Private Full Day Tour Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar (Eastern Coast)

Private Full Day tour Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar (Eastern Coast) is the private full day tour package in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar Regency precisely in the east coast of Aceh Besar. Eastern Coast of Aceh Besar offer very exciting scenery, white sandy beach with shady trees and the trees growing up in the sea. This tour will impress you much. The full day Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar tour package visits many interesting places in Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar where you can see many amazing attractions. The trip will accompanied by your own personal guide. You may send us the inquiries or booking to or WhatApp us to +6285360131941, here is the detail of the one day tour Banda Aceh & Aceh Besar (Eastern Coast):

The highlight places include:

  • Baiturrahman Great Mosque: This is the landmark in Banda Aceh. This mosque is located in the center of Banda Aceh. This mosque has excellent architecture style and design. The mosque also known a symbol of strength of Acehnese during the Dutch colonialization and remembered as a sacred place that has saved hundreds of Acehnese people from tsunami devastating in 2004.
  • Tsunami Museum: This museum is a must visit in Banda Aceh as important landmark huge disaster of tsunami in Aceh in 2004 and has killed about 250.000 people. there are many display inside ranging from tsunami disaster to research center.
  • PLTD Apung : PLTD Apung is another tsunami monument. It was a diesel floating power generation to support electricity in Aceh and when the tsunami happened the vessel stranded from the sea to the land approximately 4,5 kilometers away. The ship has 2500 tons weight. At this time you can walk around the monument.
  • Aceh State Museum : Aceh State Museum is the Acehnese museum in the form of Acehnese Traditional House. You can see many historical objects, antique and many household items used back centuries ago which is highly historical value.
  • Boat On House Tsunami Monument : Ship above the house is another tsunami remainder monument. The boat were originally on the ocean and when the tsunami, it stranded on the top of a house by huge wave. The boat still well preserve till now as one of tsunami monument.
  • Ujong Batee Beach : Ujong Batee Beach is located in the east coast of Aceh Besar or northern east coast of Aceh. There are lush pine trees along this black sand beach with the calm atmosphere.
  • Indra Patra Fortress : Indra Patra Fortress is one of the historical buildings in the first Hindu kingdom namely Lamuri Kingdom in Aceh before Islam arrived to Aceh. The fortress is located near Ujong Kareung Beach.The fortress had purpose to fortify the people of the Kingdom of Lamuri from Portuese gunboat explosions and as the place of worship for Hindus at that time. After the Islam arrived, the fort still used by Aceh Darussalam Kingdom as the fortify and defense against enemy attacked from the sea.
  • Sultan Iskandar Muda Fort : this historical heritage of Sultan Iskandar Muda Fortress is located in Brandeh Village, Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar precisely on the shore of Malacca Strait. The fort was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in the 16th century to protected his territory from the Dutch and Portuguese attacked.
  • Lhok Me Beach : Lhok Mee Beach is the hidden paradise offer beautiful white sand beach. the fantastic things in this beach is the trees grown up in the sea which is become the icon of the beach.
  • Lamreh Hills : Lamreh hills is an exciting hill view with the blue ocean as the background make this place become popular place for photography.
  • Blang Ulam Beach : Blang Ulam Beach is another untouched hidden paradise in Aceh Besar. The beach offer amazing view almost the same like Lhok Me Beach with the trees on the sea.
  • Ujong Batee Puteh Beach : Ujong Batee Puteh is like the beaches in Uluwatu Bali, but the sand is black combine with cliffs that stand high and white. The bleach has blue crystal water and very good for swimming or snorkeling.
  • Ie Suum Hot Spring : Ie Suum Hot Spring is the natural hot spring coming from Seulawah Volcano located in Ie Suum Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar.
  • Dates Farm Blang Bintang : On the way back, the journey will go passing the hill to Blang Bintang. On the way stop at Huge Dates Farm in Blang Bintang precisely on the top of the hills. The dates farm is about 650 hectares and may be the owner will expand the land larger than it.

What’s include in this one day tour in Banda Aceh packages:

  • Transport by private vehicle with air-conditioning and professional driver
  • English guide (Upon Request)
  • Fuel & Driver
  • Parking fee
  • Private tour


  • Food and drinks
  • Personal expense
  • Insurance
  • Entrance fee of the Tsunami Museum IDR 20.000 per Pax.
  • Tips

Meeting point:

  • Ulee Lheue Harbor
  • Banda Aceh City Center
  • Lhoknga Area
  • Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport
  • Aceh Besar

Additional Info:

  • Booking can be request via our mail or whatapp. or +6285360131941
  • Booking at least 5 hours before tour.
  • A minimum of 01 people per booking.
  • One car can fit for maximum 4 people with luggage and 7 people with no luggage.
  • If you are more than 4 people with luggage or 7 people with no luggage, the tour using two car.
  • The tour will complete in 9 hours.


  • Payment can be paid after the tour finish or at the meeting point.

Tour Price: Contact us for info

Culinary Advice:

You may a lunch at Ujong Kareung Sea Food where you can have a nice grilled fish with Acehnese seasoning.