Pulau Weh Foods & Cuisine: 10 Best Culinary & Dishes in Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh to eat

Visiting Pulau Weh Aceh is incomplete if you don’t taste the typical Pulau Weh foods in Sabang. Hunting for Sabang specialties foods is one of the interesting tourist activities to do when you are on this island. There are many delicious rows of typical Weh Island culinary that you should try. The cuisine and dishes on this island have their own characteristics and different from other regions. This culinary delicacy on Sabang Island is a recommendation for some tourists who like culinary tours.

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Pulau Weh or also called Sabang Island is famous for its marine tourism and beautiful beaches. In addition, tourists can also enjoy typical culinary with a variety of dishes offered in Sabang. If you are interested in tasting culinary in Pulau Weh, here are 10 delicious dishes that you can try when you go on a tour in Sabang, Weh Island:

  • 1. Octopus Satay

Octopus Satay is one of the most popular dishes in Pulau Weh. You can enjoy this satay with peanut sauce. The meat is chewy and this satay is usually enjoyed with Lontong (packed rice). You can also enjoy this satay at Sabang Culinary Tourism Park and Sabang Fair area.

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  • 2. Jalak Noodles

Jalak Noodles Pulau Weh is a Sabang specialty of noodles cooked in gravy and served with pieces of meat, bean sprouts and boiled eggs. This dish is popular with locals and tourists alike.

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  • 3. Mie Pingsun

Pingsun noodles is one of Pulau Weh foods specialties, served with a variety of seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish. In addition to seafood, this dish is also served with vegetables.

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  • 4. Fruit Salad Zero Kilometer

Fruit Salad Zero Kilometer is one of the typical fruit salad made from various fruits, palm sugar, chili, peanuts and sambal from sago fruit. You can enjoy this fruit salad when you visit Zero Kilometer Indonesia Monument.

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  • 5. Klah Island Salad

Klah Island Salad is one of the Pulau Weh foods you can taste in Sabang when you head to Iboih, precisely at the Cot Batree roadside stall where it is known as the place to see Klah Island from the top of the hill. From here you can clearly see the island while enjoying the salad and the view of the island. Klah Island salad is served with Acehnese chili sauce.

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  • 6. Seudap Noodles

Mie Sedap is not a brand of instant noodles from Mie Sedap, Mie Seudap Sabang is a different dish and the name of a culinary. It is located on Jalan Perdagangan Sabang. These noodles are made from flour and eggs without preservatives. These delicious noodles are usually served with meat, celery and chicken soup.

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  • 7. Aceh Noodles

Aceh Noodles is a typical Aceh noodle dish. The yellow noodles are cooked with beef or also with various seafood such as squid, crab and shrimp.

  • 8. Italian Pasta

You can enjoy exquisite Italian pasta on Weh Island. This pasta is made using traditional recipes from the Emilian region of Italy. You can enjoy this Italian pasta at Bixio Café Sabang or in Freddies Restaurant.

  • 9. Pulau Weh Seafood

Pulau Weh Seafood is very delicious, cooked with barbecue then eaten with rice, major vegetables and dipped in soy sauce with special spices. You can choose seafood such as snapper, grouper, squid and so on. You can enjoy this culinary at Iboih Beach or also at the Café on Rubiah Island.

  • 10. Aceh Curry

Aceh curry is one of the culinary specialties in Sabang and Aceh in general. You can taste this curry at the stall in front of the Sabang Great Mosque. This special curry is worth a try. You will definitely enjoy the taste.

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Thus 10 typical Pulau Weh foods and culinary delights that you can try when you visit and travel to this island.

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