Private One Day Tour Pulau Aceh Package

The private one day tour Pulau Aceh Package (Pulo Aceh) is the private full day tour or trip to Pulau Aceh where you can discover untouched natural beauty. Aceh Island or Pulo Aceh is a group of the islands off the tip of Sumatra. These islands has also gorgeous marine park with variety of coral reefs and more various and structure. The coral reefs in these islands is like caves, horns of deer, hill and pillar like and rich with marine life. Here we welcome you to explore and have the experience to enjoy the pristine nature, adventure and photography. Check out the list of top places we will visit in Pulo Aceh and make sure you book a trip with us via email : and WhatApp +6285360131941, here is the day tour to Pulau Aceh program:

The highlight places include:

  • Explore Pulau Batee : Pulau Batee or Batee Island is an uninhabited  small island in Aceh Island Group (Pulo Aceh) with an area of 70-100 hectares. The island surrounded by the blue clear crystal water offer beautiful natural panorama. Batee Island is amazing untouched and stunning naturalities. Diving and snorkeling are very good here. Besides, Batee Island is also exciting spot for angler who want to hook up the giant grouper, snapper and giant trevally. Hiking and camping are also welcome in this island and you will find tremendous interesting things. In addition, the island is perfect place to see magnificent sunset.
  • Explore Pulau Bunta : Bunta Island is located in Peukan Bada District, Aceh Besar. The island has beautiful sea panorama and white sand beach with clear sea water. Bunta Island has also forest ecosystem that still very natural and untouched. There are many coconut trees overgrown on the hillsides.
  • Explore Pulau Keureusek : Pulau Kereusek is another island in Pulo Aceh group or also known as Pulau Teunom. This island also offer beautiful panorama same as another islands in Pulau Aceh.
  • Visit Gugop Beach : Gugop Beach is a nice beach in Pulo Aceh with white sand beach and grass field close the beach.
  • Explore Pulo Nasi : Pulo Nasi is one of biggest island in Pulo Aceh Group. The potential of nature in this island is very rich almost similar like Weh Island. the sea, white sand beaches, and everything have their own uniqueness. For the underwater lovers, Pulo Nasi is the exact place to see many marine life. Just two meters away swimming from the beach you will see the table corals, reef fish, colorful coral reefs, translucent jellyfish and other marine biota. The beaches that you can see such the things are Pasie Damiet Beach, Rabo Beach, Pulo Tengkorak Beach, Nipah Beach and many other.
  • Explore Sidom Island : Pulo Sidom or Sidom Island is the hidden gem in Aceh. The natural beauty offer is really worth to visit.
  • Visit Nipah Beach, Pulo Nasi : Nipah Beach is located in Rabo Village, Pulau Nasi precisely on the edge of Nasi Island Road. The beach with vast expanse of white sand called virgin beach which is still very natural. Apart enjoying the natural beauty of coral reefs and marine life, the beach is also perfect place for camping and hunt the octopus and lobster.
  • Visit Lambaro Beach : Lambaro Beach has golden sandy beach and a perfect sunset spot in Aceh. There are many wild turtles lay eggs in this beach.
  • Visit Lhok Mata Ie Beach : If enough time, we will visit Mata Ie Beach that offer beautiful white sand beach with clear blue water. the beach is very good for snorkeling and swimming.

What’s include in this one day tour in Banda Aceh packages:

  • Transport by private vehicle with air-conditioning and professional driver
  • English guide (Upon Request)
  • Fuel & Driver
  • Parking fee
  • Private tour
  • Boat Tour
  • Food and Drink


  • Personal expense
  • Insurance
  • Tips

Meeting point:

  • Ulee Lheue Harbor
  • Banda Aceh City Center
  • Lhoknga Area
  • Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport
  • Aceh Besar

Additional Info:

  • Booking can be request via our mail or whatapp. or +6285360131941
  • Booking at least 5 hours before tour.
  • A minimum of 01 people per booking.
  • One car can fit for maximum 4 people with luggage and 7 people with no luggage.
  • If you are more than 4 people with luggage or 7 people with no luggage, the tour using two car.
  • The tour will complete in 9 hours.


  • Payment can be paid after the tour finish or at the meeting point.

Tour Price: Contact us for info