Top 10 Sunset Spot in Pulau Weh: Best Places to see sunset in Weh Island Sabang

You want to see a dramatic sunset in Pulau Weh! Find best sunset spot in Pulau Weh here. Pulau Weh or Weh Island has a number of amazing natural and marine tourism. Pulau Wehoffer a lot of things to do including watching magnificent sunset view.

Most of the tourist attractions in Pulau Weh or Sabang are the marine tourism including the beaches with clear sea water. Many tourist visit Pulau Weh, they will definitely visit the most beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh, snorkeling, diving and also some of them come for fishing that will make your vacation to Sabang Pulau Weh really interesting. If you are thinking of looking for another scenic spot or best places for sunset views in Pulau Weh, then it has many places.

Here are 10 Best places to see sunset in Pulau Weh (Sabang Island), Aceh

The sunset view in Pulau Weh offers more for you. Whether you like mountain ranges, fun scuba diving, touring the island, you will also enjoy the view of sunset. Here are the most epic sunset spots in Pulau Weh:

  • 1. Zero Kilometer Monument Indonesia

Zero Kilometer Monument Indonesia is a zero point marker of where Indonesia started from the westernmost tip of Indonesia. This one of the popular tourist attraction in Weh Island. Many tourists visit Weh Island will definitely visit this place. When you visit this monument you will see a tall monument. This 43.6 tall monument is located in the western end of Weh Island. Along the road leading to this monument, you will see jungles and also cafes offer culinary specialties of Zero Kilometer Monument. One of them is fruit salad with special sauce. The strategic location at the western end of the island making the beautiful views from this monument. The uniqueness and beauty of the sunset view here is where you see the light emits from Indian Ocean. This make this place one of the best places to see sunset in Pulau Weh.

  • 2. Paradiso Beach

Paradiso Beach is famous as seafront cafes beach. In this cafés serves seafood and culinary specialties such as Octopus Satay. There are many people come to this place especially in the afternoon. They come to enjoy dining while view the sunset and beautiful beaches.

  • 3. Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is one of famous tourist attraction in Sabang which offers views of the stretch of white sand with clear blue sea water and Indian Ocean. This place is one of the great sunset view in Weh Island. Clean white sandy beach with fine sand texture is perfect for a place to relax and swim. One of the best places in Sumur Tiga Beach to spend time to see a dramatic sunset is at Freddy Beachfront Resort while enjoying delicious pizza or you may also enjoy dining at Casanemo Beachfront Café & Resort.

  • 4. Sabang Fair

One of the coastal areas in Sabang that is crowded with visitors especially in the afternoon is Sabang Fair. Sabang Fair is one of the top 10 best places to see sunset in Pulau Weh, because there are indeed a lot of hangouts or small gazebos built by the government near the beach that can directly view the sunset and views of the ocean while sitting in this place. In addition to a great seaside place to see the sunset, many visitors come to this place either in the morning to do some exercise or in the afternoon to enjoy the atmosphere and views of the sunset.

  • 5. I Love Sabang Monument

I Love Sabang Monument is located nor far from the city of Sabang which is on a high place so that the entire view of the Indian Ocean, Aneuk Laot Lake and the view of the hills in Sabang. You can enjoy a views of the green hills, the lake and beautiful ocean especially if you come in the afternoon. This place is one great place for sunset spot in Pulau Weh with amazing view.

  • 6. Rubiah Island Beach

Rubiah Island is one of uninhabited islands in Sabang. The island is taken from the name of a woman named Cut Nyak Rubiah who was buried on the island. on this island there is a marine park known as Rubiah Sea Garden which has a very large sea conservation area. On this island there are Rubiah Beaches which are visited by snorkelers. Near this beach there are also seafood cafes. If you finish snorkeling in the afternoon and relax in this café, you will see a magnificent and charming sunset view.

  • 7. Kincir Beach

Kincir Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Pulau Weh which is located not too far from Iboih Beach. a charming white sand beach with a view of the Indian Ocean and Seulako Island in front of the beach. this beach has become one of the beach with privacy diving activities. After diving trip, you will enjoy impressive beauty of a very dramatic sunset view.

  • 8. Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach is one of the marine tourism in Pulau Weh. This beach is located about 17 kilometers from the city of Sabang. At Gapang Beach there are trees grow towering right around the edge of the beach making this beach very shady. This beach has a blue sea with clear water and one of the diving centers in Pulau Weh. There are also popular diving spots here such as Limbo Gapang and Gapang House Reef. Moreover, visitors can watch the sunset and also beautiful sunrise on this beach with stunning beach view.

  • 9. Anoi Itam Japanese Fortress

The Anoi Itam Japanese Fortress or Bunker is located on the east coast of Weh Island overlooking an incredible sea view with very impressive blue waters. It is located about 7 kilometers south of Sumur Tiga Beach. Anoi Itam’s Japanese fortress offers a very charming sunset view. Here you can enjoy the sunset by peering through the bunker gap. You can also see the sunset vie in front of the Japanese Bunker right in the grass field along slope of the seaside.

  • 10. Anoi Itam Beach

Anoi Itam Beach is an exotic black sand offers a charming view that you cannot find on other beaches in Pulau Weh. But there is another activity on Anoi Itam Beach that is no less impressive, enjoying the beautiful sunset. Anoe Itam is one of the most charming sunset spots in Pulau Weh.

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Where is you favorite place to see sunset view in Pulau Weh (Sabang)! You can choose among the best place to see sunset in Pulau Weh. Have a nice vacation on the island.

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