Pria Laot Waterfall Pulau Weh, A very natural waterfall in Sabang, Weh Island hidden in a beautiful forest

Pria Laot Waterfall Pulau Weh is the one of waterfall in Weh Island with a natural panorama hidden in a beautiful tropical forest. Pria Laot Waterfall is a mini waterfall where the water is clean and located in the middle of a green forest. The name of the waterfall is taken from the name of the village where the waterfall is located, Pria Laot Village, which is located about 11 kilometers from downtown Sabang or a 20-minute drive by car.

Pulau Weh Aceh or also known as Sabang Island has a complete variety of natural beauty so that it is one of the reasons why tourists come to visit Sabang, Weh Island. Besides having beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh, Aneuk Laot Lake Pulau Weh and Jaboi Volcano, Sabang also has waterfalls. Not only that, Sabang or Weh Island also has Keuneukai Hot Springs, world-renowned diving spots in Pulau Weh, Rubiah Sea Garden which offers the best snorkeling spots in Pulau Weh to historical, religious and unique Pulau Weh specialties food to try.

On the way to Pria Laot Waterfall from Sabang city, visitors will see the calm atmosphere of Weh Island. When you arrive at the vehicle parking area near the drinking water company, you need to walk along the path for more than one kilometer.

On the way to the location, you will see the diversity of flora and fauna that is presented, spoiled with views of lush green forests and various other sights that are no less interesting. It is often for visitors to see Pulau Weh endemic birds such as greater racket-tailed drongo bird, white-rumped shama bird, green pigeon and gracula bird. If you visit in certain months, you will see a variety of colorful butterflies.

Interested to visit this mini waterfall? No need to worry, you can check out our Sabang Pulau Weh tour package deals where we will take you around Sabang Island with interesting tourist activities depending on your choice of tour packages and activities you choose from glass boat tours and snorkeling, dolphin hunting, scuba diving to fishing. You can tell us if you want to visit the pria laot waterfall because sometimes domestic tourists do not want to visit the waterfall due to age and other factors. Here are the tour package programs to Sabang that we offer:

Pria Laot Waterfall is a hidden waterfall that heads to Mount Sarung Keris, along the way to the location of the waterfall you have to pass through community plantations such as clove gardens and dense forests. Upon arrival you will see a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool measuring approximately 10 meters wide. Visitors can swim or soak in this pool. There are small freshwater fish that accompany you while swimming in this pool.

This waterfall, which hides behind a dense tropical forest, will provide freshness for visitors especially if you visit during the summer when the heat of the sunshine. If you are a first time travelling to Weh Island and want to visit Pria Laot waterfall, first you can choose the best time to visit Pulau Weh where you choose summer time because the access in the rainy season is a little difficult because the water flows is a little strong and the path is slippery. Travel about 30 minutes by car from Sabang’s Balohan Harbor which is the starting point of arrival after taking Pulau Weh ferry to Sabang from Banda Aceh.

To get to Pulau Weh you can choose the fast ferry to save time with a travel time of 45 minutes but with a more expensive tariff than the slow ferry. The slow ferry itself will take you to Weh Island within 2 hours. After arriving in Sabang, you can rent a car in Pulau Weh to facilitate your trip or also by other modes of transportation such as taxis and becak. The route is the same direction to the Indonesia Zero Kilometer Monument or not far from Iboih Beach which is the starting point to Rubiah Island.

For the journey to the waterfall location you must be careful because the road is slippery due to humidity and overgrown with moss. The walk is approximately 1.7 kilometers from the parking lot bridge. You should also be careful of wildlife such as wild boars, bats, monkeys and monitor lizards. You can wear non-slip shoes and socks and apply insect or mosquito lotion to prevent bites from both. Hiring a guide or choosing to go with a travel agent will be helpful for your trip.

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As stated earlier Pria Laot waterfall Pulau Weh is located near the mountains so it has a calm and refreshing atmosphere from the first sight the waterfall looks really beautiful and you can capture moments such as taking pictures and enjoying trekking. The journey to Pria Laot Waterfall is like an adventure through the jungle and river before reaching the location. Swimming in the waterfall pool will refresh you after trekking where you can enjoy the therapy of small fish that eat your dead skin cells. It’s a truly enjoyable experience.

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