Top Things to do in Weh Island – Best Tourist Attractions & Travel Guide to Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia

Discover top things to do in Weh Island and best sightseeing when you are on vacation in this island. Weh Island is one of the best place to visit and an island full with natural beauty in Aceh Province, Indonesia which is become most popular tourist destination and it’s also known as one of the best place to dive in Indonesia. The island offer clear sea waters and beautiful beaches. Sabang is the capital of Weh Island. Weh Island is a beautiful place to visit, the island consists of five islands namely Klah Island, Rondo Island, Rubiah Island, Seulako Island and Weh Island as the biggest one. The island offers various places of interest that you can visit during your vacation to this island.

Life on Weh Island is safer, more relaxed and you will spend more time admiring the nature, beautiful Blue Ocean, beautiful underwater world and the people are very friendly. Weh Island is also known as Sabang Island, just 45 minutes transfer by fast ferry from Banda Aceh. There are plenty of activities you can do while on vacation to this island ranging from exploring the beautiful nature to having fresh seafood on Rubiah Island. The best part is to stay longer and explore more and more the natural beauty.

To get to Sabang, you can book a flight ticket served by Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport in Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar, which is the main gateway to visit Weh Island. The airport is about 21 kilometers from Ulee Lheue Ferry Port to Sabang and it takes approximately 35 minutes driving from the airport. There are also domestic flights you can book from major cities in Indonesia such as Medan and Jakarta with served by many airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Batik Air and Lion Air.

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Travelling to Weh Island is like a different journey and impressing you on a unique and exciting experience. Here are travel guide & top things to do in Weh Island, Check out the tourism activities and tourist attractions in Weh Island below:

Top 10 Most Popular Things to do in Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia

  1. Scuba Diving and Explore the fantastic dive sites

Weh Island is a small island at the northernmost of Sumatra Island which has the best diving spots in Southeast Asia. For many visitors, the underwater world is the main attraction. Sabang offers a beautiful underwater world rich in coral reefs and marine life. You are easily seeing the parrot fish, manta rays, eagle rays, moray eels and many others. Here you will have the opportunity to dive in some stunning dive spots from shallow diving to wreck diving. The Indian Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west both contribute to the diversity of marine life. The underwater visibility is always good, usually about 25 meters and rarely below 15 meters and good dives over the year. At the end of September, the water become cooler and the big creatures will come such as the whale shark. You can also diving in the Tokong Dive Spot which is known as the world’s sea eel capital. There are plenty of sea eel or moray with various species but the spot has strong current. Weh Island is also a great place for deep dive, Rickmers Wreck is a 134 meter long World War II cargo ship located at a depth of 37 meters. The deepest part of the wreck at a depth of about 60 meters offer abundant rare sea creatures. By diving on this island, you will think every time you go diving elsewhere, you will always think about how good it is about diving on Pulau Weh. There are many diving spots in Weh Island namely Limbo Gapang Diving Spot, Batee Dua Dive Site, Batee Meuroron, North Rubiah, Arus Paleh, Seulako Driff, Seulako Cave, Batee Tokong, Shark Plateau, Sabang Wreck, Volcano, Batee Meuduro, Shopie Rickmers Wreck, Sumur Tiga, Lhong Angen, Rondo Island, Batee Gla and Anoe Itam. If you want to dive in Weh Island, we offer a diving package for you. You may check our website below and find out Aceh diving post and diving package:

2. Snorkeling in many best snorkeling spots in Weh Island

Snorkeling is one of the best things to in Pulau Weh. This snorkeling activities of one a must do. There are many snorkeling shop in Teupin Layeu Iboih or in Gapang rent snorkeling equipment. The famous snorkeling spots here are Rubiah Sea Garden and Gapang. Rubiah Sea Garden has conservation sea area of 2,600 hectares offer attractive natural beauty. In this Rubiah Marine Park has many snorkeling spots, one of the famous one is just in front of Rubiah Island in the southern part. To reach the island, the nearest place is Iboih Beach. You can rent the glass bottom boat and it will bring you to explore several best snorkeling spot and drop you off to Rubiah Island. if you want to take a photos with hundreds of fish, we recommend you to buy a feeding which is a boiled noodle selling in Rubiah Island. You can feed it to the fish and it will come hundreds of fish very close to you.

3. Seeing the Dolphins Attraction

You can watch dolphin attractions directly from the boat on Weh Island. This attraction offer truly amazing experience for you. There are some places you can see the dolphins in Weh Island. if you are lucky, you will see more than 30 dolphins swimming. The dolphins comes at a certain time usually in the morning and in the evening. Are you happy to dozens of dolphins in Pulau Weh! We provide the special package for you:

4. Ride a Jet Ski

There are many exciting holiday activities in Sabang. This will provide a holiday experience in Sabang by riding a jet ski in the middle of the sea. The jet ski activity in Sabang is need to be accompanied by an instructor. Not all location in Sabang can be used as a location for jet skiing. Sea waters that can be used for jet ski must have a tranquil sea wave and no people snorkeling around. In addition, traffic must be safe from large vessel traffic. The suitable place for jet skiing on Weh Island are in front of Rubiah Island, Paradiso Beach and Sumur Tiga Beach.

5. Yachting around the Island

Weh Island is the perfect place for yachting. To enhance international tourists, the Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) or Sabang Yacht Club is one of the yacht tour festival that is becoming a trend every year held by the authorities of Sabang. Not only during the festival, the yachter can visit and open daily to visit Weh Island. The government has also provided the Marina Port for yachts located in Lhok Weng, Sabang.

6. Watching the Whale Shark

Another great things to do in Weh Island besides watching the dolphin attraction is watching spectacular whale shark attraction. This is the number one tourist attractions in Weh Island. Swim with the whale shark with the length of 7-10 meters. The whale shark can usually be seen in the Sabang area within the first two months depending on the growth of planktons and migration patterns. The Whale Shark is the largest fish and including to the group of sharks (Rhincodontypus). Even the large animal, this fish are known to be tame to humans. The whale shark movement is very slow of 5 kilometers per hour. This whale Shark is determined to be exposed or vulnerable to extinction.

7. Fishing in one of the top 5 fishing spots in the world namely Rondo Island

Fishing spots on Weh Island are scattered around the island such as Rondo Island, Meuduro, Klah Island and Anoe Itam. One of the world’s best fishing spot is Rondo Island located in the Andaman Sea. Fishing is the best activity on Pulau Weh that will give you unique experience. You can use all fishing technique here. Ruby Snapper will give you a strong resistance when you hook up. If you are fishing with jigging techniques, Dog Tooth Tuna and Yellow Fin Tuna are interested in your metal jig lure. The use of metal jigs greatly affects the fishing results. The metal jigs size of 60-100 grams of blue and red are the best to attract the Tuna gangs. The use of metal jig is adapted to the underwater currents, so the metal jig does not sink to the bottom. There is one of the most popular spot on Rondo Island and this place is great for fishing with big boat. You will catch Giant Trevally, Giant Grouper, Dog Tooth Tuna, Marlin or Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna to the big Dogtooth. You want to try fishing the giant trevally. Book a fishing package from us:

8. Riding around the Island & Trekking

Find a variety of activities besides snorkeling and diving on Weh Island. you can try exploring further this beautiful island with Riding the motorcycle around the island. The nature of Sabang also offers a variety of interesting flora and fauna and you can enjoy it with trekking. When you ride the motorbike you will be touched by the fresh air of the tropical jungle. You will also see the nature and the Blue Ocean while on a motorcycle. Sabang has a very attractive green landscape as well as the hospitality of its people who will sincerely help you if you do not know the way. on Your way to explore this island with motorcycle, you can stop and take a break at the coffee shop and enjoy a cup of special Acehnese Coffee. When you travel to Sabang city, you will find some of the Japanese fortress and other historical relics. To rent the motorbike, you can rent it either in Iboih or Balohan Harbor.

9. Kayaking in the wonder beauty of Rubiah Island

There are several interesting beaches around Sabang that can be explored with kayak. Kayaking or canoeing is one of the activities that can be done on Weh Island. you can explore by kayak from Iboih Beach to Rubiah Island or you can also explore the surrounding Rubiah Island with kayak. Don’t forget to wear the life jacket for safety.

10. Swimming in Splendid Beaches in Weh Island

Sabang is famous for its marine tourism. Many foreign tourists come to enjoy the beauty of Sabang. One of the best activities to enjoy the natural beauty is swimming in many splendid beaches in Weh Island. Are you happy swimming with hundreds of fish! The stunning natural scenery, white sand beaches and blue clear water are in front of your eyes. The beaches in Sabang that you can swim are Teupin Layeu Beach, Rubiah Island Beach, Gapang Beach, Teupin Reudeup Beach, Pasir Putih Beach and Three Wells Beach or Sumur Tiga Beach. the beaches is good with small waves. The water is very clear like an in huge aquarium and you can see freely the fish swimming.

Best Sightseeing & Tourist Attractions in Weh Island, Aceh

  1. Rubiah Sea Garden

Rubiah Island with its marine park, Rubiah Sea Garden, offers a magnificent underwater beauty and spectacular tourist spot on Rubiah Island. Rubiah Island is the name of a famous person called Cut Nyak Rubiah who was buried in Rubiah Island. at this time, many people come to Rubiah Island to explore the marine park and enjoying the beauty of it. Snorkeling is one best things to do to enjoy the beauty of the marine park or you can also rent a glass bottom boat and you can see the beautiful underwater through the glass bottom like in a huge aquarium. In this marine park is also perfect place for marine biota research site and there are at least 15 protected marine biota species here. You will find a variety of tropical fish species such as angle fish, giant shell, lion fish, and various colorful reef fish. There are also various types of coral reefs that you can see. This place is the best place for diving activities especially for the beginners. Exploring the marine park, there are many activities you can do including swimming, snorkeling, exploring the beach, kayaking, diving and you can take pictures with hundreds of colorful fish. Travelers may spend a lot of time here. To rent snorkeling equipment, you can rent it on Iboih Beach or in Rubiah Island also available. If you are planning to spend time vacation on this island and enjoy the snorkeling and swimming with hundreds of fish, we offer you a special package:

2. Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach or also known as Teupin Layeu Beach, is located west of Sabang Island, about 40 minutes from Balohan Port which is a port where you get off the ferry from Banda Aceh. Iboih Bach is a small heaven in Aceh with more relaxed atmosphere. There is a tropical protected forest with charming white sand beach. The Iboih is popular among the tourist which is the beauty of this beach is the main tourist destination in Weh Island. the tourists can also enjoy delicious fresh seafood. what you can do in Iboih Beach! here are the holiday guide on Iboih Beach:

  • Swimming

Swimming on Iboih Beach is the best things to do, with shallow sea water and clear water, you can see the seabed clearly.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the top things to do in Iboih Beach. you will see the beauty of marine life on this beach. without having to dive, you will see a lots of fish swim around you. You can rent the complete snorkeling equipment on this beach.

  • Diving

If you want to explore deeper, you can dive to see many protected fish species in Iboih. There are unique and beautiful coral reefs. You can book diving trips at the diving school at Iboih or you can also book a dive package with us:

  • Enjoying Seafood Culinary

You can enjoy fresh seafood on the beach, there are several seafood restaurant in Iboih, one of them is Babah Alue Restaurant. You can choose whatever fish you like to eat such as reef fish, squid and others.

  • Watching the Sunrise

Iboih Beach is one of the best beaches to see the sunrise on Pulau Weh. You can enjoy fresh air in the morning while watching the sunrise.

3. Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach or Three Wells Beach is a beautiful beach located in the village of Ie Meule, Sabang. The beach offers a panoramic view of a stunning white sand beach, coconut trees and clear crystal water. the beach is about 15 minutes from Sabang downtown. The beach is named Sumur Tiga as it has three fresh water wells located along the coast. You can snorkel and windsurfing here with calm water but windy. The white sand beach is very clean and very enchanting. Sumur Tiga is a beautiful beach on Pulau Weh and one of the best place for swim. The beach is also perfect place to see the sunset and sunrise. Sumur Tiga Beach keeps its own beauty in contrast to Iboih Beach, although the coral reefs here are less beautiful but there are many fishes in Sumur Tiga. There is a dive site in Sumur Tiga, the diving in Sumur Tiga begins in a sandy area withstrong currents. You can see the pelagic fish and if you are lucky you will see manta. you will also see various reefs, turtles, crabs and others.

4. Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is quiet and tranquil place with white sandy beaches and shade trees along the beach. there are some accommodation with dive shop and restaurant. Gapang is one of the best tourist spots on Weh Island with a relaxed and tranquil feel. The beach becomes one of the favorite beaches for many European travelers located about 17 kilometers from Sabang Town. This beach offers many interesting activities to do. Diving and Snorkeling are the main activities offered on this beach. There are some dive shops you can book diving trips. The majority of visitors to this beach are from European, America and Australia. The beach is where some dive sites are popular with macro lovers just in front of the beach called Gapang House Reef dive site. In addition to diving and snorkeling on the beach, you can also take a swim in this beach with calm water.

5. Teupin Reudeup Beach

Teupin Reudeup is a beach in Sabang and sometimes tourists call it Kincir or Long Beach. the beach is located not far from Iboih Beach towards Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument. The beach has beautiful white sandy beach and it very close to favorite diving spot and Seulako Island. you can also snorkeling on this beach. this is look more privacy and there are several diving resort here. To reach this beach, you can rent a motorbike in Iboih with six minutes journey or about 2,7 kilometers from Iboih Beach. if you are jogging in the morning towards the Zero Kilometers Monument, you can reach this beach within 15-20 minutes.

6. Anoi Itam Japanese Fort

Anoe Itam Japanese Fort is a historic building on Weh Island located in Anoi Itam Beach Area. The Japanese Fort was built between the year of 1942 – 1945 and used as a shelter for Japanese troops. The Japanese Troops landed in Sabang in 1942. There are a lot of Japanese Fortresses in the form of a cave. The Anoi Itam Japanese Fort with half of the building was made in the ground with the spy view on the enemy from the top of the hill. In this fort there is still a cannon weapon with a length of more than 3 meters. This Japanese Fort is one of famous fortress in Sabang between the other fortresses scattered in Sabang. Its location is close to one of beautiful beach. visitor who visit this fort, they will see stunning natural scenery including hills, huge trees and beautiful beaches. From the top of the hill and fort, the Malacca Strait can be seen clearly.

7. Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach or Payakeuneukai Beach is a beautiful beach located in Keuneukai with a soft white sands and the panorama surrounding area such as mountain views and jungle. The beach also offers clear sea water. in front of this beach, there is a very beautiful dive site, you will see many sharks such as thresher shark, white tip reef shark, black tip reef shark, grey reef shark and other sharks. Visiting this beach, you will enjoy beautiful and exotic beach atmosphere. This beach is one of the best beach to see the magnificent sunrise make this beach worth to visit.

8. Anoi Itam Beach

Anoe Itam Beach is a black sandy beach in Sabang, located 13 kilometers from Sabang city. Anoe Itam Beach may be the most distinctive beach with other beaches on Weh Island. its black sand contains high nickel mineral in its mineral composition. The beach is very exotic to visit. You will see the clear blue waters of the sea. On the beach there are several cafes and you can have a meal or coconut drink. You can also enjoy the underwater attraction by snorkeling on this beach. if you are lucky you will see the turtles.

9. Sarang Cave

Sarang Cave is a sea cave located at the edge of the protected forest hills in Iboih Village approximately 12 minutes driving from Iboih Beach. the cave is a nesting cave for wallets and bats, but remains a favorite tourist destination in Sabang. You can see beautiful natural scenery, sturdy cave walls, green lush and blue sea water. to reach the location, you must walk down the step. This becomes a soft trekking for you. To explore deeper inside of the cave, you can rent a boat at a cost of IDR 200.000 to see at the mouth of the cave. Only one cave can be entered by a bout inside and you can see many birds and bats.

10. Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument

Zero Kilometer Indonesia is one of the best place to visit in Weh Island. the Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument is a monument marking where Indonesia start from. This monument is approximately 1 hour driving from the center of Sabang town. One of the stunning things to do here is watching the sunset in the evening and enjoy the coconut drink that sells in the stalls around the monument. Some shops also sell original souvenirs from Sabang. The area of surrounding monument is a protected jungle. You will meet a wild monkey along the way and if you are lucky you will see endemic birds of Weh Island. in this monument, you can walk up the building and see the entire area from the top. At this time, you will see the new monument that has been renovated with an attitude of 43.6 meters. Tourists who visit Sabang will definitely visit this monument.

The top must-visited places and must-see in Weh Island

  • Seeing the Panorama of the Klah Island

Klah Island is an uninhabited small island, but there are various activities can be done in the island such as fishing, snorkeling and other tourism activities. The island is very small, but its natural beauty is very attractive with calm and peaceful atmosphere. For the fishing activity, you can fish the skipjack and snapper fish here. You can also snorkeling on Klah Island Beach that offer fantastic underwater attraction that is different from other beaches in Sabang. Generally, the travelers enjoy the beauty of this island from the top of the hills or the Klah Island View Point when you are heading to Iboih. Most of them stop a while here and taking a pictures.

  • Visit Ujong Kareung Beach

Ujong Kareung Beach is one of the beach in Sabang located at Ie Meule, Suka Jaya district, Sabang. This beach is a rock formation around the beach with its clear water. the landscape of Ujong Kareung is different than other beaches. The rock formation combined with Blue Ocean is very perfect for photography. if you want to swim, the waves on the beach are not too big. You can jump right into the sea. For those of you who are first time visit Sabang, it is worth for you to visit this beach.

  • Visit Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria Laot Waterfall is a natural tourist destination in Weh Island and the only waterfall on the island. the name of the waterfall comes from the village name where the waterfall is located in the village. At this waterfall, you can see the clear water and the unspoiled beauty of the forest. Sabang is not only rich in beautiful beaches but also offer the waterfall located about 12 kilometers from the center of Sabang city. There is a pool of about 10 square meters and you can swim here.

  • Seeing the Panoramic view of Aneuk Laot Lake

Aneuk Laot Lake is a lake located in the middle of Sabang city, Weh Island, which is the source of fresh water for the residents of Pulau Weh. Aneuk Laot Lake has a beautiful panorama that is perfect for photography. you can take a picture from the top of the I Love Sabang Monument. This lake with an area of about 37.5 hectares is an attraction for travelers with beautiful panoramic views and bluish water. the best time to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake is in the evening when the sun goes down. In addition, the green lush around the lake makes the panorama more dramatic.

  • Visit the Sabang Fair

Sabang Fair is a cultural park where the cultural events are held located near the beautiful beach. the Sabang fair also has a seaside park where you can enjoy the breeze in Gazebo or watching magnificent sunset. Sabang Fair is one of the best place to watch the sunset. Almost every day the location is full of local and foreign tourists. At the Sabang Fair you can also see Japanese bunker and Portuguese heritage canons line up along the Sabang Fair arena. Close to Sabang Fair, you can find the culinary center of Sabang Culinary Park where you can enjoy Sabang special cuisine here such as the popular Octopus satay.

  • Visit the Sabang Grand Mosque

The Grand of Babussalam is a great mosque in Sabang city located in the center of Sabang city. The mosque is a religious center of the Sabang majority Muslim community and also a tourist destination for worship while travelling to explore the beauty of Weh Island. The mosque was built in 1970 at initiated of Tgk Harun Ali who was the first Sabang mayor. The mosque is built with beautiful architecture of middle-east style.

  • Visit the I Love Sabang Monument

I Love Sabang Monument is a monument with ocean and lake of Aneuk Laot as backdrop. This monument is the first venue for new people arrivals in Sabang. Many tourist take pictures as an attractive place for travelers. The tourists visiting Sabang will definitely stop to take a photo together at the I Love Sabang Monument.

  • Visit Kasih Beach & Paradiso Beach

Kasih Beach is a white sandy beach that is very close to the center of the city. There are many things you can do at Kasih Beach such as playing at the beach with family, watching the sunset and walking around the beach with friends. Paradiso Beach is a beach adjacent to Kasih Beach. for those of you who are unsatisfied playing at Kasih Beach, you can also explore the beauty of Paradiso Beach. Along Paradiso Beach has several cafes that you can enjoy delicious cuisine.

  • Visit Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a beach equipped with a marina port for yacht. Usually in the event of Sabang Marine Festival or Sabang Yacht Club many yachts are coming to this Marina port. Not only during the events, you can also come here by yacht at other times you want if you want to sail around the island.

  • Visit Jaboi Volcano

Sabang also has an adventure tourist destination namely Jaboi Volcano. Jaboi Volcano is an active volcano located in Jaboi Village, approximately 15 kilometers from Sabang Town. This volcano is not too high or about 200 meters above sea level. At this mountain location there is a trekking route that adventurer can use. Jaboi Volcano is not in danger status, it is still permissible to visit this volcano. If the tourists come to this volcano, you will smell the sulfur that emerged from the crater of the mount. You can also see the flow of hot water containing sulfuric acid and sulfur around the crater.

Best Cuisine in Weh Island you should try

Sabang is famous for its beautiful marine tourism and beaches. In addition, the tourist can also have best cuisine with variety of dishes offer in Sabang. Here are some delicious dishes you can try on Weh Island while you are on vacation to this island:

  • Octopus Satay

Octopus Satay is one of the most popular cuisine in Sabang. You can enjoy this satay with pasta sauce of peanut sauce. The meat is chewy and usually the satay enjoyed with packed rice. You can enjoy this dishes at Sabang Culinary Park.

  • Jalak Noodle

Mie Jalak or Jalak Noodle is a noodle cooked with soup and then served with cuts of meat, bean sprouts and boiled eggs. These dishes are well-known among local and tourists.

  • Pingsun Noodle

Pingsun Noodle is noodle served with a variety of seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish. In addition to seafood, this dish is also served with vegetables.

  • Zero Kilometer Fruit Salad

Zero Kilometer Fruit Salad is a fruit salad made from various fruits, palm sugar, chili, peanut and sago palm fruit sauce. This fruit salad can be found at the Zero Kilometer Monument.

  • Fruit Salad Klah Island View Point

Fruit Salad Klah Island View Point is a fruit salad that you can enjoy in the street side stall to Iboih or just right in front of Klah Island or popular as Klah Island View Point. From this store we can see clearly Klah Island. This fruit salad is small slice of fruit served with special Acehnese sauce.

  • Mie Seudap

Mie Seudap is not an instant noodle brand of Mie Sedap, Mie Sedap is a noodle shop located at Perdagangan Street Sabang. This noodles are made from flour and eggs without preservatives. This delicious noodle are usually served with meat and celery and chicken soup as well.

  • Acehnese Noodle

Acehnese Noodle is a typical Acehnese Noodle dish. Thick yellow noodles mixed with beef or seafood like squid and crab.

  • Italian Pasta

You can enjoy excellent Italian pasta on Weh Island. This pasta is made using traditional recipes from the Emilian region. You can enjoy this Italian Pasta at Bixio Café. 

  • Seafood Grilled

The Seafood in Sabang is very tasty, the seafood is cooked with a barbecue then eaten with rice, vegetables and dipped the seafood into a typical Acehnese sauce. You can choose seafood such as snapper, grouper, squid and others. You can enjoy the seafood dishes at Iboih Beach or on Rubiah Island.

  • Acehnese Curry

The Acehnese Curry can be found in front of the Great Mosque of Sabang which offers Aceh’s special curry. This special curry should you try. You definitely be addicted to the taste.

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