Banda Aceh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Banda Aceh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights is a tour package to enjoy the beauty of the city of Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar countryside for four days three nights. You will be taken to visit the historical sites in the city of Banda Aceh and the amazing places in Aceh Besar. 4 days and 3 nights is enough time for you to enjoy this remarkable destination both Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar including historical sites, cultural tours, natural tours, beaches tours and many other sight-seeing. You will also be invited to enjoy delicious Acehnese culinary delights. With this tour package we are sure you will satisfied and impress while on vacation in Banda Aceh. Please kindly check out the detail of the tour package below:

  • Destination     : Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar
  • Duration         : 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Tour Code     :
  • Minimum Pax            : None

Itinerary         :

Day 01 : Banda Aceh on Arrival (L/D)

Arrival at the Sultan Iskandar Muda airport in Blang Bintang, transferred to hotel for accommodation, after check in hotel tour to Baiturahman Grand Mosque, PLTD Apung, Tsunami Museum, Peucut War Memorial, Aceh Museum. Lunch at Acehnese traditional restaurant. After lunch visit Gunongan, Putroe Phang Park, Boat On House Tsunami Monument. Continue the tour to Ratu Safiatuddin Park, Syiah Kuala Beach, Alue Naga Beach and City Forest Park. Dinner at Grand Aceh Culiner. Back to hotel and free program.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
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Highlight Places:

Day 02 : Banda Aceh Countryside Tour – Aceh Besar West Coast Tour (B/L/D)

After having a breakfast at hotel, tour to Cut Nyak Dhien Museum, Lampisang Acehnese Traditional Cake Market, Lampuuk Beach, Lhoknga Beach, Lhoknga Grand Mosque which one of the mosque survived or did not destroyed by the tsunami catastrophe. lunch at Sea Side Park and continue the tour to Riting Beach, Leupung Beach, Resting a while at Lhokseudu and having a nice coconut drink. After tour continue to Kulu Mount where you can have durian, Pasie Jantang Beach, Lhong Beach and Gurute Sea Canyon. At Gurutee you can take a picture and having nice noodle and Lamno special coffee. Back to Banda Aceh. After dinner at Canai Mamak free program.

Geurutee Sea Canyon
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Highlight Places:

Day 03 : Banda Aceh Contryside Tour – Aceh Besar East Coast Tour (B/L/D)

After breakfast at hotel, tour start by visiting Ujong Batee Beach and continue to Indra Patra Fort, Ujong Kareung Beach. have a lunch at Seafood Restaurant in Ujong Kareung. After lunch tour continue to Lamreh Hill, Ladong and Krueng Raya, Ie Suum Hot Spring, Inong Balee Fort, Pasir Putih Lhok Me Beach, Blang Ulam Beach and Batee Puteh Beach. Back to Banda Aceh and Dinner at Lamnyong Seafood Restaurant. After dinner back to hotel. Free program.

Lhok Mee Beach
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Highlight Places:

Day 04 : Departure (B/L)

After breakfast at hotel, check out hotel and continue to Siron Tsunami Mass Burial, Dates Huge Farm and On Hill Islamic Boarding School. Lunch at Blang Bintang Acehnese Special Curry and transfer to Airport to get flight for your next destination.

Blang Bintang Dates Farm

Highlight Places:

Package Inclusive :

  • Transfer airport – hotel – airport
  • Air conditioned transportation
  • Accommodation three nights
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Tour Photos Document
  • Entrance fee to tourist attractions.
  • Mineral water during tour3 times breakfast, 4 times lunch, 3 time dinner

Package Exclude :

  • Tips for guide, driver, etc
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flight Tiket
  • Porter
  • Insurance
  • Laundry

Term & Condition:

  • Down Payment of at least 30% of the total package rates and the remaining payment / full payment made 3 days before the day of arrival. You may make a payment through our PayPal Account : or you may also make payment by a card here.
  • Down Payment that have been paid cannot be refund if there is a cancellation from the participant unilaterally.
  • Apart of the tour program above or additional tour by participant, additional costs will be charge to the participant.
  • In bad situation, bad weather, natural disasters, etc, the schedule and plans will be adjusted according to mutual agreement.
  • Company does not accept responsibility for any lost or damage or expense due to delay of flight, sickness, accident beyond control and also delay on tours caused by flight delay and ferry alternation or third’s party responsibility.

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Overview Highlights Places in Banda Aceh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

Day 01 Banda Aceh Tour Package Highlights

PLTD Apung – PLTD Apung was a floating diesel power station provided electricity support to Banda Aceh with the weight of 2.600 tons and it was stranded away to approximately 4 kilometers away by the tsunami waves of about 9 meter high on last December 2004 from Ulee Lheue Harbor to mainly land precisely in middle of Punge Blang Cut Village. This big vessel has become tsunami historical tourism with plentiful memories. The monument has an area of about 2 hectares and now owned by Banda Aceh government for tourism attractions. The ship with 63 meter long was produce electricity of 10,5 megawatt. During the tsunami, the vessel had 11 crew and only one crew survived. At this time the visitors can walk near the vessel and tsunami educational park near the ship and also can walk up to the ship where you can see the sights of Banda Aceh from above the ship.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque – Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is the famous landmark in Aceh and most popular most in Indonesia. The mosque has beautiful architecture has been a pride for Acehnese located at hearth of Banda Aceh city. The mosque was built around 12th century ago during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) as the center of religious activities including the religious educational during the time. Not only for Acehnese, even from the Middle East, Malaysia, Turkey and Persia students came to study here. The mosque had several time fires, including once when the Dutch colonial era attacked Banda Aceh  in 1873 and fired the original mosque. The Dutch Military Government later reconstructed the mosque and completed in 1883. This charming mosque is a heroic symbol of Acehnese during the Dutch colonialization.  The mosque is the sacred place remembering us to the Earthquake and Tsunami disaster on December 2004 and has saved hundreds of Acehnese people. The mosque has beautiful architecture combined European and Middle East style with seven onion shaped domes, four minarets within the mosque structure and one in front of the main entrance gate and all of the wall painted with the white color. The mosque is one of most important tourist destination in Aceh and visited frequently by many domestic and foreign tourists especially from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Inside of the mosque has a wide of 4760 square meters granite marble floor that can accommodate up to 10.000 pilgrims. The mosque was renovation in 2015 and completed in 2017 and inaugurated on Saturday 13 May 2017. The changes to the mosque included the establishment of 12 electric umbrellas, marble floors outside of around the mosque, ablution sites, underground parking location, lamp ornaments, and the green open space carried out by planted of more than 30 date trees. Now the great mosque has the new face, seeing the mosque makes people imagine the Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. After renovated and installation of the umbrellas, the mosque can accommodate more than 24,400 pilgrims. The basement parking area can accommodate 254 cars and 347 motorbikes.

Tsunami Museum – Aceh Tsunami Museum is another important tourist attractions in Banda Aceh. The establishment of the museum to remembering the devastating tsunami and earthquake in last December 2004 that killed approximately 250.000 people and also as the disaster educational and research center. The museum was built on initiative of several international organizations and government of Indonesia. The museum is located in the center of Banda Aceh city approximately 1 kilometer from Baiturrahman Great Mosque. The museum architecture concept is an escape building of rolling water and designed base on Acehnese architecture. The museum is one of the best place to visit in Banda Aceh you will see variety of displays inside. The tsunami museum also purpose as disaster shelter. The museum designed by Ridwan Kamil with the total building area of 2,500 meter square four story structure. The visitor can entrance through the main gate and passing through the dark corridor between two high walls flowing down by water. Before the entrance gate, there is a ruin helicopter that was crashed down and put as a display. After passing the narrow corridor, you will entrance to the digital display room where you can watch the video of the tsunami. After the room you can walk to circle room where you can see the names of the tsunami victims. After you can walk to the second floor to see more display. The display collection in this museum including the photograph of victims, the international NGO’s helps, the tsunami items abandoned, replicas, educational items, post Indonesia and Acehnese Free Movement story and the stories of survivors of the disaster.

Peucut War Memorial – Kerkhof is Dutch’s Soldier Cemetery who died during Acehnese Peucut War in 1873-1910. Approximately 2,200 Dutch soldiers predicted were buried here including famous Dutch General Kohler and 3 others general. The names of soldiers can be found at the entrance of the grave. The graveyard is located in the center of Banda Aceh precisely behind the Tsunami Museum. You can enter from the left side of the Tsunami Museum when you exit the museum. 

Aceh Museum – Aceh State Museum is the museum in the form of Acehnese traditional house located in the center of Banda Aceh. The traditional house was built by Dutch Governor Van Stewart in 1914 during Dutch colonialization. There are several buildings which is also the museum. The main museum building is the Acehnese traditional house that filled antique and ancient artefacts. Besides there are also various historical objects and traditional home stuff that still well preserved until now. In front of the museum stands a big bell of Cakra Donya which was a gift from emperor of China, Admiral Cheng Ho in 1414. The bell was a memorial of relationship between Acehnese kingdom and China Dynasty. Besides the bells, there are also Bugis King Dynasty cemetery just in front of the museum.

Gunongan – The Gunongan is a man-made mountain miniature and was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda for his wife Putro Pahang, from Malaysia. The Gunongan and surrounding park used as recreational park area for the queen and other royal families in the past. Gunongan is resemble a mountain in Malaysia the place that his wife missed much. The Gunongan is very close to Putro Phang Park.

Putroe Phang Park – Putroe Phang Park is a Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam founded by Sultan Iskandar Muda (1907-1636) for his queen Putroe Phang from Pahang Kingdom Malaysia. Inside of the park there is a Pinto Khop which is a small dome-shaped gate. There is also a pool in the middle of the park. At the afternoon many local people come here and walking around this park. In this park also often held art festival or known as Putroe Phang Art Festival.

Kandang Grave Yard – Kandang Grave XII is the Aceh Sultanate cemetery complex located on Sultan Alaiddin Mahmudsyah No. 10, Kampung Baru village, Baiturrahman district, Banda Aceh. Kandang Grave XII is one of Kandang Grave in Banda Aceh where other Kandang grave located in several places in Aceh. Kandang mean tomb in Aceh language. As its name Kandang XII means that in this graveyard there are 12 sultanate graves and King’s family of Aceh Darussalam kingdom. The twelve graves including Sultan Syamsu Syah bin Munawwar Syah ruled since 1497-1514, Sultan Ali Mughayat Shah (1514-1530), Sultan Salahuddin ibnu Ali Mughayat Shah (1530-1537), Sultan Ali Riayat Syah Al Qahar (1537-1568), Sultan Husain Shah Ibnu Sultan Ali Riayat Syah Al Qahar (1568-1575) and Malikul Adil grave who live during the reign of Sri Ratu Safiatuddin Tajul Alam. Where other names of the grave you can see at the information stone in the grave complex. Sultan Ali Mughayat Syah was the founder of the Aceh Darussalam Sultanate. When the Portuguese at that time wanted to colonize Aceh by invaded Pasai Kingdom, Pedir Kingdom and Daya Kingdom, Sultan Ali Mughayat Syah attacked the Portuguese and succeeded in repelling them to Peureulak and finally escaped to Malacca.

Boat On House Tsunami Monument – The Stranded Boat on House Roof is the tsunami monument remainder of the tsunami disaster on December 2004. When the tsunami happened there were many fishing boats wash away by the tsunami waves and stranded to land. And some of them stranded on the roof of the local house. This one is still well maintained by the government as the tsunami monument and open to public as interesting things to see and as remembering the tsunami disaster. The fishing boat with a length approximately 20 meters and a width of 5.5 meters with the weight of 20 tons was supposed to sail back to Lhoknga after the repaired process in Krueng Aceh River, but the tsunami dragged it up to the house roof of Abasiah-Misbah. The boat saved live 59 people. The boat now become a tsunami monument and transformed into a tourist attraction. Located approximately 3 kilometers from the Great Mosque precisely in Lampulo famous fishing village. Here you can see the lines of traditional fishing boats with various colors.

Ratu Safiatuddin Park – Sultanah Safiatuddin Park is cultural park located adjacent to the Governor office of Aceh. Here there are 23 traditional houses representing each regency and city in Aceh province. The traditional houses show the diversity of tribes and cultures in Aceh. The name of this art and culture park take from the name of Sultanah ruled Aceh Darussalam Kingdom in the 17th century. In this park is often held the art and cultural performances.

Syiah Kuala Beach – Syiah Kuala beach is exotic black sand beach located approximately 2 kilometers from Banda Aceh. The Syiah Kuala Beach is close to Syiah Kuala Grave which is regularly visited by local people. This beach is fantastic place to enjoy sunset. From the beach you can see the Weh Island, you can swimming and doing the beach sports. Many families visitor spend their time in this beach.

Alue Naga Beach – Alue Naga beach is black sand beach located 15 minutes from Banda Aceh city center to the east. There are many local people come to this beach for sightseeing and mostly come for fishing and enjoy the breeze. Beside the beach can be seen the Aceh River itself to the ocean. Alue Naga Beach is one of perfect place in Banda Aceh to see the sunset.

Day 02 Banda Aceh Tour Package Highlights

Cut Nyak Dhien Museum – Cut Nyak Dhin was a famous woman freedom fighter in Aceh. her activities were very embarrassing for the Ducth who finally burnt down her house. A replica of her house filled with acehnese artifacts and various possessions of Cut Nyak Dhien now stand in original place in Lam Pisang village 6 km west of banda aceh.

Lampisang Acehnese Traditional Cake Market – Lampisang Traditional Cake Market is a central traditional cakes market in Banda Aceh. These cakes produced by home industries and the cakes also coming from another regencies in Aceh. If you are going for vacation in Banda Aceh, this market is a must visit place.

Lampuuk Beach – Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach are beautiful white sandy beaches. It’s a great beaches for surfing and kite surfing. Natural panoramic beauty of the beach becomes the magnet for the tourist.

Lhoknga Beach – Lhoknga Beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean and is becoming famous for surfing. Lhoknga Beach has the best of all surf conditions. Until recently Lhoknga was a well kept secret as a surfing paradise among those looking for the very special waves. For the surfers, Lhoknga has perfect conditions. The good season is the eastern season between July and November.

Day Tour Package Banda Aceh

Sea Side Beach Park – Seaside Beach Park is another beach near Lhoknga Beach. This Beach Park regularly visited by local people on the weekend with their family and friends. The beach is calm and surrounded by dense pine trees.

Riting Beach – Riting is one of charming beach in Aceh Besar. The beach adjacent with the cliffs and has long stretches beaches. Riting Beach is also a hidden beach with black sandy beach offer calm atmosphere.  On June to September, this beach is perfect for kite surfing and many surfers come here. Lately the beach become popular among kitesurfers. The beach is not so far from the main surfing hub in Lhoknga.

Leupung Beach – Leupung Beach is newly tourist attractions in Aceh Besar. You can visit this beach while you are on vacation in Aceh. The adjacent to Riting Beach with brown white sand beach. The beach are widely and long coastal surrounded by dense pine trees. Lately the beach was decorated colorful ornament on gazebo and the area surrounding make this beach like a romantic beaches.

Lhokseudu – Lhok Seudu is better known as a fishing village near the coastal area. You will see many dried salt fish selling in the small shop near the street ranging from fish to octopus. Another fantastic things in this place is a see side cafés with charming sea view. In the evening you can see dramatic sunset in these café that offer really beautiful sunset view.

Kulu Mount – Kulu Mount is a mount with beautiful scenery and green lush. You will see many monkeys awaiting for food near the street. In this mount, there are durian and rambutan in certain season. The durian here are among the best durian in Aceh. Besides of the durian and green forest scenery, there is also culinary tour after driving down the hill, which is popular Acehnese culinary. Many people from Banda Aceh they just come here for culinary and durian.

Pasie Jantang Beach – Pasie Jantang Beach is exotic hidden beach between two hills on the left and right side. The beach is located precisely on the south of Pasi Pante Blang Raya Beach which is popular among the local and one of the best beach during monsoon for trawling. If you come on Pante Blang Raya Beach on certain time you will see many local fisherman are pulling the trawling net near the beach. Pasie Jantang is a narrow beach flanked by two cliffs with large rocks. You can see the beach from Pasie Pante Blang Raya Beach where you can also see the long coastal area with shady dense pine trees.

Lhong Beach – Lhong Beach is beautiful long stretches white sand beaches located between Aceh Besar regency and Aceh Jaya Regency. The beach has no facilities like shop or gazebos. The beach has strong current and sometimes has a big waves. The beach is not recommended to swim but only to enjoy nice view of the beach and the hills on the background.

Gurute Sea Canyon – Beautiful natural scenery, one can enjoy in Mount Geurutee. This mountain is a place to see the best sunsets in Aceh. Geurutee is a mountain located on the border between the districts of Aceh Jaya and Aceh Besar, about 1 hour 40 minutes from the city of Banda Aceh, capital of Aceh province. Besides you can see the beautiful scenery on top of the hill, you can also see magnificent view of two islands surrounded by clean white beaches. If you are lucky you will meet black gibbon in this mount very tame.

Day 03 Banda Aceh Tour Package Highlights

City Forest Park – City Forest Park was previously swampy land and transformed into a city forest park with planted a variety of plants. There are 150 types of tress. The park has facilities such as the bridge, pedestrian path and the bridge over the mangrove forest, toilet and others. The park is also an ecology research center. Besides, there are many kinds of birds are become a habitat of the forest park.

Ujong Batee Beach – Ujong Batee  beach is located in District  Mesjid Raya, Aceh Besar regency, Located about 20 km from Banda Aceh. Ujong Batee is a beautiful long black sand beach overgrown by green dense pine trees along the coast.

Indra Patra Fort – Indra Patra Fortress is a pre-islamic fortress built during around 604 AD by Hindu Kingdom of Lamuri. The fortress founded by the son of Raja Harsya who ruled in India and later fled from the pursuit of the Huna tribe. The existence of these fort become a historical heritage regarding the Hindu influence in Aceh precisely in north coast. This fort is one of three strongholds that mark the triangular of the region of Hindu Kindom ruled namely Indra Patra, Indra Puri and Indra Purwa. The fort consist of a main fort measuring 4900 square meters and three other fortress. You can find Hindu stupa in this fort. During the Sultanate of Aceh which the Islamic Kingdome, this fortress played a major role as a defense from the Portuguese attacked from Malacca Strait and together with other fortress namely Inong Balee Fortress, Kuta Lubok Fortress, Sultan Iskandar Muda Fortress and several other forts become a center of Aceh Kingdom defense.

Ujong Kareung Beach – Ujong Kareung Beach is a black sand beach. The beach has several bunker which is the heritage. The beach is visited by local people and enjoy the panorama of the beach and Indian Ocean. The beach equipped with gazebo and stall that sell the food and beverage. There are also the stall that serve the seafood.

Ie Suum Hot Spring – Aceh Besar was not only famous for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls, there’s also a natural hot spring     . Ie Suum bath is located in the village of Ie Suum, Mesjid Raya district, Aceh Besar.

Inong Balee Fort – This fort called Fort Inong Balee whose construction led by Admiral Malahayati, during the Sultan Alaiddin Ali Riayat Shah IV Saidil Mukammil. The fort is located in the Village Lamreh, Mesjid Raya district, Aceh Besar.

Lamreh Hill – Lamreh village in Aceh Besar may not have been known by many a traveler yet, with panoramic landscape of cliffs are wonderful. The village is located in Aceh Besar, precisely in the district of Krueng Raya, about 1 km from the port Malahayati, Aceh Besar.

Pasir Putih Lhok Me Beach – Mee Lhok is famous beach with white sand beach and trees in the water is located in the village of Lamreh, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar district. Mee Lhok beach is just 2 km from the port Malahayati, or 40 km from the city of Banda Aceh.

Blang Ulam Beach – Blang Ulam is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh Besar. BlangUlam beach is one of the beautiful beach in Aceh. With the view of the hills and mountain offer great and nice view for the visitor. The beach is located in the east coast of Great Aceh regency and it can be reached by car.

Batee Puteh Beach – Batee Puteh Beach is is a beautiful beach with cliffs as background and fantastic view of Indian Ocean and Malacca Strait. Batee Puteh has exotic black sand beach. The cliffs near the beach is white cliffs and this offer a great view. From the hilltop, the view of the beach like Pandawa Beach in Bali.

Day 04 Banda Aceh Tour Package Highlights

Shopping – What to buy in Aceh during vacations! Shopping in Banda Aceh has many different souvenirs and handicrafts where each regencies in Aceh has specific ones. For handicrafts, it has silk weaving, gold embroidery, carved knives, carved daggers and carved wooden objects. Besides, Aceh has fines gold quality art work with traditional design. Other souvenirs you can purchase from Aceh ranging from special foods like dried seasoning beefs, Acehnese traditional cakes with a lot of varieties and taste, unique trinkets, Acehnese clothes, hats and also batik and sarong. All productions process is done with traditional technology or commonly referred as homemade to maintain the original quality of the products. Among the souvenirs and handicrafts that often purchased by local and foreign tourists are Acehnese clothes, Acehnese cakes, Acehnese bag and wallets, Acehnese trinkets, Acehnese skullcap, Acehnese gate designed brooch, jade rings, gold jewelry and Acehnese coffee like Gayo Arabica Coffee and other kinds of Acehnese coffee.

Siron Tsunami Mass Burial – Siron Tsunami Mass Burial is a mass tsunami graveyard of the earthquake and tsunami on 26th December 2004 with over 160.000 Acehnese people were killed. In this mass burial, a total of 46.718 of dead bodies were buried here. Visit this burial give us an emotional and spiritual tour to remember of deadly disaster in Aceh in the past.

Dates Huge Farm – Dates farm is not only in Middle East. In Aceh precisely in Barbate Valley has a huge dates farm. You can buy the young dates here. In this place has equipped with ATV ride and Horse Ride for the visitor who would like to go around the dates trees. Besides, it has also a café and restaurant.

On Hill Islamic Boarding School – This Islamic Boarding School is located between the hills and valley. In this place has also a hilltop mosque offer beautiful view.

If you are happy to visit Aceh, we are offer other Aceh Tour Packages besides of Banda Aceh Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights with a great vacation and holiday activities. Kindly please check out our offers in the navigation of this website.