Klah Island Sabang Pulau Weh, Diving & Fishing Spot in Klah Island, Weh Island, Indonesia

Klah Island Sabang is one of the four island in Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia. The four island namely Klah Island, Seulako Island, Rubiah Island and Rondo Island. These four islands part of Pulau Weh.

Klah Island is an uninhabited island located west of Weh Island. Many tourist who visit Pulau Weh, on their way to Iboih or Gapang Beach, they stop a while at Cot Batree which is Klah Island View Point to see the panorama of the island and enjoy the special culinary namely Rujak Pulau Klah which is an Acehnese fruit salad. You can also have a young coconut drink in this place.

klah island

Klah Island is located between the Sabang Bay where the cruise ships and other ships passing through and park their vessel in BPKS Free Port or also known as Sabang Free Port. In the island has a lighthouse on the edge on the island. if you are in Krueng Raya Beach, you will see the island clearly.

Klah Island has its own attractions for the tourist offer beautiful panorama and calm. It has a nice white sand beach and blue sea water. The island is overgrown with a lots of tress, but on the east side of the island a little steep, looks like a landslide. But according to some people it was due to the tsunami disaster.

On this island you will not only can see the beauty of the island view, but the island also has an underwater attraction that offers amazing diving and snorkeling spots for underwater nature lovers. With the shallow sea, by snorkeling on this island you can see various types of colorful fish and ornamental coral reefs. In addition, the island is one of the great place to see the sunset.

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Near this island, there are also fish and lobster aquaculture. If you want fresh fish, you can buy from there. Klah Island also has good fishing spots, both for medium fishing and ultra-light fishing lovers. But the fishing area near the beach is a shallow spot targeting red grouper, long fin grouper, Blue Runner, Brassy Trevally, lane snapper and other grouper species. In addition, you can also enjoy the trill of catching the blue fin trevally. Fishing in this island offer different experience for the angler.

You can also try fly-fishing by walk a bit in the water near the beach to catch blue fin trevally. In the west of the island, there is a good fishing spots to catch red snapper and ruby snapper. But you have to go by boat. If you want to try to conquer the thrill of catching big fish in Weh Island, you can book the fishing trip & Charters with us:

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To get to Klah Island, you must reach the Pulau Weh first from Banda Aceh by ferry. There are two types of ferries to Sabang, Express ferry or fast ferry and slow ferry.  For fast ferry takes 45 minutes whereas slow ferry takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from Ulee Lheue Harbor in Banda Aceh to Balohan Harbor in Weh Island. After arriving at Balohan, you can take a public transport or either private transport to Krueng Raya Beach approximately 15 minutes driving. Arriving at Krueng Raya you can rent a boat to Klah Island. in 10 – 15 minutes you will be in the island. Klah Island can also be accessed from Iboih Beach, but the distance is far.

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