitai and inside of the cemetery complex there is a brief history of the arrival of the Turkish people to Aceh. In this cemetery complex there is also a mosque that used by Teungku Di Bitai as a Dayah (Traditional Islamic Learning Center) to teach the Islamic religion.

Bitai itself is a name for the State of Baitul Muhadis or Baitul Muqaddis (Palestine). This Bitai village is a central area of Turkish people at that time including Emperom village and Lam Jame. Teungku Di Bitai comes from Palestine and stops at the Bitai. The development of Islam in Bitai at that time was very famous because many people from outside of Aceh studied the Islamic religion here including the Palestinians and the Middle East peoples.

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At that time Turkey assisted Aceh by providing war equipment during the reign of Sri Salahuddin (1548 AD). During the reign of Sri Salahuddin, cooperative relations with Turkey and Saudi Arabia were enhanced. Many Turkish married with Acehnese and some of the Turkish who died were buried at the grave near complex of Teungku Di Bitai grave.

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Turkish graveyard in Aceh become one of the religious attractions. Many people especially from Turkey travel to Aceh take time to visit the graveyard.

Lhokseudu, A Natural Beautiful Landscape & Culinary Center

Lhokseudu is an area located in Aceh Besar regency. Approximately 30 kilometers away from Banda Aceh city. It takes only an hour. Currently Lhok Seudu is becoming trending among the youth of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, so many people visit Lhok Seudu on holiday.

Lhokseudu has a lot of natural potential for tourism, natural scenery, the hill view and the beautiful beaches that shape like a small lake because there is a hilly island. Lhokseudu is also suitable to be a fishing spot tourism by renting the fishing boats around Lhok Seudu.

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Lhok Seudu also has a fish landing port, so there are many the fishing boats can be seen here. Beside, Lhokseudu has many seller of the fish that have been salted by the people there with a very affordable price. The taste of the salted fish here is a little different from the other regions, because the way of processing is still using the traditional system. This is what makes the salted fish in Lhok Seudu has a typical taste.

Lhokseudu residents are generally fisherman and the fish they get is processed into salted fish and sold. Some of the salted fish are sent to Banda Aceh and some of it are sold in Lhok Seudu. So, do not be surprised if we see many sellers of salted fish along this Lhok Seudu street.

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In addition Lhokseudu offers marine and culinary tourism that is suitable for you while on vacation. Tourist facility like restaurants can be found here. There are also several restaurants whose construction is on the beach that can make tourists feel different experience.

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On holidays many tourists especially from Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar who enjoy this tourist area with various tourist activities such as enjoying culinary, fishing, swimming and also visitors can also observe coral reefs from the glass boats that has been modified. Not only the tourists from the city of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar who visit here, but also many tourist like Malaysian visit here.

Kerkhof Peucut, A Dutch Soldier Graveyard In Aceh, The Largest Overseas Dutch Cemetery

Kerkhof Peucut is the burial of the Dutch soldiers who died in Aceh during Peucut war. It about 2.200 Dutch soldiers were buried in this graveyard including General Kohler. All the name of the soldiers and when they died can be seen at the gateway to the Kerkhof Peucut.

The Kerkhof Peucut is located beside of the Tsunami Museum which located strategically in the center of Banda Aceh city that easy to reach by car or taxi.

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This Kerkhof is one of Ducth herritage in Banda Aceh. According to the history, in Aceh war in 1873, General Kohler was shot dead in Aceh Peucut war in front of Baiturrahman Great Mosque on April 14th, 1873 and brought to Batavia (the name used in colonial era for Jakarta) and buried there. in May 19th, 1978, the government of Netherlands cooperated with government of Indonesia and Aceh provincial government brought back the corpse skeleton of the General Kohler to Aceh and buried in Kerkoff Peucut in Banda Aceh with military ceremony. At this time, the historical monument where General Kohler shot can be seen in front of Baiturrahman Great Mosque in the eastern.

Kerkhof Peucut is a proof of the history of Acehnese brave struggle against the Dutch colonialist while tried to control Aceh. In this burial there are 4 General. At the time of the tsunami on December 2004, Kerkhof is one of the badly affected.

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Currently Kerkhof Peucut is take care by the city government of Banda Aceh. It can be seen in the area of graveyard very clean and there are many flowers planted in front of the gate. Kerkoff Peucut is a little visitors who visit this place. Generally, only the tourists who love history both from domestic or foreign who visit this place.

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This graveyard is one of Dutch soldier burial where other cemeteries can be found in various locations in Aceh somewhat difficult to identify. This Kerkhof Peucut area is about 3.5 hectares and it is the biggest Dutch cemetery in the world outside of Netherlands.

Gunongan, A Man Made Mountain Miniature Historical Park

Gunongan is a man made mountain miniature built in 1608-1638 by Sultan Iskandar Muda. According to the history, Putroe Phang which is means princess of Pahang, who was from Pahang, Malaysia. For sake of love to his wife, Sultan Iskandar Muda was fulfill his wife request to build a very beautiful park completed with Gunongan to console herself of longing on the mountain atmosphere in her origin place. Originally the princess of Pahang or in Acehnese, Putroe Phang is the name of princess Kamaliah.

This Gunongan building likely functioned as an important recreational place located in Putroe Phang Park for the queen and other royal family members to climb the mountain miniature. On the wall of Gunongan has a small door as entrance and from the hallway there is a ladder leading to the level of three.

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Gunongan and Putroe Phang park is located near governor residence and it also close to Sultan Selim II Convention Hall Aceh Community Center. Approximately 12 minutes walk from Baiturrahman Grand Mosque and 8 minutes walk from Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh.

There also has building beside the gunongan, it looks like a fort is also a recreational place for the queen and others royal family. It stands 9.5 meters high, the entire of the buildng is octagonal that describe a flower built in three level. So, it is a mountain symbol that is part of the palace park of the Aceh Sultanate.

This gunongan is quite enjoyable to visit. Tourists visit this gunongan not only for a sightseeing but also a historical tour to get to know the history of Kingdom of Aceh in the past. This building was added as Cultural Category to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 19th, 1995. It is one of a great place to visit in Indonesia.

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For the sake of his great love, Sultan Iskandar Muda is willing to fulfill his queen’s request to build a very beautiful park, complete with Gunongan as a place to entertain herself so that the queen’s longing for the mountain atmosphere in her native place. It stands at a height of 9.5 meters. The whole shape of Gunongan is octagonal (eight-sided). It depicts a flower built in three levels. So the mound is a symbol of the mountain that is part of the Aceh Sultanate’s palace park.

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On the wall there is a low-sized entrance that is always locked. From inside the hallway there is a staircase that leads to the third floor of Gunongan.