Banda Aceh Pulau Weh Ferry Port, Banda Aceh to Sabang Harbor

The Banda Aceh Pulau Weh ferry port is the only gateway to Weh Island. Sabang is the city center of Weh Island, one of the island which is located not far from Banda Aceh City. For those of you who love marine tourism, Weh Island holds a lot of charm that is worth to visit and not to miss.

For those of you who want to take a vacation the easy way, you just need to book a Sabang Pulau Weh tour package or Pulau Weh diving and enjoy the journey. Let’s see the package below:

The Ferry Port to Pulau Weh from Banda Aceh

The journey to Weh Island starts from Ulee Lheu Harbor, Banda Aceh. If you take a fast ferry, it takes about 45 minutes. Meanwhile, if you take a slow ferry, it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes. Ulee Lheue Port is a ferry port to Weh Island for both passengers and goods.

Ulee Lheue Port can be reached by public transportation from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport or Batoh bus terminal. You can also rent a car in Aceh if your ferry departs in the afternoon or choose transportation from transport from Banda Aceh airport.

The Ferry Port to Banda Aceh from Pulau Weh

Balohan Harbor is located on Weh Island as the only passenger entry point to Sabang City. Of course, the port plays an important role in increasing tourist visits and logistics distribution on Weh Island. Based on past history, the port has been the most important gateway to Sabang, surpassing Singapore, for two consecutive centuries.

Historically, Sabang was known for its harbor from the 19th to the early 20th century. At that time, large ships from Europe, Africa and Asia were still frequent visited to Weh Island. Even the Dutch are known to have established Kolen Station in Sabang Bay.

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Currently, Sabang Harbor is also often visited by luxury cruise ships. Sabang is a favorite destination for cruise ship as one of the islands with beautiful beaches. Tourists who stop by from the cruise ship will be welcomed with traditional Acehnese dance complete with a number of other attractions. This is done to attract tourist attention while introducing Aceh’s culture to the world.

Ferry Schedule

There are two types of ferry that carry passengers to Pulau Weh, fast boats and slow boats. Both ferry have their own schedules. You can see the schedule of ferry departures from Banda Aceh to Sabang and from Sabang to Banda Aceh on our page below:

Ferry Ticket Price

For those of you who want to get to Weh Island quickly you can choose a fast ferry and otherwise if you want to save money then you can choose a slow ferry where the rates are quite affordable. For the cost of ferry tickets to Pulau Weh ferry port you can see on our page below:

How to Book the Ferry Ticket

Booking a ferry ticket to Pulau Weh ferry port is quite easy where there are several option. You can book via online booking, visit the counter in the harbor or order through a ticket sales agent. To find out more details on how to book ferry tickets to Sabang, you can read on our following page:

Things to do in Pulau Weh

After you arrive to Sabang from the Pulau Weh ferry port, you can immediately find the best things to do in Pulau Weh, enjoying the culinary delights, or enjoying marine tourism. Here are some exciting things to do on Weh Island:

  • 1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the main activity among domestic tourists. For foreign tourists, diving in Sabang is the main activity. Want to swim with hundreds of fish, here is more information that you can see:

  • 2. Fishing

Fishing in Weh Island offers the thrill of fishing to catch fish. There are many best fishing locations on Sabang Island that are perfect for bottom fishing techniques, jigging, trolling and popping. Weh Island is one of the best fishing spots in Indonesia that you should try. For those of you who want to fish in the open water in Sabang, here is the package:

  • 3. Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is an activity to see dolphins in the waters off Sabang. This attraction is very exciting where there are dozens to hundreds of dolphins swimming towards the boat and jumping beautifully. For those of you who want to try, you can book the package below:

  • 4. Adventure

For those of you who love adventure, Sabang and Aceh offer tons of places for adventurers ranging from trekking to hiking. Here are the trips you can choose to try adventure trips in Aceh and Sabang:

Best Tourist Destinations in Pulau Weh

There are several tourist destinations in Sabang that must be visited. You don’t need to worry about the charm of each place, guaranteed not to disappoint.

  • 1. Iboih Beach

The beach, located in Iboih Village, also known as Teupin Layeu by the locals. This beach area is a fairly popular natural destination in Aceh, especially for tourists who are travelling to Weh Island. You can enjoy the beautiful beach scenery, complete with white sand and clear sea water.

This beach is also the main route to get to Rubiah Island. The beach area is surrounded by protected forest which makes the surrounding atmosphere more comfortable. Iboih Beach is suitable for tourists who want to feel calm by avoiding the crowds.

You will not only enjoy the beauty of Iboih Beach with your eyes, but there are some exciting activities that can be done. The sea waves on this beach tend to be calm, making it suitable for snorkeling. Moreover, you can see various types of fish and coral reefs, the beauty of the Rubiah Sea Garden is quite popular.

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In addition, there is also an active volcano under the coastal waters. This volcanic eruption in the Pleistocene era made Weh Island separate from the mainland of Sumatra Island. Please note that the word ‘weh’ in Aceh language means ‘move’. That means Weh Island is an island that moved or separated.

  • 2. Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument

A Pulau Weh ferry port will be a waste if you don’t visit the Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument. This monument marks the zero point of Indonesia. The location is not far from Iboih Beach, approximately 29 kilometers from the center of Sabang City. You can capture the moment at the monument as evidence of a trip to Indonesia’s zero point.  The Zero Kilometer Monument has an important role, because every distance calculation in Indonesia must start from that point. The monument also serves as a symbol of the unity of Indonesia as a vast archipelago.

  • 3. Rubiah Beach

Rubiah Beach is located on Rubiah Island, one of the closest islands to Weh Island. It is located approximately 350 meters from Iboih Beach. The travel route to Rubiah Beach can only be accessed through Iboih Beach. Rubiah Island is a beautiful island with beauty and an area of 2,600 hectares including marine park. This place is also known for its underwater beauty, you can see various marine life. For underwater nature lovers, Rubiah Island is the perfect place to visit.

If the easternmost part of Indonesia has Raja Ampat as a paradise of underwater natural beauty, then Rubiah Island is a paradise in the westernmost part of Indonesia. The word Rubiah is taken from the name of a person whose grave is right on the island, whose full name is Cut Nyak Rubiah.  Although the island is uninhabited, you can find small stalls selling food and drinks. In addition, the island is always crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists.

  • Pantai Sumur Tiga

Sumur Tiga Beach is one of the many enchanting beaches in Pulau Weh. The location is in Ie Meulee Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang. You can see the charm of the beach which is equipped with white sand and turquoise blue sea. The gentle waves make this location suitable for healing and refreshing.

The name Sumur Tiga was given because there are three freshwater wells at the location. The wells have fresh water springs despite their location on the beach. However, currently the three wells are no longer functioning so they are only considered part of the historical heritage.

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That’s a brief explanation of the Pulau Weh ferry port, which is the main gateway of Indonesia’s westernmost natural tourism. So, which Sabang tourist sites are the most interesting to visit according to you.

Pulau Weh Alcohol Drink & Dining on Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh

Pulau Weh alcohol drink is forbidden in according to Sharia Law, but some of restaurant has informal approval to serve alcoholic drink to only non-muslim or tourists. It’s not allowed to sell to local people. There are not so many restaurant or café serve the alcohol, only few of them.

Pulau Weh is located off the coast of Banda Aceh part of Aceh Province precisely at the northernmost tip of Sumatra Island. it take about 45 minutes by ferry to Pulau Weh or 1 hour 45 minutes by regular ferry. To get to Pulau Weh, you may take a flight to Sultan Iskandar Muda International airport and take a Banda Aceh airport shuttle to Ulee Lheue ferry port or you may also rent a car in Banda Aceh. the ferry will take you to Balohan Harbor in Sabang. You can take a transport in Pulau Weh to get to destination you are planning to go.

Pulau Weh is the westernmost island in Indonesia. It is popular as one of the best place to dive in Indonesia and the best dive sites in Sumatra. Aceh is autonomous region in Indonesia where it has own laws based on Sharia or Islamic law. You can see the impose of the law where woman wear hijabs, modest clothing and forbid of drinking alcohol. In Aceh, sharia law is not strictly enforced for tourist or non-muslim.

Pulau Weh is extremely tropical paradise and also one of the best diving destination where it underwater attraction are diverse, you never seen before. But unlike Bali where party, endless beer and nightclub. Pulau Weh is more about diving, snorkeling, fishing, adventure and relaxing place. Pulau Weh nightlife is different where Pulau Weh alcohol wasn’t that much. Most of people are going to be at 22.00 or 23.00. So they can wake up earlier either for diving or snorkeling in Pulau Weh.

Exploring underwater is wonderful things to do in Pulau Weh. The visibility is awesome and species variety are impressive. Find out more about Pulau Weh diving package below:

If you are adventurous traveler, you may check other offers below:

Pulau Weh is a great place for holiday away from the crowd. There are beautiful beaches on Pulau Weh, stunning Pulau Weh waterfall and delicious local Pulau Weh foods to eat. There are many restaurant in Pulau Weh or other places to hanging out in Pulau Weh for dining or having nice Aceh coffee or Aceh noodles. But most of them didn’t serve Pulau Weh alcohol or beer. It’s not a party place with loud music. Only few of them that has karaoke or live music.

Pulau Weh Foods & Cuisine: 10 Best Culinary & Dishes in Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh to eat

Visiting Pulau Weh Aceh is incomplete if you don’t taste the typical Pulau Weh foods in Sabang. Hunting for Sabang specialties foods is one of the interesting tourist activities to do when you are on this island. There are many delicious rows of typical Weh Island culinary that you should try. The cuisine and dishes on this island have their own characteristics and different from other regions. This culinary delicacy on Sabang Island is a recommendation for some tourists who like culinary tours.

You have a plan to visit Pulau Weh, take a glimpse at Sabang Pulau Weh holiday package and other interesting trip including Pulau Weh diving & Pulau Weh fishing trip below:

Pulau Weh or also called Sabang Island is famous for its marine tourism and beautiful beaches. In addition, tourists can also enjoy typical culinary with a variety of dishes offered in Sabang. If you are interested in tasting culinary in Pulau Weh, here are 10 delicious dishes that you can try when you go on a tour in Sabang, Weh Island:

  • 1. Octopus Satay

Octopus Satay is one of the most popular dishes in Pulau Weh. You can enjoy this satay with peanut sauce. The meat is chewy and this satay is usually enjoyed with Lontong (packed rice). You can also enjoy this satay at Sabang Culinary Tourism Park and Sabang Fair area.

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  • 2. Jalak Noodles

Jalak Noodles Pulau Weh is a Sabang specialty of noodles cooked in gravy and served with pieces of meat, bean sprouts and boiled eggs. This dish is popular with locals and tourists alike.

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  • 3. Mie Pingsun

Pingsun noodles is one of Pulau Weh foods specialties, served with a variety of seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish. In addition to seafood, this dish is also served with vegetables.

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  • 4. Fruit Salad Zero Kilometer

Fruit Salad Zero Kilometer is one of the typical fruit salad made from various fruits, palm sugar, chili, peanuts and sambal from sago fruit. You can enjoy this fruit salad when you visit Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument.

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  • 5. Klah Island Salad

Klah Island Salad is one of the Pulau Weh foods you can taste in Sabang when you head to Iboih, precisely at the Cot Batree roadside stall where it is known as the place to see Klah Island from the top of the hill. From here you can clearly see the island while enjoying the salad and the view of the island. Klah Island salad is served with Acehnese chili sauce.

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  • 6. Seudap Noodles

Mie Sedap is not a brand of instant noodles from Mie Sedap, Mie Seudap Sabang is a different dish and the name of a culinary. It is located on Jalan Perdagangan Sabang. These noodles are made from flour and eggs without preservatives. These delicious noodles are usually served with meat, celery and chicken soup.

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  • 7. Aceh Noodles

Aceh Noodles is a typical Aceh noodle dish. The yellow noodles are cooked with beef or also with various seafood such as squid, crab and shrimp.

  • 8. Italian Pasta

You can enjoy exquisite Italian pasta on Weh Island. This pasta is made using traditional recipes from the Emilian region of Italy. You can enjoy this Italian pasta at Bixio Café Sabang or in Freddies Restaurant.

  • 9. Pulau Weh Seafood

Pulau Weh Seafood is very delicious, cooked with barbecue then eaten with rice, major vegetables and dipped in soy sauce with special spices. You can choose seafood such as snapper, grouper, squid and so on. You can enjoy this culinary at Iboih Beach or also at the Café on Rubiah Island.

  • 10. Aceh Curry

Aceh curry is one of the culinary specialties in Sabang and Aceh in general. You can taste this curry at the stall in front of the Sabang Great Mosque. This special curry is worth a try. You will definitely enjoy the taste.

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Thus 10 typical Pulau Weh foods and culinary delights that you can try when you visit and travel to this island.

Gapang Beach Pulau Weh, A Shady White Sand Beach & Closest to Macro Dives Site in Sabang, Weh Island

Gapang Beach Pulau Weh is one of the white sand beaches in Pulau Weh, Aceh and a shady beach with trees on the beach. This beach is a very beautiful beach where you can feel the relaxed and calm atmosphere. It is located in the western part of Weh Island or about 17 kilometers from Sabang city. Gapang does offer a very calm beach where you can find coral reefs near the beach and close to a macro dive site where you can see many macro marine life under the sea by diving. There are several scuba diving operators on this beach with cozy bungalows and restaurants. In addition, you can also find good snorkeling spots not far from the beach.

Gapang Beach Pulau Weh is located in Iboih Village which is one of the famous beaches in Sabang among tourists because of its white sand and clear sea water, comfortable environment, shallow water and close to diving spots in Pulau Weh. The beach has calm sea water throughout the year which is perfect for swimming. If you are interested in visiting this beach or doing activities on this beach you can choose the Sabang Pulau Weh vacation packages or diving trip that we offer below:

In addition to the stunning scenery, Gapang Beach also has many restaurants and accommodation near the beach. After doing tourist activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming you can immediately return to the hotel or find a meal at a restaurant. There are several scuba diving operators on this beach with international standards so that tourists who visit this beach generally come from Europe, America, Singapore and Australia. Local tourists just walking around the beach and swimming.

Things to do in Gapang Beach

  • 1. Scuba Diving

Gapang Beach has some fantastic dive sites and a famous dive site on Weh Island. The famous dive sites on this beach are Gapang House Reef and Limbo Gapang. The Gapang House Reef dive site is a shallow dive site with beautiful coral formations. Here you can see many anemone fish and various types of rare fish such as devil ray fish, eagle ray, leaf scorpion fish, and various types of stingrays. For underwater photography enthusiast, this spot is one of the best and also popular among macro lovers. Limbo Gapang dive site is perfect for beginner divers. Here you can see many moray eels, hard corals, anemones, schools of barracuda, and a wide variety of underwater life that you have never seen before.

  • 2. Snorkeling

For those of you who want to do snorkeling in Pulau Weh, you can also snorkel at Gapang Beach. You can rent snorkeling equipment on this beach such as life jackets, fins and masks. By snorkeling you will see a lot of diversity of fish and coral reefs especially at the end spot of this beach.

  • 3. Swimming

This beach is perfect for swimming and playing in the sand. The beach is not too crowded so it is easy for visitors to swim and relax on the beach. For family travelers, you can swim in the shallow end. For those of you who can’t swim, you can rent a buoy at this beach.

  • 4. Wacthing Sunset

Gapang Beach is one of the best places to see the sunset in Pulau Weh. You will be treated to a stunning sunset view with golden colors. Coupled with the blue and clear sea background and hills with shady trees add to the beauty and atmosphere that is so mesmerizing. At night the atmosphere is quite beautiful with lights on the beach.

  • 5. Kayaking

One of the interesting things to do on this white sand beach is kayaking. By kayaking you will enjoy the view of the blue sea and the view of the beach with shady trees.

How to get to Gapang Beach

If this is your first time visiting the beach, after arriving in Banda Aceh either by plane via Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport or by bus from Medan via Batoh Terminal you can directly book transportation from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport with a travel time of 35 minutes to Ulee Lheue Port Banda Aceh or about 18 minutes from Batoh bus terminal. After that you can take a fast ferry to Pulau Weh with a travel time of 45 minutes to get to Pulau Weh. Upon arrival at Balohan Harbor, you can take a public minibus or also rent a car in Pulau Weh with us. The direction to Gapang Beach is the same as the route to Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument where you will reach this beach in 40 minutes.

Other Popular Beaches in Weh Island

Gapang Beach is one of the tourist destinations in Sabang, Weh Island. This beach is very popular with many tourists. This beach is perfect for tourists who want to relax quietly and under the shady trees on the beach. For those who like fishing, you can also try ultralight fishing on the pier in front of Gapang Resort.

Rubiah Sea Garden Pulau Weh, Snorkeling on Rubiah Marine Park, Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh

Rubiah Sea Garden is a marine park conservation area located on Sabang Island (Weh Island) in Aceh. The 2,600 ha conservation park is covered in coral reefs and rare marine life. From 15 rare species of marine life in Indonesia, 14 of them are found in this marine park. The marine park is known as a recreation area, dive site, snorkeling spot, underwater paradise, research site and various other marine tourism activities. Rubiah itself is named after a person named Cut Nyak Rubiah whose the tomb you can see on Rubiah Island.

Rubiah Marine Park, located in the northwest of Weh Island, it is home to a variety of marine life. The clear water with a 25-meter visibilities makes this marine park like a huge aquarium. You can clearly see coral reefs, colorful fish, octopus, giant mussels, angel fish, scorpion fish, black moray eels, honeycomb moray and many other sea creatures. On the north side of the marine park, there is an abundance of soft corals, creating lush coral reef vegetation.

A vacation to Pulau Weh is incomplete if you don’t snorkel at Rubiah Sea Garden, if you want to spoil your eyes with underwater beauty by snorkeling in Pulau Weh, you can feel it like merging with a large aquarium. You can book a Sabang Pulau Weh vacation package that we have offered complete with a snorkeling trip to Rubiah Island. We will invite you to see the wealth of marine life to beautiful coral reefs. You can book the tour package below:

You are an underwater enthusiast and would like to dive in uncrowded places. You may check the Pulau Weh diving package below:

If you want to enjoy other tourist activities, we also offer Sabang Pulau Weh fishing trip to various best fishing spots, ranging from heavy duty fishing to bottom fishing trips with tour combinations, you can see the packages below:

If you are looking for other adventure, you may see the overland tour below:

In Rubiah Sea Garden there are various types of coral reefs, both hard and soft corals. You can see a variety of coral reefs such as batik coral, horn coral, table coral and various soft corals. In addition, there is also a diversity of fish species that you have never seen before ranging from Blue Botana Fish, Bali Princess Fish to Butterfly Fish. Not only fish, there are also a variety of other marine creatures. That why, this place is one of the best places to visit in Pulau Weh.

pulau weh diving

Rubiah Marine Park is almost never empty of visitors both local and foreign. Besides snorkeling, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater with Scuba Diving.

To reach this marine park, first you have to get to Pulau Weh. if you come from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, you can book a shuttle service from the airport to Ulee Lheue Port or also can rent a car Aceh if you have a lot of time and want to see some tourist attractions in Banda Aceh, after arriving at Ulee Lheue Port you can book a fast ferry ticket to go to Sabang where the Pulau Weh ferry leaves at 08.00, 10.00 and 16.00 local time. After arriving at Balohan Port you can order transportation or Pulau Weh car rental, with a travel time of about 45 minutes to Iboih Beach. Arriving at Iboih Beach you can book a glass boat for snorkeling in Rubiah Marine Park.

For snorkeling equipment rental, you can rent it at snorkeling counters or at the snorkeling equipment rental shop near the beach. On Rubiah Island itself there are also snorkeling equipment rentals. On Rubiah Island you can also swim and snorkel near Rubiah beach which is shallow water suitable for children and those who cannot swim. In addition, the beauty of this beach is also very beautiful and is one of the beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh.

Swimming with various types of fish in this marine park is one of the main attractions for nature enthusiasts, here you have the opportunity to see red head fish, sergeant fish, butterfly fish, Balinese princess fish, bontana fish, flag fish, yellow fish, cuttlefish, moray eels, nemo fish, dog-face box fish, angel fish, lion fish, reef fish, napoleon fish and various other fish from small to large sizes.

Here you not only see a vast expanse of marine park, stunning natural scenery, clear and blue water, white sand beaches, but colorful glass boats also add to the beauty of this place. It is incomplete if you come here only to see the natural scenery around without seeing the beautiful underwater world like heaven. The current is quite calm, so even beginners can do snorkeling and scuba diving in this place. After snorkeling and other marine tourism activities, you can enjoy typical Pulau Weh foods and dishes on Rubiah Island.

You can swim with the fish all day long, the current is calm and friendly for beginners, the clear and fresh water is the charm of this place. Besides enjoying the underwater attraction, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of Rubiah Island. You can walk around the island to see historical places such as the former first Indonesian Hajj Dormitory, forts and so on. You can also see the beauty of nature, green forests and beautiful beaches.

If you love photography and looking for beautiful photo spots, the Marine Park and Rubiah Island are perfect. Not only can you take photos and videos of nature, but you can also take pictures and videos underwater. There are so many photography objects here ranging from blue beaches, vast oceans, green hills to photos of beautiful fish and coral reefs.

Tips Before Visiting Rubiah Sea Garden

  • Do not visit Rubiah Sea Garden on Friday mornings as there are no activities at sea according to customary law.
  • No bikinis.
  • Bring sunblock to protect your skin.
  • Hiring a snorkeling guide is more recommended, because later you will be taught snorkeling procedures and good places. Because under the sea is more dangerous than on land. For example, you meet a venomous rock fish. This fish is like invisible. With a guide, the guide will tell you about this. Especially if you are a beginner.
  • Bring the necessary equipment.
  • Maintain the beauty of nature, do not throw garbage into the sea.
  • Do not touch or disturb the nemo fish habitat.

The beauty of Rubiah Sea Garden is truly amazing. Rubiah Island Marine Park, located on the western tip of Indonesia, indeed like an underwater paradise. This park is one of the beautiful marine parks in Indonesia that is worth visiting. The underwater panorama is clearly visible and marine biodiversity is still well preserved. The rich of marine life that is owned has the potential for natural tourism that is very mesmerizing. Hopefully the preservation of nature in this marine park can be well maintained until it becomes an underwater palace that can be enjoyed continuously.

Most Popular Things to Do in Aceh Indonesia – Best Activities & Tourist Attractions in Aceh, Indonesia

Discover top things to do in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia and best sightseeing when you are on vacation in Aceh. Aceh is one of 33 province in Indonesia located in the northernmost of Sumatra Island with the capital Banda Aceh. Aceh has abundant of tourist attractions and the government of Indonesia put Aceh among one of the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Covering an area of 57.365,57 square kilometers and strategically located on Malacca Straits in the north and east. Aceh has many ethnic group namely Acehnese, Gayonese, Simeulue, Tamiang, Alas, Singkil, Aneuk Jamee and Kluet which is has own language and culture with the Acehnese language about 76% used. The custom and culture is based on Islamic Sharia Law.

To get to Aceh, you can book a flight serve by Air Asia which is has daily flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Aiport in Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar. This airport is precisely 17 kilometer from the center of Banda Aceh city. You can book other international flight serve by Malindo Airline or FireFly from Penang, Malaysia to Banda Aceh Airport. Besides, there are many domestic flight such as Garuda Indonesia serve the route from major cities in Indonesia such as Medan and Jakarta to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport.

If you need a transport to go around Aceh or pick-up and drop off transport. We are Safari Wisata International provide the transport both rental car or pick up and drop off only. You may check which transportation service you may need:

You can send as the inquiries or booking to our WhatApp +6285360131941 or Email :, you may check the one of best Aceh Tour Package offer with many tourism activities below:

Since the tsunami disaster in last December 2004, Aceh has recognized worldwide. Aceh has many tourist attractions, ranging from historical tourism,Natural Tourism, Religious Tourism, Heritage & Historical Tourism, Marine Tourism, Culinary Tourism, Art & Culture Tourism, Scientific Tourism, Agro Tourism, Sport Tourism to Adventure Tourism which is spread out in many region such as Weh Island, Banyak Islands, Aceh Island, Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Jaya, Aceh Singkil, Simeulue, Central Aceh, South Aceh, Southeast Aceh and many others. If you are interested to explore the beauty of Aceh, here we have the travel guide and the list of popular things to in Aceh, Indonesia:

Top 10 most popular things to do in Aceh, Indonesia

  1. Diving in Weh Island

Diving in Weh Island is very amazing things to do. Weh Island is one of the best place to visit in Aceh, Indonesia offer the world class diving sites. There are up to 20 diving sites on the island located at indonesia’s westernmost and has been visited by thousands of world divers. The top dive spots in Weh Island namely Sophie Rickmers Wreck, Batee Tokong, Gapang House Reef, Rubiah Sea Garden, Batee Dua Gapang, Batee Meuroron, Batee Gla, North Rubiah, Pante Peunateng, Pante Seuke, Pante Ideu, Pantee Gua or Long Angen, Seulako Drift, Limbo Gapang, Meuduro, Sumur Tiga, Anoe Itam, Tugboat Wreck, Shark Plateau, The Canyon, Rondo Island and Arus Paleh. You will see hundreds of species of coral reefs, various marine biota and a group of rare fish. The beauty of underwater world in Weh Island become a magnet for thousands of local and foreign divers around the world. Read more article below:

2. Fishing in Rondo Island

Rondo Island is one of top best place for fishing. The water in Rondo Island has abundant of marine wealth and very perfect for heavy duty fishing with deep sea. You will hook up huge fish ranging from giant grouper to giant dog tooth tuna. The island is located northernmost part of Aceh or about 15 miles away from Weh Island. Lying in Andaman Sea where the huge immigration fish, Rondo Island is very perfect and strategic place for game sport fishing. If you are interested to hook a giant snapper and black marlin here, please check out the fishing tour offer to Rondo Island below:

3. Surfing in Lhoknga

Lhoknga is beach area. There are several beaches in this area included Lhoknga Beach. The beach offer world class wave for surfing during the north east monsoon start on October to April the wave is offshore and offer perfect barreling waves ranging 2-6ft high. On January to March, the wind is become stronger and very perfect for kite surfing. The beach with a distance of approximately 16 kilometers from Banda Aceh or 28 kilometers from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Aiport Blang Bintang is also one of the perfect place for sunset. There are many tourist places in Lhoknga such as Lampuuk Beach, Momong Beach, Pucok Krueng, Sea Side Beach Park and gold course.

4. Fishing in Aceh Island

Aceh Island or Pulo Aceh has a great spot for game fishing sport adjacent to Malaca Strait and Indonesian Ocean and bordered directly with Andaman Sea. The waters of Aceh Island are one of the best fish barns. The fishing spot in Aceh Island offer great catch of Tuna. You can fish with popping and jigging technique to conquer the school of Tuna such as Yellow Fin. Besides, there are still many giant predator in this water, with perfect metal jig you can hook a marlin. You can also hook a giant trevally, black snapper, wahoo, grouper and mackerel. There are one spot in Pulo Aceh where lots of giant trevally, Aceh Island is indeed a fishing paradise. You can prove by fishing here, want to fill up the fiber box with GT, book the fishing trip now with us:

5. Trekking in Leuser National Park

UNESCO has declared the Leuser National Park along with two other parks as the world heritage. Mount Leuser National Park is a one of the largest national park in Indonesia covering 7,927 kilometers square protecting the last remaining rainforest on Sumatra and protects a wide range of ecosystems. There more than 700 different species of animals and become a home for the endanger Sumatran Orangutan. Leuser National Park is also known as the lung of the world. Other species of animals you can find here like Sumatran elephants, Sumatran Tigers, Sumatran Rhinos, white gibbons, black gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, long tail macaques, short tail macaques, toucans, hornbills, lizards, moon snakes, saltwater crocodiles, pheasants and numerous bird species. The unique adventure can be done by trekking to this national park, to entrance this paradise you need special permit and accompanied by licensed guide. The two main gateway to this paradise. Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra and Ketambe in Southeast Aceh.

6. Horsing in Takengon, Central Aceh

Central Aceh is known as one of tourist destination in Aceh with the ecotourism offer such as coffee tourism and panoramic of Laut Tawar lake tourism. One of the best tourism activities offer in Central Aceh with the capital Takengon is horsing. You can ride the horse close to Laut Tawar Lake. You can ride this horse in Pante Menye or in Belang Bebangka racing field located about 5 kilometers from Takengon city. We also the tour program of horsing to takengon. This tour is combination tour between Weh Island, Banda Aceh and Takengon. Please check out the itinerary below:

7. Snorkeling in Rubiah Sea Garden

Sabang keeps a fascinating underwater charm. There are many snorkeling spots in Weh Island spread out in Gapang Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach and Iboih. One of famous snorkeling spot is Rubiah Sea Garden. Rubiah Island is a small island in Sabang located just in front of Iboih beach with an area of approximately 26 hectares. This island surrounded by charming sea garden. Snorkeling and diving are perfect things to do here. By diving or snorkeling here you will see a lots of fish. Besides you will see the species of fish such as angle fish, gigantic clams, lion fish and many others. Rubiah is also one of research site for marine life, there are more than 15 marine biota protected here. The beauty of Rubiah Marine Park or Rubiah Sea Garden are very charming. While snorkeling you will easily taking a picture with a lot of tropical fish, coral reef and other pelagic fish. Interested to snorkel here, book a tour:

8. Watching the Whale Shark at Weh Island

Watching the whale shark in Pulau Weh is one of the great thing. But this whale shark sightings sometime can not predictable and migration pattern of this species are not very well understood. The best time to see the whale shark in Weh Island is during December to February. But once again, the whale shark sighting aren’t predictable.

9. Rafting at Alas River

Alas river is located in Southeast Aceh precisely in Gunung Leuser National Park. The rafting in Alas River activities has been popular in the 1980s and become forerunner of development of white water rafting tour in Indonesia. Alas River is a difficult and heavy currents river rafting, But it is located strategically in the beautiful tropical forest in Leuser National Park. During the rafting, you will meet many animals that are still roaming freely in the wild such as primate, birds, elephant deer, Thomas leaf monkey, beautiful butterflies, gibbon, Orangutans and many others. Normally the rafting will take about 3-4 hours. For Adventurous traveler, Rafting in Alas River or Lawe Alas is one of perfect things to do in Aceh and become a challenge.

10. Watching Dolphins in Weh Island

Lately, Watching a dozens of dolphins in Weh Island is one of the greatest things to do in Aceh. You will see closely the dolphins swim around our boat. The schedule to see the dolphins will usually be seen in early morning and in the afternoon. While we reach the dolphins spot by the boat, the dolphins come approach and following our boat. If you are interested on the watching dolphin tour, book the package with us:

Top Other Enchanting things to do in Aceh, Indonesia

  1. Hiking the Bendahara Mount

Bendahara Mount is a great mount to hike. For hiking lover, this mount will be a great mount to hike. Normally you will reach the top of the mount within 7 days. You can start hiking from Bener Berpapah Village. Along the way, you will see beautiful view, savanna, flower plants and many endanger animal. The mount has 3.012 high above sea level.

2. Explore Banyak Islands

Banyak Islands is a paradise island consist of 99 islands offer blue lagoon beaches, great place for surfing, snorkeling, diving, home to endanger of many kinds of sea turtles, pristine jungle and lovely islands. The coral reefs in this islands are habitat to diverse species including pelagic and coral fish, octopus, lobster, green sea turtles, leatherback turtles and many others. Banyak Island is cluster of many uninhabited coral islands. Besides surfing & snorkeling, Pulau Banyak or Banyak Islands is one of the great place for kayaking in the world. You can explore these island to see the beauty of the islands or you can book a combination tour from us here:

3. Explore Aceh Island

Aceh Island is a group of islands in Aceh. Pulo Aceh or Aceh Island probably the name is not popular as Pulau Weh or Weh Island because the infrastructure reason. This island is a virgin island offer a charming beauty and similar to Weh Island. It has plenty of beautiful white sand beaches with blue crystal waters. It has fantastic sea garden and may be not all tourist know well. Besides, Pulau Aceh has also one perfect spot for surfing. The island has two big islands namely Nasi Island and Breueh Island and several small islands including Bunta Island, Batee Island, Keureusek Island and many others. Explore this paradise island with us by book a combination tour:

4. Explore Splendid Beaches

Aceh has many tourist destinations. There charming beaches scattered in various region in Aceh. Here is top 5 splendid beaches in Aceh to explore:

  • Lampuuk Beach

Lampuuk Beach is a popular white sand beach in Aceh located in Aceh Besar regency or approximately 15 kilometers from Banda Aceh city center. Lampuuk Beach has long coast line and adjacent to Lhoknga Beach. there are several coastal segments where the tourists can choose to entry namely Babah Satu, Babah Dua, Babah Tiga and Babah Empat or Empe Nulu. The clean white sandy beach, blue ocean, and green lush of pine trees with the mountain backdrop are perfect panorama.

  • Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is a white sand beach in Weh Island, Aceh. Sumur Tiga Beach is located in the east coast of Weh Island which is one of the best beach in Pulau Weh. Sumur Tiga is become popular place where you can find cozy resort to relax, sunbath, swimming and snorkeling. Sumur Tiga is more peaceful place.

  • Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is a white sand beach in Weh Island. it has crystal clear water, dense trees and peaceful nuance. The most popular things to do in Gapang Beach is snorkeling and diving. There are several dive site in Gapang namely Gapang House Reef which is one of perfect dive spot for macro over and Limbo Gapang Dive Site. Gapang Beach is located approximately 17 kilometers from Sabang which capital of Pulau Weh.

  • Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is located northern part of Weh Island. The white sand beach is popular destination in Weh Island. The snorkeling trip to Rubiah Sea Garden is start from Iboih by Glass Bottom Boat. The shallow sea and very clear crystal water with great marine life offer a great snorkeling. The beach also known as Teupin Layeu is always the main destination by the tourist, there are many snorkeling operator, several dive operator and bungalow and café lined along the beach.

  • Lhoknga Beach

Lhoknga Beach is a long coast of white sand stretches till cement factory offer world class wave for surfing. It has blue sparkling sea water with lined up dense pine trees. There are many surf spot in this beach included left hander point, cemara right point, peak point, suri point and outside right hander. The shady trees in this beach offer a nice place for relax. In this beach has also a golf course namely Seulawah Golf Course.

5. Kitesurfing in Riting Beach

Riting Beach is a black sand beach located in Leupung or just 5 minutes from Lhoknga Beach. The beach is perfect spot with sandy bottom and flat for kite surfing. The off-shore wave is perfect for wave riding with many style. This kite surf spot is perfect during south west monsoon or from June to September. Riting Beach is located about 20 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh city and can be reached approximately 30 minutes by car.

6. Birding in Gayo Highland & Leuser National Park

Leuser National Park is one of the riches tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia and one of the best forest for Sumatran birds. There are more than 600 species of birds with majority Sumatran endemic including Sumatran green pigeon, Sumatran Laughingthrush, Bronze-tailed Peacock Pheasant and many others. Besides of Leuser National Park, Gayo Highlands is also one of the good place for birding, you will see many indo-malayan bird species, from the broadbills, trogons and hornbills. The bird species you can found both in Leuser National Park and Gayo Highlands including Storm Stork, Helmeted Hornbill, Milky Stork, Masked Finfoot, White-winged Wood Duck, Sumatran Leafbird, Sumatran Treepie, Sumatran Babbler, Aceh Bulbul, Red-billed Hill-partridge, Graceful Pitta, Schneider’s Pitta, Roll’s Partridge, Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant, Cream-striped Bulbul, Spot-necked bulbul, Rusty-breasted Wren-babbler, Rajah Scops Owl, Shiny Whistling Thrush, Blue-masked leafbird, Sumatran Frogmouth, Sumatran Patridge, Sumatran Laughingtrush, Salvadori’s nightjar, Sumatran Bulbul, Sumatran Woodpecker, Sumatran Niltava, Sumatran Peacock Pheasant, Sumatran Shortwing, Sumatran Rimator, Sumatran Whistling-trush, Sumatran Spangled Drongo and many others. Besides of the birding, you can also found the wild life animal in Leuser National Park such as Sumatran Orangutans, Thomas Leaf-monkey, Black Gibbon, Sumatran Tiger, Asian Golden Cat, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sumatran Elephant, Sun Bear, Lar Gibbon, Sunda Clouded Leopard, Long-tailed Monkey, Siamang, Sumatran Serow, Sambar Deer, Leopard Cat and others.

7. Surfing in Simeulue

Simeulue is a regency and island in Aceh. Around Simeulue Island has 56 small islands. Simeulue can be reach by plane from Kuala Namu Airport Medan, North Sumatra to Lasikin Airport, Sinabang which is the capital of this regency. The stunning beaches with world class wave make Simeulue become one of tourist destinations in Aceh who love surfing. The best surfing beaches in Simeulue Island are Nancala Beach, Alus Alus Beach with it left hander wave, Matanurung Beach, Pulau Batu Berlayar Beach with its right hander wave, Teupah Island, Mincau Island, Siumat Island,, Pinang Island, Lussia Island, Babi Island, Linggam Island, Salur Beach, Dihit Beach and many other great surf spot. In Nancala Beach, it had been held the International Surfing Champion offer pick hander wave up to 7 meters high. Nancala Beach is located about 30 kilometers from Sinabang city.

8. Surfing in Banyak Islands

Pulau Banyak or Banyak Islands is a group of islands which has a great beaches for surfing. The infrastructure in Banyak Island is not well developed yet, mostly the surfer surfing from the boat or surfing charter live-on-board. On the island there are about 12 surf spot which offer long wave with a height of around 6 meters spread over Bangkaru Island, Ujung Silingar and southern part of Tuanku Island. The most popular surf spots are at Amandangan Beach and Pelanggaran Beach on Amandaru Island. Banyak Island is one of the best surf spot.

9. Whale Shark Watching in Banyak Islands

The whale shark sighting in Banyak Islands is depend on season, immigration pattern and plankton. If you are lucky you will see this great opportunity watching the whale sharks in Banyak Islands.  The migration of whales at every turn of season where flocks of whales moved from south to north of Banyak Islands. The whales pass the Banyak Islands around March and April, however the date cannot be predicted because of the season is uncertain.

10. Rafting in Takengon

Rafting in Takengon is one of the great things to do in Aceh for beginner with the difficulties of grade I (Calm) and grad II (very easy). The rafting trip precisely in Pesangan River where the tourist can start the tour in Lukup Badak, Pegasing District towards Senehen, Silihnara District approximately 4,5 kilometers rafting trip.

11. Enjoy Lobster Culinary in Simeulue

Lobster is one of the marine resources in Simeulue. There are many lobster breeders in Sinabang City with various types such Maradona Lobster, Stone Lobster, Sand Lobster, Pearl Lobster and others. You can enjoy the Lobster dishes in Simeulue while on vacation to this island or going for surfing.

12. Snorkeling & Diving in Tailana Island, Banyak Islands

Both snorkeling and diving are great in Banyak Island especially in Tailana Island, Rago-rago Island, Matahari Island, Pabisi Island and Sikandang Island. most of this places has a great beaches and very clear water you will see the coral reefs with unique marine life including colorful reef fish. Diving in Banyak Island is also a great things to do in Aceh. There are a lots of unexplored dive spot in Banyak Islands. At this time, there is only in Tailana Island you can dive. The island has beauty white sand beach, lagoon, a great coral and amazing visibility. It is like Indonesia’s hidden gem.

13. Watching the Art & Dance performance in Putroe Phang Art

Putro Phang is a park in Banda Aceh. This Aceh Darussalam Kingdom heritage park is located only 8 minutes walking from Tsunami Museum. Banda Aceh Tourism Department Office routine held the Putroe Phang Art & Music Weekend Show program to develop the creativity of young people in Banda Aceh. There are various art attractions you can see such as dance, break dance, traditional dance, rapper and many others.

14. Trekking in Gurah Rain Forest

Gurah Rain Forest Park is a rain forest park in Leuser National Park and it is one of entry points to Leuser National Park. Gurah Rain Forest Park is located about 43 kilometers from Kutacane which is the capital of Southeast Aceh. While trekking in this forest park, you can easily meet Orangutan and other monkey such as Gibbon, Thomas Leaf Monkey, Long tail monkey and many other kinds of monkey.

15. Trekking in Pocut Meurah Intan

Pocut Meurah Intan is a forest park in Aceh Besar regency with an area of more than 6.300 hectares. There are many kinds of flora and fauna can be found here. The track offered is suitable for beginners because the track is not too difficult. Besides the jungle trekking you will also hiking. During trekking and hiking you will see natural scenery that is still very natural, meet a lot of kinds of animal such as monkey, deer, elephant, birds, mouse deer and many other. You will also see huge trees and other flora. The ather things to do in Pocut Meurah Intan forest park are shopping a chips cake in Saree, seeing the elephant show in Elephant Training Center, swimming in waterfall and scout camp.

16. Shopping in Peunayong

Peunayong is known as China town where you can shopping a souvenir here. In Peunayong there are many kinds of shopping center such as fish market, traditional market, souvenir center, fruit market and culinary center. You can easily find many handicraft, souvenir, gifts, and many other souvenir from various region in Aceh.

17. Cycling in Pulau Breueh

Pulau Breueh is one of a great island part of Aceh Island or Pulo Aceh. The island offer a great panorama and great terrain for cycling. You will go over medium terrain tracks through the mountain, traditional village and stunning beaches. You will see the unique jungle, amazing nature view in the island.

18. Have nice view of Rice Field in Blang Bintang

Blang Bintang is a district in Aceh Besar Regency where is the Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport located. The district offer a great view of rice field with the backdrop of Seulawah volcano and mountain surrounding. The romantic view of the paddy fields during the active of weeding to harvesting. There twice a year.

19. Enjoy the dining at Grand Aceh Culinary

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Street till to Ulee Lheue beach is a great place for dinning. There are numerous romantic café are located in this place. One of the good place for dinning is Grand Aceh Culinary. You can the great Acehnese Arabica Coffee here and other dishes. During evening there are a lot of people spend their time with family in this place. Besides, there are many other places in this street offer great dinning with great café design. You may spend time with friend chill-out and dining here.

20. Watching Sunset at Sabang Culinary Center

Sabang Culinary Center are located along Sabang Fair where you can see many people spend their time in evening here with friend and family. There are gazebos built along the coast. There are also café and culinary center such as in Paradiso Beach offer a great place for dinning as well as watching a dramatic sunset.

21. Watching Sunrise in Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach and Pasir Putih Beach are both the best places to see a sunrise in Weh Island. In early morning you will see dramatic sunrise from Sumur Tiga Beach. Located on the eastern part of Pulau Weh with the length of about 2 kilometers with sloping contours and turquoise sea water. the beach has many beach resort and you can enjoy the morning time and sunrise from the resorts.

22. ATV Ride in Aceh Jaya

ATV Ride in Aceh Jaya is an activity that uses four-wheeled motorbikes, at this time used for adventure tour. ATV Ride is a tourist activity to test andrenaline and it will be an unforgettable and interesting trip. You will be invited to enjoy the nature by riding ATV and passing the paddy fields, forests, splendid beaches and rural area.

23. Visit Flower Garden in Aceh Jaya

Aceh Jaya has many natural beauty, one of the interesting things to see is Selocia Frower Garden. This one hectare garden is located in Alue Pliet village, Panga District. The garden was made at the beginning of 2019. The garden is planted celosia flowers which are often found in Netherlands. This garden at this time become one of agro tourism in Aceh.

24. Hiking Kemiri Mount

Kemiri Mount is one of the highest mount in Leuser area with an altitude of 3.304 meters above sea level. The hiking of the mount will take about 4 days and descend about 2 days. The temperature, 21 degrees Celsius minimum and 28 degrees Celsius maximum. The hiking trail is indeed a bit extreme but that’s where the thrill for those who like adventure. At an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, the vegetation is dominated by low-trunked shrub plants. Upon you reach the top at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level, you will see the vast grasslands and beautiful view.

25. Visit Lubuk Traditional Village

Aceh has a lot of local culture and wisdom, one of interesting culture to see is Lubuk Tourism Village. The village is located 20 kilometers from Banda Aceh. The interesting things in this village is the old Acehnese houses are still well preserved by local community. This fairly old house has its own ancient design. These Aceh traditional house can be seen in the origin place where other place in Banda Aceh is very rare to find. Only some village in Aceh Besar regency still have it.

26. Hiking Perkison Mount

Parkinson is a mount in Leuser National Park, Southeast Aceh. Parkinson is another mount to hike in Leuser National Park where you can easily meet the primates and horn bill on the way. Besides of hiking the mount, you can also trekking where you can start trekking at Lawe Harun village. the journey will take more than 7 days. You can also see a huge flower of Rafflessia on the trail. Upon arrival on the top of the mountain, you can see the great view of green forest and Kutacane.

27. Visit the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612. In 1873 during colonialism, the Dutch burned the mosque several times. A few later, in 1877 the Dutch rebuilt the mosque to attract the attention and to reduce the anger of Acehnese people. Now the mosque is symbol of religious and struggle of Acehnese People and also a pride of Acehnese. In 2015, the green grass yard renovated, replaced by marble floor with 12 electric giant umbrellas and it completed in 2017. In 2016, Baiturrahman Grand Mosque won the title of “Best Travel Attractions” in the National Halal Tourism Competition and World Halal Tourism Competition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

28. Playing Golf in Seulawah Golf Course

Seulawah Golf Course is one of golf course in Aceh located near the Lhoknga Beach. The golf course has 9 holes golf where 18 other holes still under development. The golf offer beautiful picturesque of lake, ocean view, hill and green lush. The golf course can be reached about 30 minutes by car. This golf course is a great place to practice the swing or enjoy the playing golf with friend.

29. Hiking Seulawah Mount

Seulawah Mount is an active volcano located between Aceh Besar regency and Pidie Regency or approximately 70 kilometers from Banda Aceh. This mount has an altitude 1.800 meters above sea level offer natural beauty. Seulawah Mountain is one of the nice mount for hiking. Many student who love the nature hike this mount with the slope of 70 degrees, To reach the top of the mount, the hikers can start from Saree and enter the Pintu Rimba. On the way you will see huge trees and unique green forests. Upon the top the hikers will find a monument that say P.137 which is mean you already reached the top and you can feel the beautiful nuances. To climb the mount it will take approximately 6 hours and 3 hours descend.

30. Explore Nice Mangrove Forest in Langsa

Mangrove Forest in Langsa is one of eco-tourism in Aceh. This forest is located in Kuala Langsa or approximately 5 kilometers from Langsa City. This forest has an area of 8,000 hectares and planted 38 kind of mangroves. Many international tourists and researchers come here to research mangrove diversity. With the wooden bridge built through the forest, you can see the beauty of the forests.

31. Enjoy Seafood in Lamnyong

Lamnyong Seafood Corner is the seafood culinary center in Banda Aceh. There are many seafood restaurant lined along the street offer fine grilled seafood such as grilled reef fish, shrimp and cuttlefish. You will enjoy the typical Acehnese grilled fish which is very delicious with its spicy and sour soy sauce. The reef fish are very varied such as grouper, giant trevally, pomfret and many other reef fish that still fresh.

32. Play with the children in Rusa Park

Taman Rusa is a family tourism park located in Lam Tanjong Village, Sibreh District, Aceh Besar Regency or about 15 minutes from Banda Aceh city. This park offer the beautiful view of nature where the family can see many deer and other animal. The park is also equipped with various children’s playing facilities such as pools with different size, water bicycle, fishing pond and other. The park has restaurant where you can have variety of delicious food. This park is one of a great family tourist attractions in Aceh.

33. Have a nice water slide game at Wahana Impian Kuta Malaka

Wahana Impian Kuta Malaka is a theme water park located in Aceh Besar Regency. It was built on 5 hectares land on 2013 and officially opened in 2014. The location is strategically between the hills make the place offer beautiful view of natural tourism and artificial attractions. In this water park has the adult and children pools for swimming and long water slides about 96 meters and 25 meters high. There is also a restaurant to enjoy delicious food after the enjoy water activities.

34. Enjoy the Sunset & Beuatiful Landscape at Gurutee Sea Canyon

Geurutee is a mountain in Aceh, the top this peak has amazing view. Geurutee is part of Ulu Masen Forest which is known as one of the forests supplying the oxygen to the world. Gurutee Sea Canyon offer a great panorama of Indian Ocean where you can see vast expanse of blue sea, there are also a cluster of small islands and the exotic white sand beaches. There are many food stall and cafés here where you can have a coconut drink. Around the peak can also be found the monkeys and if you are lucky you will see Siamang monkey, the big black monkey that very tame. When the evening, you can watch the dramatic sunset view that truly amazing.

35. Visit Tsunami Museum

Tsunami in Aceh on last December 2004 has left bitter impression for Aceh people. To remember the deadliest tragedy of tsunami and earthquake in Aceh that killed more than 240.000 people, the government built the tsunami museum and it was inaugurated in 2008. There are two floors, the first floor has several rooms namely the tsunami showroom, pre-tsunami room and post-tsunami room. You can see many pictures of tsunami, tsunami trace artifacts and dioramas. The second floor contains earthquake and tsunami learning center in form of libraries, 4D rooms and many others. 

36. Visit Aceh State Museum

Aceh State Museum is one of the oldest museum in Indonesia located in the center of Banda Aceh city. The museum established in 1915 in the form of Acehnese Traditional House. The museum was originally used as the Dutch colonial exhibition as showcased Acehnese artefacts. Today the museum has many collections since it returned back to Banda Aceh and had rehabilitate in 1974 and built new buildings consist of exhibition room, conference hall, laboratory, library and an office. The collections in the museum can be seen including the house hold items used in past, archaeological items, flora and fauna from Aceh, ethnographic items, stone and minerals from Aceh, Old manuscripts, Acehnese ceramic, coins and seal from kingdom of Aceh, historic paintings, wooden Islamic prayer beads, wooden qur’an stand, the gift items to Aceh Kingdom from many kingdoms including the Cakra Donya Big Bell gift from Emperor Yongle handed by Admiral Cheng Ho to Sultan of Samudra Pasai and it becomes a symbol of Aceh and China friendships since the 15th century and many other collections.

37. Take a Swim at Ie Suum Hot Spring

Ie Suum Hot Spring is located in Ie Suum Village, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar Regency approximately 40 minutes driving from Banda Aceh. The hot spring is coming from the volcanic mount of Seulawah. From the slops of the mount, the hot water spring flows into a small river. The water also flows to the pool where the visitors can take a swim and sauna. You are also presented with a very beautiful of natural view and green jungle.

38. Caving at Guha Tujoh

Guha Tujoh or Seven Cave is a cave located in Laweung, Muara Tiga District, Pidie Regency. The cave is precisely on rock mountains. Initially, the cave consisted of 28 caves which had 7 main entrance. But the entrance now only 4 where other can’t be entered anymore. Many visitors try to measure how long this cave, but they were fail because no one know where this cave ends.  

39. Take a tour to Lut Tawar Lake

Laut Tawar Lake is a popular tourist attractions in Central Aceh and become a tourism icon. The lake has an area of 5.472 hectares with a length of 17 kilometers and width of 3,2 kilometers. Laut Tawar Lake offers a beautiful panorama of nature. It’s surrounded the panorama of the hills. The hills with green forest that still very natural and home to number of rare animals such as pangolins, porcupines, gibbons, deer and jungle cats. It is very good to have a tour to go around the lake which is one of the tourist destinations in central Aceh.

40. Visit Indra Patra Fortress

Indra Patra Fort is one of the fort in Aceh and it is a witness of the golden age of Hindu Kingdom in Aceh before Islam arrived. This fort is located in Ladong village, Masjid Raya district, Aceh Besar Regency precisely near the beach. Later the fort was taken by Sultan Iskandar Muda which was from Islamic Kingdom of Aceh to defend from Portuguese attacked in Malacca Strait. The fort consists of a main fort measuring 4.900 meters square and other 3 fortress. 2 of the fortress had been destroyed.

41. Have a nice agro tour at Gayo Highland

Gayo Highlands is located in Central part of Aceh consisting three regency namely Bener Meriah, Gayo Lues and Central Aceh. The region is very famous as one of the best Arabica coffee producer namely Gayo Arabica Coffee and has been exported to many countries in the world. The region has cold temperature. Besides the region is one of productive region and produce many kinds of fruits and vegetable and send it to other region in Aceh. Gayo Highland is now popular as agro tourism destinations in Aceh where you can see the coffee plantation and other kinds of plantation. You can also pick the coffee bean with farmers and have a nice coffee in the plantation area offer by local people. This such a tour is popular in this region. You can also see the pineapple plantation, sugar cane plantation and many others.

42. Elephant Safaris at Teunom & Sampoiniet, Aceh Jaya

There are elephant conservation in Teunom & Sampoiniet, Aceh Jaya which the purpose of minimalize the conflict between human and the elephants. At this time, the place is open for the tourist who love to see the elephants. In this conservation, the tourists are allowed to have elephant safari where you can go deep into jungle and learn about the elephant and it habitat. You are also allowed to bathe the elephant in the river. The places is located approximately 3 hours from Banda Aceh and can be reached by car.

43. Watching the Turtle at Banyak Islands Turtle Conservation

Watching the turtle at Banyak Islands is one of amazing things to do in Aceh. You can go to Bangkaru Island, one of the island in Banyak Islands offer beautiful untouched jungle and pristine beaches where many turtles lying eggs. There are many kinds of turtles including Green Turtles, Leatherback Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles. Almost every night all year around the turtles lay eggs. Besides, Bangkaru offer gorgeous beaches with fantastic wave for surfing especially in Amandangan Beach.

44. Try the Off-Road to Western Coast & Eastern Coast

Aceh is one of best place for off-road adventure. There is off-road federation in Aceh who held the event in Aceh. Jungle in Aceh with the extreme trail offer fantastic off-road adventure tour. You can explore both western coast of Aceh forests and Eastern Coast of Aceh forests. This will be one of amazing adventure for adventurous travelers.

45. Observe the Wild Life in Leuser

Leuser National Park is one of the largest park in Indonesia and it home to many endanger wild life. With an area of 850.000 hectares the park represents the whole rain forest ecosystems from swampy areas to highlands. This park become a research center of wild life. There are also various kinds of primates, mammals, insects, birds and colorful butterflies. You can observe wild animal in this park such as Orangutans, Rhinos, Elephant, Tigers, Thomas Leaf Monkey, Gibbon, hornbill, Magpie Robin and many others.

Top Beautiful destinations & Must-Visited Tourist Attractions in Aceh

Aceh become the place where the tourist can interact with the community and the nature closely. By this article we are Safari Wisata International provide the information about things to do in Aceh and other related information of places of interest, travel guide, activities and the attractions by its uniqueness to invite the tourists to visit and explore the beauty of Aceh Tourism.