Rondo Island Pulau Weh (Sabang Island): Diving & Fishing Adventure in outer island of Indonesia

Rondo Island Pulau Weh (Sabang Island) is the outer island of Indonesia and one of the island part of Weh Island from four other islands namely Seulako Island, Klah Island and Rubiah Island which is located about 15 miles away from the city of Sabang the capital of Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia. This outer island in the western of Indonesia is located in the Andaman Sea and bordered by Indian territory, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Actually the zero point of kilometers west of Indonesia is on this island, but because of the distance and the access that is so difficult to this island, the zero kilometer Indonesia monument was made in Pulau Weh. The area of the island is only 0.42 square kilometers.

Rondo Island actually has many unique features and many things you can do. But only for those who love extreme adventure and explore. The island is uninhabited island, only a marine military post who control the border of the country with some of military equipment and the lighthouse. To reach this island takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes from the city of Sabang or just less than an hour if using a speed boat from Iboih beach. To sail to this island is not as easy as sailing to Pulau Weh, there are big the waves and currents because of the meeting of two straits namely the Malacca Strait and the Indian Strait.

Rondo Island has dense forests and beautiful beaches. Around this island there are large stones towering. The meeting of two currents, north and south, causes the island has beautiful coral reefs and abundant fish resources. But for diving on this island you must have a master scuba diving certificate. It’s not suitable for the beginners.

The island has a steep land, if you are in a military guard post, you have to go down 500 steps to reach the beach. off the coast of Rondo Island has large oil reserves and can be exploited for hundreds of years based on the results sonar test and satellite imagery ever carried out from a ship. There was an investor from Abu Dhabi who wanted to explore.

For those who want to conquer the sensation of ferocious fish in these waters, you can find fishing spot around this island or you may also hiring the fishing charter with the condition of the captain already know the spots and the conditions around the island. if you know the spot, you can easily hook the predators and fierce monsters fish like giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, big grouper, marlin, ruby snapper, yellow fin tuna, kingfish, bigeye tuna and many other species fish.

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For scuba divers, Rondo Island has several dive sites. But only for master divers. Rondo Island is the most challenging dive site with circular currents. This dive site is one of the best diving spots and very unique with diversity. You will see coral areas with steep dropping conditions where you will meet various types of large grouper fish, coral shark, thresher sharks, manta ray, devil ray, giant trevally, dog tooth tuna, barracuda, octopus and many more. If you are happy diving around Pulau Weh, you can book a diving charter from us below:

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For those of you who are serious about visiting Rondo Island, you must prepare all your needs and stuffs because the island is very limited.

Rubiah Island: A Beautiful island in Pulau Weh (Sabang Island) Aceh & Best Snorkeling Spot

Rubiah Island is the most popular tourist attraction and holiday destination on Pulau Weh which is famous both domestic tourist and foreigner. Rubiah Island is one of the five island in Weh Island or among local people also called Sabang Island. The island of Rubiah is located on the northwest coast of Weh Island. The island is famous for its underwater world which is rich of marine life or also know Rubiah Marine Park. Pulau Weh or Sabang Island itself is located northern tip of Sumatra Island precisely in Andaman Sea. Pulau Weh is famous for its ecosystem where the government has declared an area of 60 square kilometers from the edge of the island both land and sea as conservation area. Mega-mouth shark was one of the species can be found on the island.

Rubiah Island
megamouth shark pulau weh

Rubiah Island offers many of the best snorkeling spots with excellent visibility. The snorkeling spots in this island is one of the best on the island of Pulau Weh and the most visited tourist attractions in Pulau Weh and top visited island than other small island in Pulau Weh such as Klah Island, Rondo Island and Seulako Island, because the island is not only can be enjoyed the beauty by the tourists but also for the student and researchers who would like to research. In this island you can enjoyed the panoramic beauty of the island, beautiful beaches, fantastic snorkeling spots and great diving spots for beginners and professionals. The plenty of best things to do on Rubiah such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, diving and also a perfect place for family holiday trip.

Rubiah Island has clear and blue water and magnificent underwater views with great visibility, white sand beaches, green lush trees with fresh air. The island is famous for its marine tourism where you can go around the island and snorkel by seeing the beautiful coral reefs and swimming with hundreds of colorful fish like you are in a large aquarium. Usually the tourists get to the island by taking the glass bottom boat tour where you can see the view of underwater on the way to the island from the bottom of the boat before you reach the best snorkeling spots in Rubiah Marine Park.

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Rubiah Island is surrounded by the Rubiah Marine Park which has 2,600 hectare marine conservation area that protects various coral species including rare coral species and marine biota in Indonesia. 14 from 15 rare coral in Indonesia are found in this place. This marine park is also popular for yachts, scuba diving sites and research sites. For underwater visibility, it is very clear reaching 10-25 meters, so it looks like a large aquarium and great for underwater photography.

Exploring the Rubiah Island as mentioned earlier, it will be surprising every visitor that there are many water sports activities that you can do on the island. It’s not only swimming, snorkeling but also scuba diving and kayaking. The waves are quite calm and safe for everyone and very suitable for family trip with the children. The island is uninhabited, so it will offer a tranquil atmosphere. There are several seafood restaurants on the island, the tourist can enjoy the lunch without return back to Iboih beach to find a food.

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The clear blue sea water with the soft white sand beach seems to be a perfect combination that makes tourist feel at ease for a long time while on the island. the name of Rubiah Island itself was taken from the name of a woman, Cut Nyak Rubiah whose the tomb is on this island. there are various stories about Nyak Rubiah. The islands has its own history back in the 1920s which was a quarantine place for Indonesian Pilgrims at that time and the building still can be found on the island. in addition, the island was also a stronghold of the Netherlands and Japan during World War II. This can be seen from the remains of historic forts that you can still see on the island.

To set a foot on the island and enjoy the beauty of marine parks on the island, tourist can travel from Banda Aceh to Ulee Lheue Ferry Port which will take around 35 minutes from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport Blang Bintang by car. You can rent a transport from Sultan Iskandar Muda airport with us, you can also rent a car if you need a car rental in Aceh for short tour before you are leaving to Pulau Weh. Upon arrival at Ulee Lheue port, you can take fast ferry just 45 minutes from Ulee Lheue port to Balohan harbor Pulau Weh. From Balohan Harbor, you can take a mini bus to Iboih beach within 45 minutes or you can also contact us if you need a transport in Pulau Weh or car rental in Pulau Weh (Sabang). Arriving at Iboih Beach, you can rent a boat or glass bottom boat tour to get to the island in just 10-15 minutes.

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Rubiah Island is one of the best and most beautiful islands in Aceh. The island is also perfect spot for photography both land and underwater photography. here you can take a lots of beautiful pictures. For underwater photographers, Rubiah Marine Park is a beautiful and famous diving site for its shallow colorful coral reefs. It has a rocky slope with large branched hard corals. You can also find some pink fluorescent bubble anemones. You can also see the beautiful moray honeycomb.

Rubiah Island is also very beautiful to see the sunset on the west side of the island and also the sunrise that you can see from the east side of the island. the green island surrounded by all shades of green lush trees, glass bottom boat floating on the clear sea water are perfect tropical paradise with soft white sand beaches, turquoise sea water and incredible underwater world.

While you are on this island where it surrounded by a marine park full of coral reefs ad marine life, you will spend most of your time in the waters. Educational trips are also welcome in the waters of the island where you can spend time learning about marine life and underwater. At last, you will be greeted with a charming natural scenery as you set foot on Rubiah Island. the vast blue sea is combined with white sandy beaches and charming green hills. It is not complete if you visit the island only for sightseeing, but everything will be more perfect when you enjoy the beauty of the underwater by snorkeling and scuba diving. Under the sea you can see a wide variety of fish such as clown fish, nemo fish, blue botanical fish, coral fish, lion fish, pelagic fish, angelfish and many more. There are also a variety of colorful coral reefs that are sure to pamper your eyes.