Sarang Cave Pulau Weh, The Exotic Panorama of Sea Caves & Challenging Adventure in Sabang, Weh Island

Sarang Cave Pulau Weh (Nest Cave) is one of the seafront caves which consists of four cave mouths with stunning views. Sarang Cave is one of the caves on Weh Island, Aceh which overlooking to the Indian Ocean. In front of this cave there is a small island or also called a beautiful rock formation. This cave is located approximately 23 kilometers from downtown Sabang, precisely in Iboih Village, Sukakarya District, at the foot of a cliff. To go to the cave, you have to walk down the hill and follow the path leading to the cave which makes this condition like an adventure tour for you.

Sarang Cave was formed naturally where outside of the cave you can see the blue sea water. You can rent a boat or canoe to enter the cave. You can see stalactite formations and many are inhabited by bats. This formation is formed because of water droplets that make the scenery so beautiful. In addition to bats, here there is also a swallow’s nest.

This cave has become one of the hidden tourist attractions in Pulau Weh because the place is on a path that is not so popular among tourists who generally come for marine tourism at Iboih Beach. This area is the private property of one of the local society, so to enter this place you will be charged an entrance fee.

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To reach this place, you can depart from Iboih Beach or Gapang Beach. If you are from Balohan Harbor, you can take the main route to Iboih, after you find the Iboih Mosque, you turn left to take the Balek Gunung route. The journey from this route takes approximately 50 minutes by car. You can also take the route from Balohan harbor via Pasir Putih Beach, but this route you will find a high incline, although the travel time is approximately 45 minutes. If you are from Iboih Beach you only need about 15 minutes and 10 minutes from Gapang Beach by car.

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When you arrive at the parking lot to enter the cave, you will see the view of the blue ocean from a height. When you enter, you will find a shop where there are also beautiful photo spots such as on trees photo spot and also swing photo spots.

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After that, you will find a hillside to go down. There are many descending stairs that you have to go through so that it makes you a little sweat and very suitable for those who like adventure. After arriving at the down the stair near the beach you will see black stones on the beach. You can pass through these rocks to reach the cave. If you don’t want to go the hard way through the rocks, you can rent a boat to reach the cave. When you are in front of the cave, you will see how beautiful the surrounding scenery with turquoise sea water and unspoiled trees makes Sarang Cave one of the best places you must visit on Pulau Weh.

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