Sumur Tiga Beach: Best Pulau Weh’s Beach for relax & sunrise view

Sumur Tiga Beach is a beautiful white sand beach in Pulau Weh Aceh and one of the most popular beach with nice beachfront resort. Sumur Tiga has become a favorite place where you can relax in peaceful weather while your eyes spoiled by beautiful beach panorama, great place to chill with laid back vibe, great view and delicious food. Sumur Tiga Beach is also popular sunrise view located in the east part of Pulau weh, 15 minutes from Sabang town. It’s relatively quiet, sunny and breezy ambience provide a fantastic place to relax, sunbathing and swimming.

Sumur Tiga Beach Sabang Pulau Weh or Three Wells Beach is one of the beautiful white sand beach on the island. many tourists both foreigner and local visit this beach because they have heard about the beauty of the beach and the beautiful panorama around the beach. Sumur Tiga Beach Pulau Weh is one of best place to visit in Pulau Weh located in the east side of the island and known as the most beautiful beach in Pulau Weh with long stretch of the beach.

Sumur Tiga Beach is the most famous beach on the island located in the tourism village of Ie Meulee. This area is a combination of the beach and island life thus making the atmosphere very natural. This white sandy beach has become a favorite of tourist to relax. Currently, hotel and resort business is thriving on this beach, even some of the best accommodation in Pulau Weh are located on this beach.

 Sumur Tiga name originally came from the three wells found along the beach separately within a few hundred meters between one well and another. Formerly, the wells are used by locals as a source of fresh water and clean water to wash their body from salt water. although it’s located close to the beach, but the wells has fresh water.

Sumur Tiga Beach has clear and blue sea water. The location of the beach is under the steep hill surrounded by various trees including coconut trees which makes this beach shady and very spoiled. To get to the beach, you can rent a car from Balohan harbor when you arrive from Banda Aceh or a shuttle. The journey is about 20 minutes from Balohan harbor.

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Sumur Tiga Beach which is one of the tourism area in Pulau Weh has interesting activities that tourists can do:

  • 1. Relax on the beach

Enjoying a day at Sumur Tiga and relaxing with family will give you peace of mind. This beach is the perfect place for you to spend your vacation time. Imagine the sound of small waves, fresh air making you very relaxed.

  • 2. Swimming on clear water

Pure white sand, sparkling blue and trees by the beach and a clean beach is a perfect and charming beach to swim.

  • 3. Sun-bathing

Swimming, sun-bathing or whatever you do, this beach is the perfect beach for it. If your idea for sun-bathing on the beach, you can sunbathe in with some drinks and a good book for you to read while enjoy sun-bathing.

  • 4. Seeing Sunrise

This beach is located on the east side of Weh Island, wake up in early morning and you will see a very beautiful sunrise which is one of best place to see the sunrise on Pulau Weh.

  • 5. Scuba Diving

To enjoy the underwater attraction, this beach offers a scuba diving site on the south coast. Here you will see more fish and coral reefs. There is also a coral spot which is home to corals, crabs, lobsters, blue spotted flounder and many other marine life.

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  • 6. Chill-out and dining with friend

Sumur Tiga Beach is the perfect beach for you to enjoy dinner. you can enjoy dinning at Freddy’s restaurant and also at Casanemo both perfect beachfront restaurant.

  • 7. Having a good Spa

For those of you who are looking for a spa, Sumur Tiga is a great place where two famous resorts on the beach namely Freddy and Casanemo offer body spa packages.

  • 8. Wind-surfing

You can do wind surfing on this beach because the waters offer good wind for wind-surfing. Strong winds and calm waves with natural scenery make this place an ideal place for wind-surf.

  • 9. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the activities you can try on this beach. although it’s not as beautiful as Rubiah Sea Garden, but you can see various species of coral, crabs, lobster and pelagic fish.

  • 10. Photography

Photography is one of interesting activities to do with a very beautiful view of the beautiful beach with a blue sea backdrop and trees.

There are many resorts with views of the open sea that will hypnotize many tourist to stay here, here is some list of some accommodation in Sumur Tiga:

  1. Freddy’s Sumur Tiga
  2. Casanemo
  3. The Point Resort
  4. Mata Ie Resort
  5. Monle Cottage

Not far from Sumur Tiga, there are other tourist attractions you can visit, see below:

  1. Tapak Gajah Beach
  2. Ujong Kareung Beach
  3. Kasih Beach
  4. Anoi Itam Beach
  5. Japanese Bunker

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Sumur Tiga Beach with a long coastline of about 2 kilometers is a favorite beach for many tourists and definitely will visit this beach while on Pulau Weh. You can relax on the beach with a beautiful view and feel comfortable staying longer on this beach.

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