Pulau Weh Ferry Schedule, Slow & Express Fast Ferry Timetable to Sabang Weh Island from & to Banda Aceh Ulee Lheue

The Pulau Weh ferry schedule to Sabang depends on the choice of which ferry you want to take. There are two types of ferry heading to Sabang, namely slow ferry and fast ferry, each of which has its own specifications. Fast boats only carry passengers with a travel time of less than 1 hour while slow ferry can carry passengers, vehicles and goods, but with a long travel time of 1 hour 45 minutes.

For those of you who don’t want to queue to buy tickets and organize all the tourist agendas to Sabang, you can choose the following Sabang Pulau Weh tour packages:

Sabang City is the westernmost region of Indonesia. This region is located on Weh Island, which is the gateway to Indonesia’s western tip. Many people refer to Sabang as Weh Island. It is at this location that there is a Zero Kilometer monument that marks the most western part of Indonesia. This is also the beginning of the term “From Sabang to Merauke”. Sabang Island has extraordinary natural beauty. You can explore its beauty by traveling directly there. However, before going to Sabang, you must know the Pulau Weh ferry schedule. The ferry is the main transportation to get to Pulau Weh.

Fast Ferry Schedule to Weh Island

Currently there is only one fast boat operator, Express Bahari. The departure timetable is as follows:

  • Banda Aceh to Sabang

Express Bahari 5F: Depart at 08.00 Local Time

Express Bahari 89: Depart at 10.00 Local Time

Express Bahari 2F: Depart at 16.00 Local Time

  • Sabang to Banda Aceh

Express Bahari 2F: Depart at 08.00 Local Time

Express Bahari 89: Depart at 14.30 Local Time

Express Bahari 5F: Depart at 16.00 Local Time

Regular Slow Ferry Schedule to Weh Island

The slow ferry is operated by ASDP with two vessels, KMP Aceh Hebat 2 and KMP BRR. The following is the schedule for slow ferry to Sabang:

  • Banda Aceh to Sabang

KMP BRR: Depat at 08.00 Local time

KMP Aceh Hebat 2: Depart at12.00 Local time

KMP BRR: Depart at 16.30 Local time

  • Sabang to Banda Aceh

KMP AH 2: Depart at 08.00 Local time

KMP BRR: Depart at 12.00 Local time

KMP AH 2: Depart at 16.30 Local time

Ferry Ticket Prices to Pulau Weh

For those of you who don’t know the price of ferry tickets to Sabang, you can see the list of boat ticket tariffs below:

How to Book Ferry Tickets to Pulau Weh

There are two ways to book boat tickets to Sabang, namely online and conventional by visiting the ticket sales counter. Here are ways and tips for booking tickets that you can read:

Best Things to do in Pulau Weh

Sabang actually holds an extraordinary tourist charm that is not inferior to Bali. You can explore the underwater beauty by diving. You can also sunbathe while enjoying the charm and scenery around the island. The beauty of this island is still very natural so it is perfect for those of you who want to relax and enjoy vacation time.

  • 1. Snorkeling 

You can enjoy the beauty of Sabang by snorkeling on Rubiah Island. The underwater beauty is so extraordinary that it makes you feel at home underwater of this island. You can swim in clear blue waters and also shallow. You can go to this island by taking a speed boat from Iboih Beach. The beauty of Rubiah Island is like a paradise. See more about snorkeling in Pulau Weh below:

  • 2. Diving

Weh Island is a paradise for underwater adventurer. One of the best activities that tourists do is diving. There are so many diving spots in Pulau Weh that offer a very enchanting underwater charm. For those of you who are new and want to try diving, you can see the following package:

  • 3. Fishing

As an archipelago that has a wealth of marine tourism, Pulau Weh offers many interesting tourist activities and attractions. The exciting thing you can do is fishing. you want to try the thrill of catching fish, you can immediately see the following offer:

  • 4. Dolphin Watching

Seeing a group of dolphins jumping above the water is one of the unique attractions. You can see this in Sabang. With a professional boat and guide, you can see dolphins directly in the sea off Pulau Weh. Here are the dolphin watching packages that you can see:

  • 5. Short Hiking

You can hike Jaboi Volcano or trek to Sarang Cave while in Sabang, Weh Island. There is something special about going to Sabang. Make sure you choose the right Pulau Weh ferry schedule. You can do a hike to Jaboi Volcano or trekking to Sarang Cave which is on the sea side. This trekking is not easy because of its hidden location.

  • 6. Enjoy Local Dishes

There are several different restaurants available on Sabang Island with different types of cuisine. These culinary delights are one of the reasons why you should visit the island. You can try tasting the delicious and unique food in Pulau Weh. Sabang’s specialty is fresh seafood and interesting restaurant locations. You can eat food on the beach or close to the pier of Iboih Beach. Some tourists and residents usually eat Aceh noodles in Sabang and Sabang Octopus Satay on the beach. Check out these delicious culinary delights in Sabang:

  • 7. Visit Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument

The 0 Kilometer point of Indonesia is located at the western tip of Indonesia, namely Sabang Island. You can stand at this point which is located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia. You can look at the sea and see the vast Andaman Sea. Of course this is an unforgettable experience when visiting Sabang Island.

When you go to Sabang, you should maximize the time. You only need about 48 hours to explore the beauty of this island. You can maximize your time in Sabang by taking the ferry to Sabang in the morning. You can stay overnight in Banda Aceh before transfer to Sabang. This prevents unwanted things that cause you to miss the ferry. Once you have arrived in Sabang Island, the first place to visit is Iboih Beach. This place is very nice and only 32 km from Balohan Harbor to Iboih Beach. The rood is good with smooth roads. You will not be bored with the beauty of the scenery even though you have to travel 1.5 hours.

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How To Get to Pulau Weh from Banda Aceh 

To get to Pulau Weh, you can take a ferry from Ulee Lheue Port (Aceh) to Balohan Port (Sabang). There are several Pulau Weh ferry schedule to Sabang that serve the route. There are two types of ferry that operate, namely fast boats with a travel time of 45 minutes and regular ferries that take 2 hours to get to Sabang Island. If you bring a private vehicle then you should choose the regular ferry because the vehicle can be put into the ship.

See Also:

Ulee Lheue Port offers 3 ferry trips for departure from Banda Aceh to Sabang. Details of the departure schedule of this ferry are as below.

  1. Trip 1: Aceh Hebat 2 Ferry depart at 08.00 West Indonesian Time
  2. Trip 2: KMP BRR Ferry depart at 12.00 West Indonesian Time 
  3. Trip 3: Aceh Hebat 2 Ferry depart at 16.30 West Indonesian Time

You can adjust your departure time with the ferry schedule to Pulau Weh. This boat schedule is from Ulee Lheue Port. Departing to Sabang by slow ferry is much cheaper because you can bring your personal vehicle on board. The ferry fare is around Rp. 35,000/person and Rp. 4200 for infants. If you bring a two-wheeled vehicle, the fare charged is Rp. 68,000/unit including the driver’s ticket. As for the car tariff, then you have to pay Rp. 457,000/unit and includes tickets for 5 passengers.

The ferry ticket purchase is only available at the port counter. You can book this boat ticket two hours before departure time. The Pulau Weh ferry schedule of departure can change depending on the weather and conditions. We recommend that you go on a tour to the island of Sabang when the weather is conducive. Those are some ferry schedules to Sabang, Weh Island. if you are interested in traveling on this beautiful island. You can explore the beauty of this unspoiled Sabang island with friends or family.

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