Iboih Beach Pulau Weh (Sabang) Aceh: Island Marine Tourism Centre

Iboih Beach is the most popular marine tourism and main tourist place in Pulau Weh Aceh. Located on the western part of Pulau Weh about 20 kilometers from Sabang city or 40 minutes from Balohan harbor. The beach is facing to Rubiah Island which is famous for its protected sea garden or popular as Rubiah Sea Garden with vast area of about 2.600 hectares full of marine life and rare species.  Iboih Beach has a lots of hillside bungalows overlooking to the beach and cozy beachfront accommodation where other tourist facilities are easy to find such as restaurants, souvenirs, diving operator and snorkeling facilities. In Iboih, the social and friendly local where you can enjoy beach life with magnificent panorama.

Iboih Beach has white sand beach with turquois blue sea water where you can enjoy snorkeling with hundreds of colorful fishes, swimming and close to many popular Pulau Weh dive sites. Surrounding by tropical forest offer the great atmosphere.

If you are interested in visiting Iboih Beach and want to do activities on this beach such as snorkeling and others, you can choose the Weh Island tour packages that we offer below:

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Things to do in Iboih Beach, Weh Island:

As the main marine tourism in Pulau Weh, Iboih offer many things to do ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling to fishing. Here are great things to do in Iboih Beach:

  • Scuba Diving

Diving is one of the main attractions for many foreign tourists generally. Many divers both professional and still taking dive licenses come to this place. There are several operators and dive schools you can find on this beach. One of the diving spots in Weh Island which is close to Iboih Beach is Rubiah Sea Garden and Seulako Island. There are so many interesting things that you will see under the sea ranging from rare fish species, rare corals and various other marine life such as turtles and so on.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the most common activity at Iboih Beach. There are many snorkeling equipment rental lined up on this beach. With snorkeling you can see hundreds of colorful fish, various types of fish and beautiful coral reefs. The fish here are very friendly to snorkelers. They will approach when you start snorkeling. This makes for an exciting and enjoyable experience for many travelers. With a great visibility because the water is clear, snorkeling in this place is like swimming in a big aquarium. This place is one of the best snorkeling spots in Weh Island.

  • Enjoy Seafood Culinary

After you are satisfied doing marine tourism activities on this beach, you can try to enjoy seafood dishes. You can get this culinary at various restaurant on this beach.

  • Souvenir Shopping

Not only enjoying the natural beauty and beaches, along Teupin Layeu Iboih, there are also several souvenir shops where you can shop for souvenirs and handicrafts of the island. There are various handicraft products sold at this souvenir shop, from hangers to clothes.

  • Walking tour from Tepin Layeu to Yulia Bungalow

This area near the beach has hilly landscapes, by exploring the area around the beach you will feel like an adventure. Along the beach from the Souvenir Shop near Eric Green House along the way to passing through Yulia Bungalow, the conditions are many rock formations and the path with the stairs concrete construction to ease the walkers passing from one place to another or climb the small hills. Along the road there are many shady trees and the atmosphere is so calm and the scenery is beautiful.

  • Enjoying the Underwater View from Glass Bottom Boat

For those of you who don’t want to snorkel or don’t want to get wet and only have a short time on a short trip to Weh Island, you can enjoy the underwater beauty through a glass bottom boat. From here you can see the underwater scenery. You can rent a glass boat at Teupin Layeu and the operator will take you around depending on the package you choose. If you choose a package around Rubiah Island, the boat will take you from the pier to go around Rubiah Island.

  • Swimming at Teupin Layeu Beach

Teupin Layeu Beach is part of Iboih Beach and is one of the main beach on Sabang Island. On this beach there is a glass bottom boat start the trip to Rubiah Island and also many culinary centers and other tourist facilities. No exception many tourists who swim on this beach and also snorkel. After swimming, you can immediately enjoy a culinary tour. At night, from this beach you can see the sparkling lights of the city of Sabang.

  • Relax in the room with sea view

This beach is very famous for its beauty. This beach and sea view really hypnotizes anyone who visits. Many tourists also relax on the balcony of the resort which leads to sea views. The beaches are so beautiful and the blue water is very clear that makes the eyes spoiled.

  • Watching the Sunrise in the morning

Iboih Beach is one of the best sunrise spots in Weh Island. The view of the sunrise on this beach is stunning and will hypnotize you. Moreover, accompanied by a cup of coffee, this will make the atmosphere so pleasant.

  • Sunbathing near the beach

Many foreign tourists sunbathe on this paradise beach where some resorts offer the sunbed. With a calm atmosphere coupled with a gentle breeze makes your holiday experience very fantastic and enjoyable.

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How to get to Iboih Beach Sabang

If you are interested in visiting one of the best beaches in Weh Island, access to this beach is very easy. The journey can be start when you arrive in Aceh either through Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport or Batoh Terminal. From Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport you can order transportation to Ulee Lheue Harbor or you can also rent a car in Aceh. From Ulee Lheue Harbor you can purchase the ferry tickets to Weh Island, there are two types of ferry, fast ferry will take you to the island within 45 minutes and slow ferry within 1 hour 45 minutes. When you arrive at Balohan Harbor, you can take public transportation or you can also rent a car in Weh Island. The journey to Iboih is 45 minutes from Balohan Harbor.

Other Tourist Attraction near Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is a special attraction for tourists. This has a reason, beaches with beautiful white sand, stunning underwater scenery, clear blue sea water and fantastic natural scenery become an extraordinary allure for both local and foreign tourists.

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