Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument Pulau Weh: Indonesia’s Starting Point, Sabang Weh Island

The Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument in Pulau Weh (Sabang Island) is a monument that marks the 0 Kilometer point of Indonesia which is one of the icons of Pulau Weh. This monument is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Weh Island that you must visit as proof that you have visited the westernmost island of Indonesia. You can find the same monument in Meurauke, Papua. Actually, the Zero kilometer Indonesia Monument should be located on Rondo Island, because this island is the outermost island in western Indonesia which is directly adjacent to Nicobar, India. This island is located about 19 miles from Sabang, Weh Island. Because access is not possible for daily trip, this monument was made at the northern tip of Pulau Weh.

The Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument was inaugurated on September 9th, 1997, but this monument was renovated in 2015 and completed at the end of 2017. Today, you see a new building that is more beautiful than the old building. Here you will also see the atmosphere where the Indian Ocean meets in the west and the Andaman Sea in the east. The gentle breeze that blows makes this place cool and fresh.

This building was painted in white color and it has a height of about 43.6 meters. This monument was designed like the zero number and at the top of the building there is a statue of an eagle. There are two circles like zeros and on both sides it has a “Rencong” which is a typical of Acehnese knives or daggers. This Kilometer Zero Indonesia Monument was built to represent a unique geographical marker.

The area of 0 Kilometer Indonesia monument has develop as tourism area where there are many tourist facilities such as souvenir shops that you can find along the kilometer zero monument area, stalls, cafes and also typical & traditional Pulau Weh food and dishes, namely “Rujak KM Zero” which is a fruit salad with special Acehnese sauces. In addition, you can also enjoy a coconut drink and the typical salad while enjoying the atmosphere at the kilometer 0 Indonesia monument.

In the Zero kilometer Indonesia monument area is a protected area, don’t be surprised if you see a dense forest and provides cool air. In addition, there are endemic species in this area such as bird species such as the Pulau Weh scissor-tailed bird, monkey species, and so on.

Near this monument, there is a bridge that was made for visitors where you can go down near the beach, precisely under the monument. Because this monument was made at a height, a bridge was also made to descend down. You can find this bridge across the road from Zero KM Monument by walking a bit. To go down the stairs and the bridge you have to be careful, especially in the rainy season because it is a little slippery.

In addition to natural beauty, for those of you who love watching sunset, Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument is one of the best sunset spots in Weh Island to see the magnificent sunset. Without a doubt, the monument that faces directly to the west and the open waters of the Indian Ocean makes this place one of the best places to see the sunset. You will be treated to a dramatic and reddened sunset panorama.

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The Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument is located in Iboih Village or about 50 minutes from downtown Sabang. From the city center to this monument, you will see beautiful panoramas such as Klah Island, Gapang Beach, Iboih Beach, Rubiah Island, Kincir Beach and Paneuh Beach. If you are from Balohan Harbor you take a local transport or rent a Pulau Weh car rental with a journey within an hour.

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