Pulau Weh Diving Package, Sabang Weh Island Dive Trip Price With Resort, Scuba Diving Sites, Season & Best Time

Pulau Weh diving is one of spectacular attraction and one of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia located in the westernmost of Indonesia precisely on the northernmost tip of Sumatra Island. Diving in Pulau Weh offer world class dive sites and rich with diversity of marine life. With a great visibilities ranging from 20 to 30 meters. There are more than twenty popular dive spots and other amazing dive location up to 30 dive spots. All the Pulau Weh diving sites are incredible to explore ranging from shallow reef, easy dive, drift diving, cave dive, macro dive, shark diving, night dive, muck diving to magnificent wreck dive.

Pulau Weh diving sites has densely populated with marine life. You can meet with many species of moray in the popular spot known as the capital world moray, meet with scorpionfish, lionfish, leaf fish, blue spotted rays, manta rays, napoleon wrasse, mola-mola, turtles, school of fish, and macros and other most rare species in Indonesia found in Pulau Weh up to 14 species. There are also rich in coral reefs home to many kinds of beautiful fish and sea life.

Pulau Weh is also an excellent place for drift dive and shark dive where in the Shark Plateau spot you have opportunity to meet white and black tip sharks, silvertip and gray shark. You have also opportunity to meet other species of shark in other dive spot such as thresher shark, tiger shark, hammerhead, whale shark (depend on season) and most rare sighting giga-mouth shark. In addition, Pulau Weh has also found about 538 species of ornamental fish.

Pulau Weh Diving Package

Weh Island diving sites are suitable for all diving levels, ranging from intro to scuba diving, open water, advanced to dive master. If you are interested to dive in Pulau Weh Aceh, you may check the diving trip offer below:

  • Fun Diving & Tour [City Tour, Island Tour, Cultural, Culinary & Historical Tour]

We are offering all-inclusive diving trip with a tour including hotel or resort, ferry ticket, transport, all dive gear, meals, boat trip and entrance fee to all listed attractions. Here are the diving trip and tours:

Pulau Weh is uncrowded and unspoiled dive site. With impressive underwater topography, landscapes and canyons. It has superb underwater visibility all year round for best diving experience.

Weh Island or also know Sabang is home to large diverse marine life from macro to giant creatures. The perfect location where the Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean with currents create unbelievable bio-diversity and abundance of marine life ranging from tiny creature to giant fish.

  • Fun Diving & Combination Tour [Jungle Trekking, Fishing, Hiking & Spearfishing]

Pulau Weh is not just a magnificent place for divers. It is also a great place for fishing enthusiast, freediving and other natural attractions lovers. Here are the combination tour you may like to see:

You can enjoy overland tour with combining activities such as fishing and trekking to see Orangutan. Orangutan jungle trekking is a must-do outdoor activity when visiting Leuser National Park. The focus of this trekking is seeing wild orangutans closer. Those who join Orangutan jungle trekking in Leuser National Park will begin from Bukit Lawang. A forest with wildlife is a treat you get along the trekking route. Shortly after a group of Sumatran orangutans will appear to welcome you. It is your chance to learn about this animal directly from its habitat. 

Orangutan jungle trekking in Leuser National Park is also interesting to do because you are about to explore the last place on earth where endangered orangutans live. Sometimes, you will also see other wild species besides orangutans. It is also a pleasant place for birds and plant species. The route is challenging enough with rivers, lakes, and volcanoes. Due to its richness, this park can be one of the must-visit destinations in Southeast Asia. So, seeing the importance of the park for the ecosystem, UNESCO listed this national park as one of the World Heritage Sites. At least, you will understand why this wild ecosystem is so critical not only for the local areas but also for the world after joining the orangutan jungle trekking in Leuser National Park.   

Aceh has fantastic game fishing ground located between Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean, Bengal Strait and Malacca Strait where the current meet. Pulau Weh offer the exciting experience of thrill of catching game fish suitable for all fishing methods ranging from jigging techniques including slow fall jigging and speed jigging, popping fishing, casting, bottom fishing and trolling.

There are many potential fishing spots scattered around the island and offshore. Pulau Weh fishing charter are perfect where the waters are home to many species of fish including giant trevally (GT), giant grouper, bigeye trevally, bluefin trevally, yellow fin tuna, barracuda, marlin, sailfish, kind mackerel, mahi-mahi, amberjack, ruby snapper, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, species of grouper and snapper, rainbow runner and many other fierce predator and pelagic fish.

Pulau Weh is also a great place for underwater silent hunter. Spearfishing in Sabang is a combination of free dive and spearfishing. With the certain spearfishing spot, you can hunt the fish for dinner such as giant trevally, grouper, snapper, dogtooth tuna and many others. With the crystal waters and great visibility will offer you a great underwater hunting adventure.

With many condition of spots ranging from shallow reefs to drop off. You can submerge yourself to blue crystal waters. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of adventure during your holiday in Pulau Weh, Indonesia.

  • Try Scuba Diving & Tour

Getting the best experience of scuba diving in Sabang, Pulau Weh is not a difficult thing to do at all. It is that way because the place is internationally famous among divers. The idea is to find the best spot and visit at the right time to enjoy it at its best. There are approximately 20 and 30 spots for diving in the area itself for any diver to consider accordingly. Many experienced international divers even call it the best diving area in Indonesia. Crystal clear waters and calm waves alongside beautiful fishes and reefs boost the popularity of the area even further.

For you would like to try scuba diving for first time, you may check the trip below:

Those spots for diving offer different experiences for divers. Therefore, it will not be boring and tend to be surprising to go to one place after another. Of course, it is necessary to visit the area when the weather is clear, especially between April and November. Gapang House Reef, Limbo Gapang, Teluk Pria Laot, and even Sophie R. Wreck are among the best spots to dive around Sabang. The pristine nature of the area is one of the most important factors that contribute to the ultimate diving experience there. There is no need to hesitate to visit the place and enjoy the best experience of scuba diving in Sabang.

  • Open Water

It is not an exaggeration to say that open water scuba diving Sabang in Aceh, Indonesia is beautifully enjoyable. Sabang is nothing but the so-called diving paradise for a lot of divers worldwide. Even the open water spots for diving are perfect for casual and professional divers alike.

If you would like to take training and certificate of open water scuba diving, please kindly check the following offer:

Weh Island is considerably the largest island in the area of Sabang. There are some smaller islands as well that all contribute to the creation of a diving paradise complex. The meeting of the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean is one of the reasons for the area to be perfect for diving all year round. The landscapes that spread across the area are magnificently diverse for the full enjoyment of divers exploring the area. The 20 meters average visibility range when diving makes it suitable to enjoy the marine life diversity down below. Believe it or not, that number could increase up to 30 or 40 meters on a perfect occasion.

The water around the area is approximately 600 meters in depth with beautiful coral reefs to enjoy. All of those things create a perfect combination for all divers with varying backgrounds and reasons to dive into the area. In short, the open water scuba diving Sabang is unlike the diving experience anywhere else.

Pulau Weh Snorkeling Package

Pulau Weh is not just a tropical heaven for divers. Snorkelers can also find amazing and coolest stuff. This also suitable for family vacation while the children can snorkeling to see hundreds of colorful fish in vibrant sea garden.

If you are happy for marine activities, you may have a look at the Sabang Pulau Weh Tour Package below which is a combination between land tour and snorkeling activities:

Snorkeling in Pulau Weh is one of the great things to do. Rubiah Sea Garden is gorgeous snorkeling spots in Sabang, Weh Island. Snorkelers will see abundance of colorful fish, many kinds of coral reefs, fish species and many other.

Pulau Weh Dolphin Watching Package & Snorkeling Trip

Weh Island dolphin watching is one of unique and fun things to see. Pulau Weh Dolphin Wacthing & snorkeling trip is a special tour for you who love to see this attraction. Here is the trip you may like to see:

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Pulau Weh has good infrastructure with simple accommodation. For the divers, the best place to stay is in the west part of the island. Most of the dive spots in Weh Island are scattered in the west of the island. While for those who seeking relax place, the accommodation in the east part of the island is the best choice. The accommodation we are offering for the trip can be seen in the following pictures:

Getting to Pulau Weh

Weh Island is located just 45 minutes from Banda Aceh by fast ferry. Banda Aceh is the main gateway to northernmost tip of Sumatra through Sultan Iskandar Muda International in Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar. The airport is situated approximately 17 kilometer from the center of Banda Aceh city or 21 kilometer from Ulee Lheue Harbor, which is the port connected Banda Aceh and Pulau Weh. It takes approximately 35 minutes by car or by Banda Aceh airport transport or you may also rent a car in Banda Aceh. There two types of ferry leaves to the island, the fast ferry and regular ferry. The regular ferry or slow ferry taking about 1 hour 45 minutes to the island with low cost. Here are the information you may read:

Travelling to Pulau Weh during high season especially new year, Eid Mubarak holiday, public school holiday will be crowded. You must book the hotel, transport and ferry long before you come.

Weh Island Diving Destination

Weh Island diving destination mostly in the western part of the island. The main diving destination are Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach, Teupin Reudeup and Balik Gunong. These place is where you can start diving trip. Another place you can get to dive are Anoi Itam and Rubiah Island.

Things you need to know before diving in Pulau Weh

  • According to the custom and local law, every Friday water activities including diving, fishing, boat ride, snorkeling are suspended until 14.00 local time.
  • The waters activities are close briefly during first Ramadan, Eid Mubarak, celebration-day of the sea (one day in May) and Tsunami memorial-day on 26th December every year.
  • Current are a challenging for divers at most dive spot in Pulau Weh.

Pulau Weh Diving Season

Pulau Weh is a great diving all year round. But there are few things that impact diving season in Weh Island including monsoon, rainfall and water temperature. The diving is outstanding and diverse of marine species. The visibility is always good all year round. The waters starting cooler at the end of September where the small creatures are quite diverse to see. From end of May to September predicted west monsoon. Even it a bit choppy sea sometimes during the wind blow, but it is good to see large creature and school of big fish. The best time to dive in Pulau Weh is between April to November where you can meet many species of fish including school of manta rays, devil rays and whale shark.

The rainy season come from end of November to January and dry season come from February to May. The temperature day time between 27 to 32 degrees Celsius and 25 to 30 degrees Celsius at night time.

Pulau Weh Diving Sites

Pulau Weh offering beautiful underwater attractions, rich with marine life and paradise for divers. Weh Island is located in Andaman Sea precisely in the westernmost part of Indonesia. With many popular dive spot are perfect ground for divers. Here are best Pulau Weh diving sites you may explore:

  • 1. Rubiah Jetty (Intro)

Rubiah Island is a just 5 minutes by boat. Rubiah Jetty is one of the spot for diving beginner. Mostly the intro diver or first time diving are going to this place. Even just a Jetty, this area you can still see the colorful fish, small moray eels, squids, some coral, and other marine life.

  • 2. Batee Dua / Gapang Horse Reef (Easy)

Batee Dua (Two Rocks) dive spot or also known as Gapang Horse Reef is a shallow dive spot located close to Gapang Beach. this site consisting of a sandy bottom with beautiful coral and reef formations. This dive site is one of the most popular night dive sites. Anemones and garden eel garden cover the spires. At this dive site you will see a school of elegant unicorn fish, twin lionfish, glass fish, moray eel, large stingray, devil stingray, eagle stingray, a school of razor fish, blue-spotted stingray, blue-spotted ribbon-tailed stingray, long-horned cowfish, ornate gh ost pipefish, reef key-fish, leaf scorpionfish, lobster and octopus. This dive spot is also one of the spectacular diving spots for macro dive. You can easily find shrimp, seahorses, sea cucumbers, crabs and anemones. 

  • 3. Rubiah Sea Garden (Easy)

Rubiah Sea Garden is a shallow diving site with a large sandy bottom covered with colorful soft and hard corals. Diving starts at 10 meters and 25 meters at maximum depth with an average visibility of 25 meters. This place is perfect for night diving. You may encounter sea turtles and garden eels when going down the slope. In this spot, you can easily encounter colorful nudibranch, flatworms, red fluorescent bubble anemones, reef fish, stingrays, giant clams, black-spotted moray eels, honeycomb moray eels spotting in crevices and garden eels. Flying gurnards, ghost pipefish, leaf scorpions and clownfish are among the few species commonly found here. 

  • 4. Sabang Wreck (Easy)

Sabang Wreck is a tugboat wreck covered with hard coral and beautiful coral reefs near the wreck. The wreck is lying at 14 meters precisely in Sabang Bay. This place is a good place to introduction of wreck dive. This wreck is home to many creatures including scorpion fish, peacock mantis shrimp, ghost pipe fish, gian moray eels, and pipe fish. The spot is an ideal place for macro enthusiasts.

  • 5. Underwater Volcano (Easy)

Underwater Volcano dive spot is an amazing and unique place. The underwater hot spring where you can see thermal activity in shallow dive. You will see the bubbles emerging from the cracks in the seafloor. It’s warm water when you get close to the source. This condition attracts some fish where you can see thresher shark sometimes passing, five-lined snappers, map puffers and some grouper species. You will also smell of Sulphur when you go up to the surface.

  • 6. Batee Meuroron (Medium)

Batee Meuroron is a steep dive site covered by giant granite boulders. The current is strong enough in this area where you can encounter manta rays and school of milk fish. Starting from shallow coral areas you will encounter many species of reef fish such as red snapper, giant grouper and school of blue fin trevally. You will also see the manta rays, beautiful shrimp, stingray and many other stuffs.

  • 7. Limbo Gapang (Medium)

Limbo Gapang is one of Pulau Weh diving site with sandy bottom and shallow dive. The spot is the great place to see the plentiful marine life where you can see the school of barracudas, abundance of nudibranch and colorful fusiliers. The dive site is just 3 minutes boat ride from Gapang Beach. The octopus and moray eels lurk speckled under the hard coral. Stingrays swim within the sandy bottom. The school of sleek unicorns and red tooth trigger fish are also revolve around divers. Beside, you will also meet warty frog fish, giant frog fish, giant reef rays, eagle ray, leaf scorpion fish and turtle occasionally passing by. Anemones can also be seen here. Mushroom coral and flatworm are one of interesting to see. The location is also perfect for training and night dive course.

  • 8. Seulako Drift (Medium)

Seulako Drift dive site is located in the west Seulako offers excellent drift diving.  Start to dive in the south of Sulako and drift follow the current to the north part. Like roller coaster you will have experience flying due to diving. Drifting over the rocky, steep sloping reefs, elephant ear coral, other hard coral and soft leather corals. This place is perfect spot to see school of devil rays, stingray, reef shark, moray eels, school of trevallies, tuna, golden box fish, giant grouper, marble ray and many more.

  • 9. Batee Gla (Medium)

The Batee Gla dive site is a breathtaking views of massive rock formation with its sharp pinnacles. With the peaks from the surface sloping all the way down up to 40 meters depth. You will find the garden ells poking their heads out of the current. With a spectacular views and visibility you will also see a large school of fish including parrotfish, snapper, fusilier, surgeon fish, banner fish, trevallies and many more. The view at the spot are amazing with gorgonian gardens.

  • 10. Anoi Itam (Medium)

Anoi Itam is a new dive site and has not fully discovered yet. This spot covered with density acropora coral with many types of them. With an average depth from shallow to 18 – 20 meters. You will meet rare flounders, school of pelagic fish, macro stuffs, garden eels, manta rays, nudibranch, sometimes passing through, sweetlips emperor and many more.

  • 11. Seulako Cave (Medium)

Seulako Cave is a cave diving spot in Pulau Weh. This place has full of macro and small species including glass fish shining, big bat fish, critters, oriental sweet lips, nudibranch, ribbon eels, porcelain crabs, anemones, octopus, lionfish, frog fish, leaf scorpion fish and moray. In front of the cave and slope you will encounter layers of anthias, red tooth trigger fish, blue fin reef shark, surgeon fish and giant trevally hunting fusiliers. Typical overhanging cave where you’d better bring a torch to sea gorgeous gorgonians sea fans, giant sweetlips, and batfish.

  • 12. The Canyon (Difficult)

The Canyon dive site or also known as Pantee Aneuk Seuke has beautiful topography which is a deep wall covered with healthy gorgonians sea fans garden. This site is an ideal place to see abundance marine life with many species of pelagic. The diver can descent all the way down the wall and ending at a natural arch cave. This dive site is one of the best Pulau Weh’s dive spot with high nutrient coral reefs. You can easily encounter giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, shark, unicorn fish, scorpion fish, map puffer, school of barracuda, giant grouper, jackfish, banner fish, goat saddle fish, snapper, octopus, titan triggerfish, star puffers, porcelain crab and much more.

The spot separated by two channels, seascape covered with sea fans, on the eastern slopes down the pinnacles, you will meet devil rays, eagle ray, manta rays, turtle and napoleon wrasse. The average depth of this spot ranges from 10 meters to 60 meters. This incredible location gives you the change to see many marine life. The canals will bring you back to the shallow part where you can encounter small creatures and other fish including mola-mola if you are lucky and depending on season, tangs, surgeon fish, black tip reef shark, zebra shark and others.

  • 13. Shark Plateau (Difficult)

Shark Plateau is one of the world class and spectacular dive site in Pulau Weh. This shark diving spot is a sandy plateau where shark spotting. There are many species shark can be seen here including gray reef sharks, white tips shark, black tips sharks and silver tips sharks. This spot are perfect to dive in early morning. Here you can also see a large population of moray eels, lion fish and scorpion fish. Each coral crevice is teeming with small reef fish and crustaceans. The site is connected to Batee Tokong dive spot. The eagle ray and devil ray en route to Batee Tokong. The deep part of the Plateau covered with gorgonian sea fans where barrel sprout sponge and hard coral grow on top of it. In this site while you are descending you will entertain with the school of barracuda and giant trevally. You will also find black tongue unicorn fish, frog fish, octopus, butterfly fish, triggerfish, big nose unicorn and many other species of fish.

  • 14. North Rubiah (Difficult)

North Rubiah dive spot is located at the north point of Rubiah Island. you will descending the slope passing the granite boulders, gorgonian fans and whip coral. The coral reefs offer nice view with colorful dense sea fans with multiple color including red, yellow, pink and orange. The current a bit strong while the channel connected the closest dive site Arus Baleh dive spot or also known as Bastard Current dive site. The average depth between 18 to 30 meters. There are many things to see here including variety of moray including honeycomb moray, school of butterfly fish, fusilier, snapper, stingray, nudibranch, various shrimp, lobster and others. Where you crossing to Arus Paleh diving site, you will encounter pygmy snapper and big nose unicorn fish.

  • 15. West Seulako

The West Seulako dive spot is beautiful dive site in Weh Island. This spot offers beautiful wild underwater life. Just like other diving spots, West Seulako also has an enchanting coral reef. You will also meet rare fish species if you are lucky. You even can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the island before exploring the underwater area. Some birds fly in the sky around the island. 

The route to the West Seulako dive spot is also straightforward. Most divers will start the trip to this area from Iboih Beach, Gapang Beach or Teupin Reudeup. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the island. They can choose their favorite diving spots on the island. 

West Seulako is suitable for beginner divers because of its low tides. You can still see the colorful coral reef and pelagic fish even while diving in the shallow area. Indeed, the deeper you dive, the more interesting things you can see and reveal. Despite the size of the island, the West Seulako dive spot gives you something you will miss. The average depth of 15 meters to 30 meters maximum offer great visibility.

  • 16. East Seulako

East Seulako dive site is located on the east side of Seulako Island with an average depth of 15 meters and maximum depth over 35 meters. The topography slight slope of volcanic rocks and coral heads. This place you can view many things with average visibility 20 meters. There many species of pelagic including giant trevally, tuna and reef sharks. You will also encounter honeycomb moray eels, eagle rays, grouper and snapper are commonly spotted here.

  • 17. Pasir Putih Shallow Dive Spot

Pasir Putih shallow dive site is one of interesting dive spot in Weh Island. The shallow water with beautiful table coral with school of milk fish. You will also have a chance to meet marble stingray. Swim a bit, you will see beautiful coral at 8 meter to 12 meter depth. It’s a good place to meet many kinds of reef fish.

  • 18. West Rubiah (Difficult)

West Rubiah is one of the most famous areas for those who want to dive in Pulau Weh. West Rubiah dive area offers a variety of species. This area greets you with attractive and colorful corals. The deeper you dive you will meet unique bubble anemones and honeycomb morays. These species swim freely in this area. It is your luck to see them in the wildlife. 

The West Rubiah dive spot is as fantastic as the beautiful view. It looks so colorful with the combination of orange, pink, and red. The underwater rock and coral formations are also worth exploring. Sometimes, you will also meet a variety of reef fish species. Don’t get shocked if you meet Giant trevallies, barracudas, and lots of sharks in this area. They love to stay in this spot due to the condition and ambiance. They seem to ask you to play hide and seek with you. The shallow dive site in this area is safe enough for newcomers who have lower diving experience. Because of that, most divers frequently have a plan to explore the West Rubiah dive spot when visiting Pulau Weh. They will be curious about the other diving spots on the islet after seeing the beauty of West Rubiah.

  • 19. Pantee Peunateung (Difficult)

Pante Peunateung is one of the best and spectacular diving site on Weh Island. With it healthiest deep reefs that more suitable for experienced divers offering stunning views of massive giant gorgonian sea fans. There are large school of tuna, mackerel, school of rays, giant trevally and giant barracudas are often circle around. The devil rays, jackfish, giant manta ray, stingray and killer whale are also often seen here. When you dive between 15 to 25 meters you will meet the moray eels, turtles, milkfish, napoleon, honeycomb, octopus, lionfish, nudibranch, lobster, and grouper species. When you reach 25 meter to 40 meters you will meet big grouper fish and other reef fish. As you dive along the walls you will see amazing views of huge school of tornados barracudas, whirlwinds of bigeye trevallies, napoleon wrasse and hammerhead shark will delight you. Eagle ray and marble ray are also often sighting here. You may come up and safety stop between large school of jack fish.

  • 20. Batee Meuduro (Difficult – Special Trip)

Batee Meuduro is magnificent and stunning diving spot for manta rays and sharks. This beautiful diving site covered by table-shaped coral with a downward sloping terrain which is a good spot to observe milkfish. At the top of pinnacle descending all the way down the wall you will encounter countless school of pelagic, barracuda and many other species including manta rays and eagle ray. On the southern part of this spot you will encounter lots of species including napoleon wrasse, rare thresher shark and reef sharks.

  • 21. Arus Paleh (Difficult)

Arus Paleh is one of popular dive site in Pulau Weh. Arus Baleh or “bastard current” in English is a steep dive site with strong currents. The spot topography covered with volcanic rocks and pinnacles. Arus Balee is located between Rubiah Island and Seulako which is a popular spotting sharks including black tip and white tip sharks. You will also see numbers of reef fish, moray eels, marble ray, big nosed unicorn fish, blue ribbon eels, black juvenile, big grouper, neon bright fusiliers, giant trevally, and puffer fish, colorful anthias, sea porcupine in shallow reefs to the north part. In the deep part is in the south covered with giant gorgonians home to large number of small fish, reef sharks, devil ray and many more.

  • 22. Batee Tokong (Difficult)

Batee Tokong is a great dive site with densely populated marine life. Marked by volcanic rock jutting on surface and down the steep wall covered with sea fans, encrusted sponges and giant pinnacle. This place has massive moray eels with many species. This dive site connected to Shark Plateau where you can encounter massive barracudas, trevallies, and white and black tip sharks, grey shark, silver sharks, giant trevally cruising from the Shark Plateau dive spot.

This dive spot also known as “moray eel capital of the world” where you can see many species of moray eels including honeycomb moray, snowflake moray , giant moray, fimbriated moray, white eye moray, white mouth moray, yellow margined moray, yellow-head moray and zebra moray, masked moray and dozens more of them countless amount since the first descending. The current is quite strong enough where you can drift along a deeper wall and encounter other species such as giant frog fish, devil rays, manta rays, giant grouper, lionfish, critters, school of bigeye trevally, barracudas, giant dogtooth tuna, napoleon wrasse and other impressive marine life. The visibility is great ranging from 20 meter.

  • 23. Shopie Rickmers Wreck (Professional/Difficult)

Shopie Rickmers is a wreck diving site which is a german cargo freighter sunk during world war II. It has long history where the ship sunk by German crew as the Dutch began arriving in Indonesia. This great wreck has 134 meters long located in the bay of Pria Laot. The wreck lies from the surface to the cockpit about 37 meters and 45 meter to the deck. The bottom of the ship lies at 56 meters. With a fantastic visibility between 30 to 40 meters. The wreck is full of healthy coral and home to many species of fish including giant grouper, moray eels, marble rays, bat fish, black spot angle fish, and large scorpion fish. This spot is only for experience divers where it has special decompression dive and tech dive.

  • 24. Rondo Island (Pro-divers)

Rondo Island in Sabang Island is a place that advanced divers should visit. Rondo Island dive spot is so wonderful with its large stone towers. This diving spot also serves mesmerizing coral reef and very rich in marine life. The area looks so alive because of the variety of fish species. Specific fish species, such as manta rays, barracuda, and reef sharks will greet you once you get there. 

The distance and access are two main things you should consider before visiting the Rondo Island dive spot. You are about to visit the zero point of kilometers in West Indonesia. You should also know that not all people can dive into this spot. Only certified divers are allowed to dive on Rondo Island due to the wave level and obstacles. The location is dangerous for beginner divers. It is the reason why the location is not too popular compared to other diving spots in Pulau Weh. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the island. This dive spot is the most difficult dive site with swirling currents, but it has unique marine life in abundance.

  • 25. Pantee Ideu

Pantee Ideu is fascinating dive site in Weh Island with great panoramic view of reefs, gorgonian sea fans, sponges and hard corals, table corals and boulders coral with vast panoramic and splendid landscape view.  The average depth of 10 meters you will easily meet napoleon wrasse, yellow margined triggerfish, bumphead parrot fish and many more.


It is easy to find different variations of the pulau Weh dive course on this island in Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia. It starts from an introductory course for starters and ends in everything necessary for occasional divers to go pro. Thus, it is reasonable for the place to be one of the most popular diving paradises in the world. It means that anyone can go to the island without any diving experience at all. Then it is time to search for the perfect course available to learn all about it. For example, the course for starters will be a basic introduction to scuba diving and open water diving, especially in the area.

On the other hand, the course for frequent divers may include mastery of the diving itself. Experienced and licensed instructors are there to help anyone master diving skills. Of course, the beautiful water and surrounding provide side enjoyment while learning all about diving there. Keep in mind that there are some specialty courses available as well. All in all, it is one of the best places to learn about diving even from nothing at all in the first place.

Anyone who wants to start diving or to improve their diving skill needs to discover the Sabang Weh Island dive course. The course we are offering including PADI Course such as Discover Scuba Diving, Refresh Dive, PADI Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver, Advanced Dive, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response, Rescue & EFR Package, Dive Master (Not including theory PAK & PADI membership fee) and Enriched Air/Nitrox PADI Specialties. You may also take SSI Course including Intro Dive, Refresher Dive, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer, Stress & Rescue, React Right, Enriched Air, and Deep Specialty.

Great Things to do in Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is a paradise for divers and great place for holiday away from the crowd. The island has a stunning tourist destinations which has many things including marine tourism, natural tourism ranging from volcano, beautiful beaches to amazing waterfall, historical, culinary and cultural tourism. The main tourist areas in Pulau Weh are Iboih, Sumur Tiga and Gapang Beach. This island offer many interesting things to do ranging from diving to bird watching. Here are top things to do in Pulau Weh:

  • 1. Diving

Pulau Weh is well-known as one of the best places for diving. So, diving in Pulau Weh is a must things to do in Pulau Weh! This place also provides some fantastic diving spots. For example, you can dive at a spot known as Batee Tokong. Imagine that you are exploring a magnificent 25-meter coral reef. It is also an opportunity to interact with Napoleon fish and even Blacktip Reef sharks. 

Diving in Pulau Weh seems incomplete without exploring Batee Gla. You are about to dive to approximately a 40-meter depth area. You will meet a rare turtle species if you are lucky. Advanced divers should also dive at Arus Balee. This spot has a challenging wave for pro divers. Because of its characteristic, Arus Balee is also a habitat of a variety of fish, including Giant Trevally and even Blue Spot Stingrays. 

Get a more memorable experience by diving at Sophie Rickmers. The best diving attraction in this spot is the shipwreck from World War II! Yet, due to the depth and obstacles, this spot is suitable for advanced divers. Indeed, diving in Sabang, Weh Island gives a variety of experiences. It depends on the diving spot you choose. One thing is for sure you want to go back to this island right away after your first visit.            

  • 2. Snorkeling

Those who love snorkeling should visit Pulau Weh. This island offers fantastic snorkeling spots to try regardless your snorkeling skill level. Start your snorkeling in Pulau Weh plan by going to Rubiah Sea Garden. Snorkelers love to explore this spot because of its mesmerizing coral reefs and marine life. Batik Coral and Nemo spots are two recommended snorkeling areas you must explore. This spot is safe enough for beginner snorkelers. It will be an unforgettable experience when interacting with rare fish there. You are also about to meet and play with angel fish, lionfish, parrot fish, Nemo, and turtles. 

Gapang Beach is also a good place for snorkeling in Weh Island. The underwater view is fantastic. It seems that you are visiting a different world once entering the area. Just wonder that stingrays, blue-spotted stingrays, and shrimps welcoming you. Anoi Itam Beach is also a recommended snorkeling spot. You are not only about to get surprised by the black sand but also the attractive underwater scenery. Take your time to enjoy the wonderful view, along with interesting marine biota and pelagic fish. So, remember to write snorkeling in Sabang, Pulau Weh in your schedule when visiting this island. You will get so many precious experiences to share with friends and family members.

  • 3. Fishing

Pulau Weh is not only perfect for divers and snorkelers but also for those who love fishing. Fishing in Pulau Weh will be amused to do due to the fish species. A specific place, such as Andaman Sea, Ujung Seuke and Rondo Island is a perfect fishing spot. This place is even included in the top locations for fishing. Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, and Grouper grow well in this area. Just use the fishing skill you master to beat the fish and easily catch them. 

Rondo Island is not the only location for fishing. You can also go to the east seacoast of this island. This area gives different fish species to snap. The western seacoast, such as Ujung Seuke is also a great alternative. Fishing in Weh Island is so satisfying! It is also a relaxing activity, along with windy air, a warm atmosphere, and magnificent landscape. 

Learning about fishing law in Pulau Weh is critical before fishing. Some spots are defended by custom fishing law. It will be great if you are accompanied by a person who knows Pulau Weh well, including fishing in Saang, Pulau Weh custom law on this island. As a result, you can enjoy the fishing time and get the fish you expect without breaking the law. 

  • 4. Dolphin Watching

The variety of species that live in Pulau Weh makes this island so interesting to explore. Dolphins are one of the species travelers can see when visiting Pulau Weh. Dolphin watching in Pulau Weh becomes one of the most attractive attractions. You should go to the place where the dolphin lives around 06.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. The dolphins seem to get used to people. They will get closer to your boat to welcome you. Indeed, it will be a new experience since you are about to see a group of gentle wild dolphins. 

The sensation of joining dolphin watching in Weh Island will be different compared to getting close to trained dolphins. Pasiran Beach and Iboih Beach are two perfect places to watch dolphins in Pulau Weh. Visiting the beach in the morning is the best option. It is time when the dolphins swim to the surface. On the other hand, the sunlight is not too hot yet. As a result, you can enjoy dolphin watching in Sabang, Pulau Weh without feeling exhausted or dehydrated because of the sunlight. It is also good to wear protection gear, such as a hat, sunglasses, or long cloth. The gear will protect your skin from the hot sunlight.     

  • 5. Spearfishing

Fishing using a fishing rod is something common. You should feel the spearfishing sensation. Try spearfishing in Pulau Weh. This Weh Island is well known because of its wide range of fish species. There are also perfect spots to do spearfishing on this island. For instance, you can go to a specific spot, such as Karang Dangkal. This spot is the place to catch dogtooth tuna, pelagic fish, GT fish, and many more.

Spearfishing in Weh Island is not only offering a variety of fish species but also fantastic underwater scenery. You should learn how to throw the spear accurately to get the fish. Indeed, fishing using a fishing rod is different from spearfishing. Indeed, you should get used to snorkeling, diving, and swimming to do this fishing activity. 

Choose the right spot if it is your first spearfishing. Some spots in Pulau Weh are only for advanced swimmers, free divers, or snorkelers due to the waves and obstacles. You can enjoy spearfishing in Pulau Weh safely by choosing the right place. Best of all, you can also catch fish just like you expected. Then, enjoy the fish while seeing the beauty of the beach. Indeed, spearfishing in Sabang, Pulau Weh is so satisfying to do, especially if you love something challenging.      

  • 6. Canoeing

There are so many interesting activities you can do in Pulau Weh. Canoeing in Pulau Weh is a good option if you are not get used to snorkeling or diving. Iboih Beach is one of the best places for canoeing. It is because of the calm water condition without big waves. You can start this exploration from Iboih Beach to Rubiah Beach. 

Canoeing in Weh Island offers wonderful scenery, along with warm and fresh air. You can even see the underwater scenery because of the crystal-clear water. Remember to wear a life jacket for your safety. Take your time to feel the ambiance of the location while directing your canoe. One thing is for sure, only because you can’t snorkel or dive doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy beaches in Pulau Weh. Just rent a canoe and start to explore the surroundings. 

Canoeing in Sabang, Pulau Weh gives you great experiences to share with friends or anyone who want to go to this island. It seems that you want to ride a canoe again next time you go back to this island. Indeed, you will miss this island after your visit. It is because of the beauty of the surrounding, the friendly people, and the great water activities.     

  • 7. Kayak Fishing

Pulau Weh is a great place to explore whether in the morning, afternoon, or even at night. Say you want to explore this island at night. Just try the sensation of kayak fishing in Pulau Weh. Prepare your stamina and fishing skills because you will use it to catch GT, barracuda, grouper, and even dog tooth tuna. Fishing these fish species will be more effective using the jigging technique. 

The fishing sensation at night will be so different compared to fishing in the morning or afternoon. Kayak fishing in Weh Island at night gives unforgettable experiences, such as the cold weather, quiet atmosphere, and many more. Indeed, you can share your great story while doing it with friends. Best of all, you can directly cook the fish for dinner. 

Remember to understand the safety procedure before kayak fishing in Sabang, Pulau Weh. As a result, you can do it comfortably and safely. It will be better if you know the beaches that are safe enough for kayak fishing at night. Find a professional instructor in case you are about to do this activity for the first time. Don’t forget to check the condition of the canoe before renting it. Ensure that you are using a safe canoe. Then, wear your life jacket, and you are ready to go.  

  • 8. Wind Surfing

Wind surfing in Pulau Weh is something exciting to do. Yet, you should know everything about it. For example, you should go to this island from April to October because it is summer. The rainfall level is so low during these months. As a result, doing water activities, including windsurfing is safe enough. Some travelers also go to this island in November because it is less crowded. 

Next, you should also know the best location to do wind surfing in Weh Island. Most travelers are windsurfing at Kasih Beach. This beach is not only well-known because of the beautiful scenery but also its onshore winds. You can go to this beach between April and October to enjoy the windsurfing sensation. 

The reason why travelers love to go windsurfing on Kasih Beach is also because of the condition. Windsurfers often choose to do this activity in Aceh. It means that the condition in Kasih Beach is less crowded. You can do windsurfing safer in a bigger area. The point is that you should try wind surfing in Sabang, Pulau Weh, especially if you love doing water activities while visiting beaches. You will enjoy this activity as long as you know the details of the beach before doing it.   

  • 9. Short Hiking

The enjoyment of short hiking in Pulau Weh around the Jaboi volcano crater track is among the moderately challenging levels. Of course, it is close to the town of Sabang of Aceh, only 15 kilometers away. Although the volcano is an active one, there is no need to be afraid of anything since it is one of the harmless ones. The route comes as an out-and-back type with 134 meters of elevation gain and 2.6 kilometers total length. Although it is one of the medium-level trails, completing the trail is possible within 55 minutes. The trail is quite popular, although there may not be too many others around the proximity.

This 2.6 kilometers long trail is suitable for hiking, walking, running, as well as sightseeing. Lots of bright green trees with exotic views in the background are there to boost the enjoyment of the area. Of course, there are sulfur pits here and there as well since the trail is close to an active volcano. Keep in mind that there will always be a strong smell of the mountain crater around the area. The strong smell comes from the mix of HCI, CO2, and SO2. So, this trail of short hiking in Sabang, Weh Island may not be suitable for those with sensitive smelling senses.

  • 10. Bird Watching

Endemic bird in Nothern Sumatra are endangered. Finding and watch some birds is the thrill and truly amazing for some people. You can see the greater racket-tailed drongo bird, Aceh bulbuls, and many others.

Best Places to Visit in Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is well kwon for its great dive spot and clear waters making it one of the most popular destination in Indonesia. Aside of underwater attractions, there many places to visit in Pulau Weh. Here are the best place to visit in Weh Island:

  • 1. Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island is the first place to visit on your trip to Sabang. This island is one of the most popular islands among the five islands around Weh Island. This island has beautiful underwater attraction which is one of the best place to dive in Pulau Weh. Surrounded by fantastic sea garden with full of coral reefs.

Rubiah Island is located on the northwest coast of Weh Island. You can visit this island by taking a boat from Iboih Beach or Teupin Layeu Jetty. It takes about 5 minutes boat ride to the island. Rubiah Island is known for its beautiful lavish green surroundings and beautiful scenery. You can spend your time at the beach, snorkeling and diving.

The local tourist visit Rubiah Island mostly for snorkeling and enjoy the culinary while relax near the beach. There are many beachfront restaurant serve many local food and seafood.  The 60 square kilometer area around this island has been declared a conservation area by the government. You will find various underwater creatures in the sea surrounding this island, including fourteen the rare Indonesian species. You can only enjoy the true beauty and fun of this island when you visit it.

  • 2. Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is the main marine tourism in Pulau Weh. It’s offer many marine activities from the beach including diving, fishing, snorkeling and dolphin watching. If you plan to visit Iboih Beach in Sabang, then it seems you have picked the best place to have fun. you can do many things in Iboih Beach and the sea around it.

The scenery itself is enough to please your heart. The natural vibe and crystal-clear water give you a paradise-like nuance. Enjoy your time here and heal your body and mind. Snorkeling and diving are also the best thing you can do in Iboih Beach. The sea has beautiful underwater scenery. Moreover, the variety of fishes and other sea creatures will satisfy your curiosity.

However, the main reason for diving here is to enjoy the beautiful underwater attraction and unique and rare things. Underwater volcano has a cool history. Its explosion millions of years ago separated Weh Island and Sumatra Island. The underwater volcano dive spot you will see the bubbles flow out from the sea floor.

Get ready for a true adventure in this surrounding this beach. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of various plants. If you are lucky, you may see animals, such as boar and reptiles. Iboih Beach is your best destination for adventure in Sabang. It has beauty and challenges you will get.

  • 3. Zero Kilometer Monument

Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument is a monument to mark geographical signs in the westernmost part of Indonesia. As its name implies, this monument represents the most western point of Indonesia. The truth is the westernmost point of Indonesia is located on Rondo Island. However, the uninhabited are difficult to access. Therefore, the government built it in Weh Island, Sabang to let tourists enjoy this monument.

Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument was built and established by the government on September 9, 1997. Here, you can see a 50 cm diameter monument that represents that zero-kilometer point. On the second floor, you can see two square-shaped monuments, which show how to measure this zero-point coordinate.

If you are an Indonesian, you must visit this monument at least once in your lifetime. It is necessary to know where your beloved country is in most western areas. Moreover, this island is also close to Iboih Beach. So, you can enjoy Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument after a trip to that beach.

  • 4. Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh. The location of this beach is only 2.4 km from Sabang. Just go to Sukajaya Sub-district to pass Ie Meulee village. You can see this beach from the village. The view from this beach is so fabulous! Imagine that tourists often say that the ambiance of this beach is similar to Hawaii. You will be amazed by the white sand and long coastline. This beach has the longest coastline compared to other beaches in Sabang. The watercolor also looks so fantastic. 

Despite its strong waves and high tides, some tourists who love snorkeling, and swimming take it as a challenge. Wind surfing is also good here. Just walk around the beach and sunbathe in case you don’t want to do any water sports. You can even sit under a coconut tree while drinking coconut water and enjoy the fresh air and wonderful view. Sumur Tiga Beach is perfect for a morning sunrise. Wake up earlier and go to the beach right away. Soon, you will witness a stunning sunrise. Imagine the color of the horizon slowly changing from dark to orange. 

Fishermen prepare their boats for fishing early in the morning is another unique view you can enjoy on this beach. Some dolphins will also welcome the morning. You can see them when you are lucky. Indeed, Sumur Tiga Beach will give you an unforgettable holiday experience. 

  • 5. Japanese Fortress

Sabang is not only about the beach and Zero Kilometer Monument. You also can take a peek at the history of Indonesia on this island. Among many Japanese fortresses on Weh Island that are still in good condition, Anoi Itam Japanese Fortress is the most popular one.  The Japanese built this fortress as the backup army barrack. Moreover, here, you also can find a few bunker.

You can see the ancient cannon the Japanese used to defend this area from attack. It is the only cannon you can find among many Japanese fortresses in Weh Island. This Weh Island Japanese Fortress also has beautiful scenery and a peaceful vibe. Because of its location close to the sea and amazing sceneries. Those two are the most popular Weh Island Japanese Fortress. However, you also can find other similar fortresses, such as the Japanese Coastal Fortress. Therefore, explore the island and find the fortress that you can visit.

  • 6. Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is one of the places known as the hidden paradise of Weh Island, Sabang. You can find it in a shady location with the huge trees along the beach. Yet, many people love that because you can enjoy this peaceful and private vibe there. Sightseeing is a common thing to do in Gapang Beach. The beautiful scenery and crystal-clear sea welcome every traveler. White sand, trees, and breezing wind create a spot where you can forget about your stressful daily routine.

Gapang Beach is not only about visuals. You also should enjoy its nature, entirely. Try exploring this beach barefoot on its soft white sand. Then, end your adventure by enjoying the sunset. There a pier near the beach. this beach is not only a place to relax. Take your time here for a better view of the undersea scenery. Its crystal-clear water allows you to see fishes and corals without diving. But, if you want to dive, use the nearby diving resort to get the gear and more underwater adventure. Gapang Beach is beautiful, and memorable. Whenever you visit Sabang, put it on your list.

  • 7. Jaboi Volcano

Jaboi Volcano offers a different trip vibe in Sabang, Pulau Weh. We all know Sabang is famous for its beaches and maritime tourism. But this place also has a beautiful volcano ready to explore. Jaboi mount is located 15 kilometers south of Sabang. Precisely, it is located in Jaboi Village, Sukajayaa Regency. It only takes about 25 minutes by car or motorcycle. Once you arrive at the gate, get ready for its 400-meter trekking route.

Trekking Jaboi Volcano is not difficult. The route is beginner-friendly. Moreover, this mountain is only 200 meters above sea level. So, you won’t have any problem reaching the spot at the top of the volcano. However, we suggest you bring enough water to fight the hot weather. Then, you can enjoy its beautiful scenery along the trekking route. Take a lot of pictures and keep the trekking route clean.

This nickname came because of the white rock in most of the geographical structure and environment of this active volcano. You also can see many dead trees in unique and artistic forms. Take their pictures and enjoy the scenery. It will become one of your most memorable trips and adventures in Jaboi Volcano, Sabang.

  • 8. Klah Island View Point

Klah Island view point is a place to see the panoramic view of Sabang Bay and Klah Island. Klah Island view point can be found on the way to Iboih precisely on the first hike of the hill from the city. Klah Island is also good for diving and fishing. You will experience memorable and enthralling activities at that diving and snorkeling spot. That’s why cruise ships are a common thing you can see there. A lighthouse is also something you should see when visiting this destination. Indeed, you are about to see warm and clean white sand, along with blue sea water. 

Klah Island is not only offering a wonderful island view but also mesmerizing underwater scenery. That’s why don’t miss a chance to dive and snorkel while visiting this area. Colorful fish and coral reefs are about to welcome you once you dive into the water. It seems that you are about to enter a new world while exploring its underwater diving area. 

Klah Island view point is one of the best place to see sunset. You will be amazed by the fantastic scenery of the sunset. It is relaxing and satisfying to watch the sunrise slowly down to the horizon. The sky slowly turns orange and dark. You will leave Klah Island View Point with a lot of stories.

  • 9. Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach is well-known for its beautiful view, white sand, and crystal-clear sea. In this beach you will find one of the best diving spots in Sabang. Beautiful underwater scenery and corals are no question. But what you want to see in Pasir Putih Beach is the marine life. Not so far from this beach, there a dive spot with amazing marine life. You can find various species of shark. You can see Thresher Sharks, Whitetip, and Blacktip Reef Sharks. Of course, you should dive with the guide to avoid problems with these fish.

Try to visit the rocky area near this beach. That is the best spot to fish. You can use various casting techniques here to get the fish you want. Some fishes you can get are the Bluefin family and Pickhandle barracuda. If you want to visit Pasir Putih Beach, prepare not only a camera but also comfortable clothes. Get your fishing and diving gear for more adventure. Once you finish your adventure, you can enjoy the local cuisine, Rujak Aceh, in a nearby cafe.

  • 10. Sarang Caves

Sarang Cave is a destination you must visit in Sabang. You can enjoy beaches, historical sites, and mountains in Sabang, Weh Island. That is not complete without a journey to the Earth’s inner layer. For that reason, Sarang Cave is the best choice for that trip. Sarang means nest in the local language. That name describes this cave situation perfectly. It is a nest of bats and swallows’ birds.

Caving is a common thing you can try in Sarang Cave. Explore the cave, enjoy the magnificent and strange view, and see the bats and swallows inside are a few things you can try. However, many people enjoy their time during the journey to reach this cave.The route to Sarang Cave is challenging. The cave itself is located deep in the forest on Weh Island. No transportation can reach it, except by boat or by walking. The route goes through various places with different vibes. Rocky cliffs, beaches, forests, and villages are some of them.

Weh Island is situated right between the meet of Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait and Andaman Sea making the island rich in marine potential. Weh Island consist of five islands with Pulau Weh as the biggest among other. All the dives sites scattered in these islands. Pulau Weh diving are magnificent. You will encounter many things on the island.