Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in Aceh Indonesia to visit

Aceh has many islands with stunning view. The islands in Aceh are still very natural and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Surrounded by beautiful ocean, Acheh has more than 262 counted islands. Ranging from big islands such as Pulau Weh (Sabang), Aceh Island, Simeulue Island, Banyak Islands to the smallest islands such as Batu Island. Some of the islands in Aceh has been popular as the tourist destinations and attract many tourist from all over the world to visit such as Weh Island with its underwater attraction.

These islands in Aceh generally have tropical climates that make the visitors enjoy a pleasant climate all year round. On one of the beautiful islands in Aceh, it has completely things to do and tourist atttractions such as Pulau Weh which has amazing underwater attraction, whale-shark attraction, volcanoes, beautiful white sand beaches, exotic black sand beaches, dolphins attraction, dense rain forest, mountains, sunset views, sunrise views, hot springs both in land and underwater, waterfall, lake, world class fishing spots, beautiful mosque and also full of historical tourist attractions such as forts, bunkers, monument, colonial buildings and historical relics. In addition, you can also enjoy view of the lagoons and atolls of Banyak Islands and can see whale shark attractions in certain seasons. Besides, Banyak Islands is an island that offer world-class surfing waves and they claim as one of the best surf spot in Sumatra and one of best kayaking spot.

Some of the islands may be very accessible, but each island has its own uniqueness and outstanding features. Here are top 10 most beautiful islands in Aceh Indonesia to visit:

  • 1. Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is a small island on the northern tip of Sumatra Island. the northernmost island of the Indonesian archipelago and also known as Indonesia’s zero kilometer where Indonesia starting from. Sabang is the capital of Pulau Weh, but sometimes people call it Sabang Island instead of Pulau Weh. This island in Aceh is famous for its snorkeling and diving activities which are very popular.

The main reason to visit Pulau Weh is because of its beautiful beaches where you can relax, snorkeling, diving, fishing, seeing dolphin attractions and so on. Pulau Weh has a lots of tourist attractions, you can see top things to do in Pulau Weh below:

If you want to expore Weh Island, you can book a Pulau Weh Tour Packages with us with the best offers and many places to visit. Not only best places to visit, we also offer a menu of speciallities and interesting tourist activities. Check out our offer below:

Pulau Weh is a small active volcanic island that offers world-class diving with rich and healthy coral reefs. Pulau Weh’s underwater wealth can hardly be found anywhere else. Great visibility and amazing marine life ranging from micro creatures underwater to large sea creatures. It has also hydrothermal underwater volcano which become something different. If you want to know more details about diving in Pulau Weh, you can see our post below:

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Apart from its underwater beauty and beautiful beaches, Pulau Weh also offer the world class fishing spots that offers an extraordinary fishing experience ranging from big game fish targeting pelagic fish such as Marlin, GT, Tuna and Sailfish. In addition, Pulau Weh is also very suitable for ultralight fishing targeting grouper, Bluefin trevally, golden trevally and many more. If you want to conquer and thrill of big fish in Pulau Weh, you can book our Pulau Weh Fishing Trip & Charters below:

The other activities in Pulau Weh besides of snorkeling, diving, fishing and fantastic Pulau Weh spearfishing adventure are exploring beautiful beaches in Pulau Weh, exploring charming islands around Pulau Weh, enjoying dramatic sunsets view in best sunsets spot in Pulau Weh, seeing the whale shark attractions in certain seasons until watching dolphins attractions. If you are interested in watching dolphins in Pulau Weh, you can book a dolphin trip below:

Pulau Weh can be reached in about 45 minutes from Ulee Lheue harbor Banda Aceh to Balohan Port Sabang by fast ferry. From Sultan Iskandar Muda airport, you can take a transport services to the harbor within 35 minutes driving. If you want to know more about details about how to get to Pulau Weh, ferry schedules, tourist destinations in Pulau Weh, transport, best time to visit and others, you can see our post below:

  • 2. Banyak Islands

Banyak Islands is a group of islands which according to local people there are 99 islands in the Pulau Banyak archipelago. Banyak Islands are the beautiful islands in Aceh which administratively part of Aceh Singkil regency.

Banyak islands are still very natural that offer breathtaking views, world-class surf waves, stunning diving spots, pristine white sand beaches,incredible kayaking spots and there are several lagoons and marine parks that have not been explored yet. Besides offering world-class surfing and kayaking adventures, Banyak Islands also offers you a place to see endangered sea turtle species such as green turtles, leatherback turtles and many others. If you want to visit interesting tourist attractions on Banyak islands, you see our article below:

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Besides offering world-class waves for surfers and beautiful diving spots, Banyak Islands also has beautiful snorkeling spots and fishing spots that make anglers enjoy the sensation of catching big fish surrounding deep blue-ocean. If you want to fish on Banyak Islands, you can check the Banyak islands fishing spots below:

Other activities you can do on Banyak islands are swimming, trekking on Palambak and Bangkaru island, stand up paddle, birding in Tuangku and Bangkaru island, exploring the beautiful islands such as Tailana island, Bangkaru island, Panjang island, Rangit Besar island, Tuanku island, Matahari island, Ragu island, Tambarat island, Biawak island, Pabisi island, Lambodong island, Sikandang island, Balai island, Lamun island, Madangkati island, Pinang island and other islands.

  • 3. Simeulue Island

Simeulue is one of the islands in Aceh and also a regency with the capital of Sinabang. Simeulue island is one of the beautiful islands in Aceh that you must visit because it offers a variety of tourist activities and fascinating tourist attractions. On Simeulue island there are also 41 other beautiful small islands. One of best things to do in Simeulue is surfing which is very popular attraction and attract many tourist especially professional surfers from all over the world. Let’s discover more of interesting things to do in Simeulue island below:

As a tropical paradise, Simeulue has a variety of natural beauties, from its beautiful beach views, underwater attractions to its popular culinary namely lobster noodles. Simeulue is one of the largest lobster producers which is exported to Japan and Singapore.

In addition to one of best surfing spots in Aceh after Banyak Islands, snorkeling, place to enjoy the sunset and Simeulue’s special culinary delights, this island also offer fantastic fishing spot for anglers. If you are interested in trying the thrill of the catching monster in Simeulue, take a look at the fishing spots below:

To reach Simeulue island, you can book a flight ticket from Medan (Kuala Namu International Airport) to Sinabang (Lasikin Airport) which are served by the Wings Air daily. You can also reach this island by ferry from Labuhan Haji in South Aceh and it takes about 8-9 hours. Or you may also take a ferry from Kuala Bubon in West Aceh for about 12-13 hours journey by ferry. If you want to save time, then air transportation is the best choice as it only takes 60 minutes from Medan to Sinabang.

  • 4. Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island is one of the islands in Pulau Weh which is famous for its marine park, namely Rubiah Marine Park which is rich in marine life. Rubiah Island offers many of the best snorkeling spots in Weh Island and the most visited by the tourist than the other small island around Pulau Weh.

Rubiah Island has clear sea views, white sandy beaches, dense trees and fresh air. This island is famous for its marine tourism where tourists can go around the island and snorkeling by seeing beautiful coral reefs and swimming with hindreds of colorfull fish. Usually tourist who visit this island by usning a glass bottom boat where in the journey theu can see the underwater scenery from the boat before snorkeling in the best spots in the Rubiah Island Marine Park.

Rubiah Island is surrounded by Rubiah Marine Park which has a conservation area of 2,600 hectares which protects various coral species including rare coral species and marine biota in Indonesia, of which 15 are protected in Indonesia, 14 of them are found in Rubiah Marine Park. Rubiah Marine Park is famous for its recreational spots such as snorkeling, sailing yatch, diving spots and also marine research sites. For underwater visibility it is very clear reaches 10-25 meters, so it look like a large aquarium.

  • 5. Nasi Island

Nasi Island is one of the islands in the Aceh Islands group or often called Pulo Aceh. In Pulo Aceh there are many other islands both small and big ones such as Keureusek Island, Batee Island, Teunom Island, Breueh Island, Sidom Island, Bunta Island and many others. Pulo Aceh also has a marine park and diving spots that have not been fully explored with the types of coral reefs that are very beautiful and diverse than those on Pulau Weh. Please check out more about best things to do in Aceh Island below:

Nasi Island is one of the beautiful islands in Aceh which is located about an hour by boat from Banda Aceh to Lamteng harbor, Nasi Island. this island has many beautiful white sand beaches that are still very natural, such as Deumit Beach, Nipah Beach, Mercusuar Beach, Deudap Beach, Pasi Janeng Beach, Lamtadu Beach and Pasi Raya Beach.

At Nipah Beach you can swim and snorkel in a beautiful coral reefs area about 100 meters from the beach. The sand is really pure white. If you would like to visit Pasi Raya Beach, the access to the beach is a bit difficult because you have to climb and passing through the forest. However, in this forest there are dees that sometimes come down to the beach.

  • 6. Breueh Island

Breueh Island is one of the island part of Aceh Island or Pulo Aceh just like Nasi Island. The Aceh Island has a wealth of marine resouces and various types of colorful ornamental fish with fantastic value. Breueh Island and other islands around Pulo Aceh are still very natural and untouched.

Lampuyang Bay is the main entrance to this Breueh Island. in Pulo Breueh, there are also beautiful beaches such as Lambaro Beach, Baloh Beach, Rinon Beach and Meulingge Beach. in the north of Breueh Island, there is a unique historical building on a hill with a stunning view of the ocean namelu the more than 100 years old lighthouse of Williems Tooren Lighthouse.

Breueh Island itself also offer many fishing spots for both medium to heavy duty fishing off the coast. Many species of big fish in the waters ranging from yellow fin tuna, dogtooth tuna, red snapper, ruby snapper, giant spotted grouper, mahi-mahi, marlin to sailfish. Please check out the fishing trip in Aceh island below:

  • 7. Bunta Island

Bunta Island is one of the islands in Aceh Island which may not be as popular as Pulau Weh. But the natural beauty own by this island is no less enchanting. Bunta Island offers clear white sand beaches with turquoise water that stretches almost of the leghth of the island. The forest on this island are still very beautiful and you could say this island is a hidden paradise.

Located about an hour by boat from Banda Aceh with an area of about 125 hectares. Beautiful rock formation views and unspoiled white sand make the visitors feel at home for a long time on this island. Among local tourists from Aceh, this island is often used as a camping spot and on shore fishing.

One the island of Bunta there is also a lighthouse which is located on the hill. If you want to climb the hill, there are 113 steps to get to the top. Arriving at the top you will see a very beautiful view of the ocean.

  • 8. Keluang Island

Keluang Island is one of the beautiful islands in Aceh which is located in Aceh Jaya regency. The island has beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters. Generally, tourists only see this island from the top of Gurutee peak. However, if you go to this island, you will see how enchanting this island where you can snorkeling to see the coral reefs in the shallow water look like bloomy flowers.

Near the beach in Keluang Island, there are rock cliffs that in the backdrop make the beach look beautiful. Besides, there is a bat cave with unique rocks formation. This island can be visited by renting a boat in Lamno approximately 30 minutes.

  • 9. Tuanku Island

Tuangku Island is one of the islands in Banyak Islands and it is the largest island in Banyak Islands with an area of 11.500 hectares. The island is still very natural and most of the islands are covered by coastal forests. Tuanku Island is one of the best places for trekking and adventurous tours where you can see unique wildlife and many species of birds. There are also endemic animal and endemic races of the Red Chest Parakeet. On this island there are also parrots. In the deep forest of the island there are rivers, hills and several caves.

On the west & south of the island, there are beaches overgrown by trees offer a great surfing waves. There is a popular surfing spot in this island namely Ujung Lolok. The surf spots on Tuanku Island and Bangkaru Island are claimed to be the best surf spots in Sumatra.

  • 10. Keuh Island

Keuh Island is one of the beautiful islands in Aceh located in Patek, Aceh Jaya regency which is overlooking directly to the Indian Ocean. To reach this island, you can take a boat from the Gampong Patek pier which only takes 15 minutes. This beautiful island offers stunning marine tourism. The white sand beach surrounded by coconut trees and clear blue water makes the eye that sees will fall in love with this island.

The shallow waters on this island with beautiful corals make this island one of the best snorkeling spots in Aceh Jaya. In addition, Keuh Island is perfect for those of you who love ultralight fishing to try the thrill of ferocious predatory fish. Alhough there are no tourist facilities on this island, its beauty is still very natural and untouched. See also the following top things to do in Aceh Jaya below:

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Those are some of beautiful islands in Aceh that offer the beauty of nature. Not only its beautiful view, the islands in Aceh also offer many tourist activities.

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