How to get to Weh Island – Sabang Pulau Weh Getting There Guide, Transport, Ferry & When is the best time to go!

Weh Island is an island in Aceh province and the first island in Indonesia archipelago located at the westernmost of Indonesia or precisely in the northernmost of Sumatra Island. To get to Weh Island, you have to catch the ferry from Banda Aceh or in Ulee Lheue Ferry Port. The island is located about 18 miles away from Banda Aceh and it takes 45 minutes by fast ferry from Ulee Lheue ferry port to Balohan Harbor in Sabang, Weh Island. Ulee Lheue Ferry Port is located approximately 21 kilometers from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport.

Banda Aceh is the main gateway to get to Weh Island through Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport in Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar District, located approximately 17 kilometers from Banda Aceh city center or about 25 minutes by car. Getting to Banda Aceh, you can book a flights serve by Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport Banda Aceh with 1 hour 20 minutes flying. You may also book other international flights serve by FireFly and Malindo from Penang, Malaysia to Banda Aceh. Besides, there are many domestic airlines serve the route from major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta and Medan. The domestic airlines which has the route to Banda Aceh including Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Batik Air and Lion Air. You may also take a night bus from Medan precisely in Pinang Baris Bus terminal with the journey about 12 hours.

Transport from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port:

Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport is located in Blang Bintang District, Aceh Besar Regency, which is approximately 17 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh and approximately 21 kilometers from Ulee Lheue Harbor where you catch ferry to Balohan harbor in Sabang, Weh Island. From the airport to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port, it takes about 35 minutes by car. Actually there are 2 main roads you can take to the ferry harbor. The first is via Sultan Iskandar Muda Road passing to Soekarno-Hatta Road which is the nearest way to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port and you will get to the port within 35 minutes. The second way is via Sultan Iskandar Muda Road to Banda Aceh Road and you will passing the city center of Banda Aceh and you will get to the port within 40 minutes by car. From the airport you can book a taxi or you may also book a transport from us, check the rates below:

Ferry to Weh Island Schedules:

There are two types of ferries leave to Sabang, Pulau Weh. The two types of ferries namely Fast Ferry and Regular Ferry. Fast Ferry transfer from Ulee Lheue to Balohan port, Weh Island, is about 45 minutes and the regular ferry is about 1 hour 45 minutes transfer.

Fast Ferry Ticket Fares:

  • Executive Class: IDR 85.000
  • VIP Class: IDR 115.000

Regular Ferry Ticket Fares: IDR 23.000 (Not includes insurance yet)

Ferry Departure Time:

  1. Fast Ferry
  2. Express Bahari

Banda Aceh to Weh Island leaves at 10.00 and 16.00 pm.

Weh Island to Banda Aceh depart at 08.00 and 14.30 pm.

  • Express Cantika

Banda Aceh to Weh Island leave at 08.00 am.

Weh Island to Banda Aceh depart at 16.00 pm.

Notes: The time used is local West Indonesian Time (WIB). The schedule may change depending on weather, peak season, number of passengers and others.

  • Regular Ferry

Sabang Weh Island leaves to Banda Aceh at 08.00 and 14.00 pm.

Banda Aceh to Sabang Weh Island depart at 11.30 and 17.00 pm.

Notes: The time used is local West Indonesian Time (WIB). The schedule may change depending on weather, peak season, number of passengers and others.

Transport in Weh Island:

After you reach Sabang through Balohan Ferry harbor, you have options for transportation. There are a lots of land transport that is on stand by and it will bring you to specific destination such as Iboih, Gapang, City and Sumur Tiga. Mostly the transport are the minibus and Tuk Tuk tricycle transport. Normally the price charge for the shuttle transport in Weh Island is per person. The price from Balohan Harbor to Iboih area is IDR 50.000 per person, Balohan to Sumur Tiga IDR 25.000 – 30.000, Balohan to Sabang City IDR. 20.000 – 25.000.  There are also rental car with the price start from 500.000 – 800.000 rupiah per day. In this port also available the motorbike rental with the rate 100.000 – 150.000 rupiah per day.

Where to go in Weh Island:

Weh Island has 5 main tourist destination which is mostly the tourist come to these areas. The main tourist destination in Weh Island namely Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach, Teupin Reudeup or Kincir Beach and Balik Gunung. The five tourist destinations has completely tourist facilities offer such accommodation, restaurant and diving school.

  • Iboih

Iboih Beach is popular tourist destination in Weh Island. The beach facing Rubiah Island which is famous its protected sea garden. Iboih is a social and lively beach area with diving & snorkeling facilities, beachfront bungalows, souvenirs and restaurants.

  • Gapang

Gapang Beach is another tourist destination in Weh Island with peaceful atmosphere. This white sand beach offer beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. The house reef dive spot in front of the beach is one of the popular micro lovers dive site. There are cozy resorts, restaurants, dive shops and souvenir near the beach.

  • Sumur Tiga

Sumur Tiga is one of most beautiful white sand beaches in Weh Island located at the east of Weh Island. The popular of the beach become one of the tourist destination in Weh Island. there are a lot of resorts developed well in this beach with other tourist facilities such as restaurants and spa.

  • Teupin Reudeup

Teupin Reudeup or well known as Kincir Long Beach is one of the diving destinations in Weh Island. There two dive operator here with several best resort. The beach is really peaceful  place with a stretch of white sand beach facing Seulako Island.

  • Balik Gunung

Balik Gunung is popular because one of the dive operator and resort located here. The place is very close to Iboih Village. The location of the beach is close to popular dive site such as Meuduro and Bate Gla where you can see many reef sharks.

Best Time to go to Weh Island:

The best time to visit Weh Island is during March to November while at this time the weather is good and sunny. If you are looking for warmest time, the hottest month are April, May and June with the temperature of 33 degrees Celsius at day time and dropping below 23 degrees Celsius at night.

Getting around Weh Island & The Distance of Main Tourist Hub:

Pulau Weh, Off the beaten track and one of Indonesia’s beautiful island. Weh Island had been known for its ecosystem, diving, jungle, and beaches oppose to its famous sister Bali, Indonesia. To get around the island, you can independent travelling around the island by hiring a motorbike. Check out the distance from the Sabang city to the main tourist areas:

Distance From Sabang:

Iboih Beach 23 Kilometers

Gapang Beach 17 Kilometers

Balohan Harbor 11 Kilometers

Sumur Tiga Beach 10 Kilometers

Anoe Itam Beach 10 Kilometers

Find out our tour packages offer in Weh Island or Weh Island combination tour:

Things to do in Weh Island:

Weh Island is a tiny island in Aceh offer many things to do ranging from snorkeling, diving, swimming, kayaking, trekking to volcano hiking. Find out top best things to do in Weh Island below:

What next after getting to Weh Island:

Being at the northernmost tip of Sumatra Island, there is nowhere else to go but back to Banda Aceh. From Banda Aceh you can decide your way to go. Here are the top places to go in Aceh and check out the things to do:

Banda Aceh

Aceh Jaya

Aceh Besar


Banyak Island

Simeulue Island

You may also book a short trip in Banda Aceh from us:

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